Who is Kirion?

There is a quite weak Pugilist. At least he claims he is.

Kirion Adell.

Former cabin boy on a rich man’s ship, now a free adventurer. He’s searching for a bad person (I am not allowed to reveal more details at this point).

I know that he is not who he pretends to be.

He is not weak.

He is very strong and intends to kill someone.

In order to figure out more, I visited him in Ul’dah. In order to be not susupicious at all, I asked him to kill some Dodos for me and to show me around. Of course he couldn’t reject my order.

He showed me around the desert – it still looked the same even after so many years have passed – and even took me into a small cave with strange, glowing flowers (are this really flowers?). Those must be new as I’ve never seen them before. Very fascinating.

But they wouldn’t give me a hint about Kirion’s true self.

Back in the desert, he suddenly became all flirty with me! How embarassing! I made clear that I didn’t ask him for a date but for a tourist tour around the area.

After some hours of boring desert we finally finished the tour. He had some urgend business to attend so he left me.

Very suspicious.

Of course I followed him secretly.

He went to the Adventurer’s guild in Ul’dah. By the way, the drinks here are highly recommended!

Of course I mean drinks like water or water…

Unfortunately I was too far away to hear Kirion’s discussion with that cute Lalafell Lady but I was pretty sure, Kiri was asking for a girl…

Does he have a girlfriend other than Raqui?!

To figure this out, I ran into him – what a coincidence! – at a beautiful fontain. We talked a lot about our pasts and this and that. I am pretty sure he didn’t tell me everything about him but I decided to stop my detective activities.

Instead, we spent a wonderful time at the beach near Limsa Lominsa. He was fishing while I collected cute shells just like every cute girl when visiting a beach.

We also enjoyed the soft breeze of the ocean until night had fallen over Eorzea.

I can highly recommend this beach. There was no exciting sunset but hey – a beach is a beach! If lovers came here, they’d become the cutest couple ever! (Raqui, go for it!)

(I feel like my girlish-talk skill are slowly improving!)


Kyle’s training in the grasslands

Limsa Lominsa offers a great training ground for Pugilists in training like my silly pupil. The wide grasslands are an optimal location to fight enemy birds like these Dodos. The weather is clear, no sandstorms or heavy rain disturb the observation by the master.

“Fight that bird!”, I screamed and my silly pupil hurried to fight with all his power.

It was a bit… disappointing… I had expected Kyle to be much better by now. Perhaps I just have too high expectations…

At least he knows now how to hold his weapon in the perfect fighting stance. The next step is to hit the enemy without always missing the soft plumes…

I was so exhausted after holding back all my anger during the training that I took a nap on the grass. To motivate my silly pupil a little, I gave him my newly sewed trousers as a “reward for his good development”. He really did progress from “holding his weapon like a child” to “holding his weapon like a Pugilist and being ready to fight”.

To calm my nerves, I traveled back to Gridania. On the way there I met a strong man. He smelled like power, force and wisdom, just like me! I greeted him as I was sure that he had fought during the huge war many years ago.

He invited me to a relaxing dring. His name is Scott. What a good man he is! No true woman could ever resist his charme!

Though I have the feeling that I know him from somewhere… Especially his last name is of interest although my silly pupil denies to know him. Once I figure out more details, I will note them down, of course.

Anyway. The day ended with this nice drink with Scott after which I went to the Adventurer’s guild for another dr some paperwork.

The Joy of Adventuring

I found something I had lost over the years. It has always been there but it was asleep deep inside my heart.

The Joy of Adventuring.

I so forgot how exciting it is to travel and to discover new regions, unknown areas and great cities.
My Adventuring Journey started in Gridania. I got a call from my new friends in Kyle’s Linkshell. They wanted to travel from Ul’dah to Limsa Lominsa. It sounded like fun and I decided to join them.

When we left the gates of Ul’dah, I was surprised how small the desert was. I had in mind that it was huge as hell. Probably it is due to my incredibly young age in which I had been here last time that my memories played a prank on me!

I took my time to observe the birds in the air, the clouds on the sky and the beetles on the ground until I finally chose to follow my LS buddies. As they are really slow in walking and as I am very fast, I caught up to then soooo easily!

We took a ship.

It was so huge and exciting. I have been on a ship before. Unfortunately I became seasick and had to puk Of course it was no problem for me back then, but the new ships are really well made and even my silly pupil wouldn’t become seasick!

Also, the view is really great. They thought of us tiny Lalafell and made a low reling.

As the shipping tour was quite long, Crad and me sat down while the others had left us alone. How considerate of them!


Suddenly, it started to rain but it was rather refreshing. The desert is always extremely hot so a nice cool shower was exactly what we needed. Of course I was not afraid of all the lightnings…!


In the lowlands around Limsa Lominsa we did some Guildleves until late in the night. Then, we sat down to chitchat a bit. It was so relaxing. I really have missed that during all those years I’ve spent at home with my family.

In the same night, we discovered a beautiful beach.

Nobody except me had real interest in it so I went back in the morning again to take a bath! <3

The view at the beach is awesome and highly recommended!

After those long days of travel and fun, we reached Limsa Lominsa. During nighttime, the city looks so menacing and evil.

On contrast to that, in the morning, it became a normal city again… I was really releaved that it didn’t look like that evil empire’s castle…

I love adventuring!

I just remembered how much fun it is.

Let’s adventure again!

(Somehow this entry looks a bit too positive… I haven’t found enough things to complain about… /think)

I need your advice!

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