Wondrous Tails: Khloe the pun master

Why should we still do anything anymore? Old content and battles are obsolete and stuff so why should we even leave our house or appartment?

Here is the answer.

Your reason is Khloe.


It’s this lovely young cat in Idyllshire. She’s collecting stories for her sad and lonely friend whose parents are missing in order to cheer her up.

So it’s up to you to help her out!


Rowena keeps an eye on lil Khloe to ensure nobody harms her and she’s doing alright. Rowena is also supplying Khloe with rewards that she gives out in exchange for stories.


How could anyone not help Chloe?!


She is even the most awesome pun master I’ve ever seen:


Every week, Khloe prepares a book that looks like this.

On the left you see the dungeons you have to complete. For each complete dungeon you get a sticker on the right side. Below you can find the reward list. So if you complete some of the stickers to meet the requirements for rewards, you get cool stuff.


This is the most vital things that keeps most of us still doing things. Especially unsynched Ex Primal fights in DF. And people are even happy when there are a few new people as they give “Second Chance” points. With these ponts you can shuffle the stickers you already obtained to get 1 or 2 lines for cool rewards. You can also re-do a duty you already completed for more stickers.

Help Khloe, get stuff, keep yourself active!


Glamourous Glamours

Mag and me develop our glamours over time. Sometimes, we happen to have matching outfits, like these Ravana weapons:


After obtaining the weapon, I needed a real outfit, not just a pyjama with Moogle slippers.


Please find my crafting outfit 2016 below:


Awesome picture of my Scholar at the Church/Scholar place!


New Ninja outfit:


Sometimes, I sat with Mag at the Idyllshire fountain, waiting for the lil Miqo girl to show up.


Usually, she didn’t come, but the time spent together was still nice.


My Astrologian has a new, magical weapon.

Whenever I draw a card, it stops glowing though o.o;


Yet, my overall outfit looks amazing. RIGHT?!


More glamours to come!

Extreme Sophia Glamours

In order to show Sophia how fierce we are about her, I created a glamourous outfit of her. I even had Titan cosplay Sophia’s daughter!


I then proceeded to show off the amazing outfit.

Trem was mezmerized and kneeled in front of my astonishing beauty.


The cat ladies Leo, Mag and Ley were not that amused… They clearly were jealous of my good looks.


I mean, ust look at this sophic cosplay!


Mysterious atmosphere!!


And then, Ley sent me this:


As you can imagine, I was deeply devastated. She looked soooooo much more awesome ;_;

Extreme Sophia Experience

Together with the battle force of the Scions, I ventured through the Aetherial Research Facility – or whatever it’s called.


We battled through and one after the other stayed behind to fight some foe and let us get further to out goal that was not yet clear to me.

Where had I seen this before…?

Y’shtola used her super AST shield protection to save my life and let me continue the DPS.


She’s a real battle buddy! Reliable and solid.


She ensures I can fully show my true White Mage DPS!


After the battle, we gathered again outside. I still don’t know why we were fighting in there.

Outside, we met some yellow glowing people. So weird.


They left and we opened a door.


It was the entrance to Sophia’s chambers.

My allies decided to send me in with a bunch of adventurers while they waited outside.



So I called my buddies.

Ley was out mastermind and explained to us the most important mechanics.


After everything was clear and everyone stopped paying attention due to the “boobies” Ley had drawn, we proceeded.


Sophia looked like a metallic lady of immense beauty.


She summoned a floating scale.


Her “daughter” was a massive winged head. O.O;;


During the battle, she summoned the yellow dudes we had met earlier.

And I tell you, they are evil!


In the end, it was not her that was ended but us.


We had to retreat for now but swore to come back and take revenge on her! ò.ó/

The Rising Celebration: Screenshot Contest

As with most Community Contests, I participated in The Rising 2016 Screenshot Contest.


You surely remember the Rising event, right? With the stage show and all?

Check it out here: https://riikorinkoko.wordpress.com/the-rising-2016-a-play-about-the-battle-against-bahamut/


Unfortunately, the picture scared the judges so much that they were too scared to send me my 1st place reward. Instead, they even forgot to put me on the winners list! ;_;


It’s okay though, I will shine during the next event in order to get the barding! ò.óV

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