It was time to battle the new Primal.

(Okay, I admit that was months ago and yes, these screenshots are from end of February 2016. <.<;)

2016-02-23 Sephiroth 01

Kry showed us the way. She become best friends with a local node.

Let’s hope she she read the terms and conditions carefully.

2016-02-23 Sephiroth 02

Once the duty unlocked, I felt a bit lonely.

2016-02-23 Sephiroth 03

My friends were all gone. <.<;

So I had to grab Mag and some adventurers in order to fight the new enemy.

He was called Sephirot.

Pretty sure that’s a typo.

2016-02-23 Sephiroth 04

He was contained in some kind of forest.

2016-02-23 Sephiroth 05

Of course he broke free so that we could kill it.

2016-02-23 Sephiroth 06

It looked nothing like Sephiroth <.<;

Did he lose his sword? And what about the grey (silver?) hair?

He used old mechanics like Earthshakers…

2016-02-23 Sephiroth 07

… but also new, epic stuff!

2016-02-23 Sephiroth 08

Was quite a fun fight. The only downside is that if your DPS is bad, you’ll have a bad time and wipe.

2016-02-23 Sephiroth 09

Anyway, after I beat it, the lil masked kid who hands out these quests instead of Urianger, was talking about som Imperial dude being behind all this. Okay o.o;

2016-02-23 Sephiroth 10

Next, he offered me a new quest. The extreme version of Sephiroth.

2016-02-23 Sephiroth 11

“Unululululu has a gift for your.”, it read and I decided, I do not want his gift. I don’t like you as long as you don’t show me your face and pretend to be someone important.


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  1. Rogadyn
    Jun 06, 2016 @ 06:03:36

    Not a typo.



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