The Airship and me

As I became an important person of Gridania, Mother Miounne was super proud of me as she had followed my progress since I arrived as a newbie adventurer at her Adventurer’s Guild. She issued me an Airship pass.

2013-08-27 Airship 01

My whole life I never left the ground. Okay, I climbed on trees and swam in the water, but does that really count? I have never flown through the air! This moment had finally come. Nervously and excited at the same time, I set foot on an Airship for the first time. I didn’t know where it was headed to. I didn’t know if it might fall down. 

2013-08-27 Airship 02

It was an amazing feeling! Fling so high over the ground, seeing Gridania, the forest and even the ocean from so high above felt like a dream.

2013-08-27 Airship 03

When night came close, I arrived in Limsa Lominsa, a big harbor town on an Island. 

2013-08-27 Airship 04

In the next morning I arrived in Ul’dah, a huge Town surrounded by a desert – at least compared to the green gridanian forest.

2013-08-27 Airship 05

I didn’t travel for fun alone. As I am super important now, i had a top secret task with the heads of Limsa and Ul’dah that I cannot talk about. This is also why I am not allowed to post any further pictures of the big City bosses!

Proudly I started my important tasks.

2013-08-27 Airship 06

On the way, I visited every guild and subscribed to all of them. 

2013-08-27 all classes unlocked

Mom would be so proud of my big progress! I miss her and my family.


The Guardian Tree and Hilarious Masks

After the higher-ups in Gridania heard about my Conjuring skills, I was called to Lewin, a strange masked guy who seemed somewhat important. He took me on a mission with some Archers and Lancers. Some Ixal monsters were menacing the life of the Guardian Tree – a huge tree in the outskirts of Gridania.

2013-08-27 Story 1

We fought the Ixals side by side when suddenly a mysterious guy in a black robe wearing a black mask appeared! He summoned a dangerous demon. Lewin and the others bailed on me and I had to fight both of them all alone…

2013-08-27 Story 2

Of course I returned victorious to Gridania. Back in Lewins office, he was super impressed. Suddenly, a pretty woman in white entered the room. Everyone would suddenly kneel down or bow before her. WTH.

2013-08-27 Story 3

Turns out she is Gridania’s mega boss Kan-E-Senna, protecting everyone who lives there. She is Lewin’s boss. Guess she scolted him for leaving me behind! Serves him right.

Anyway, she invited me to stand beside her on a festival stage but I had to wear a mask for it. What is it with masks nowadays? I looked stupid.

2013-08-27 Story 4

Suddenly – maybe because of the bad mask – I had a vision! I saw Senna with some other seemingly important persons on top of a rock. They all looked super serious! o.o

2013-08-27 Story 5

Then suddenly, meteors flew in unlogical paths to the ground, destroying everything! Was this the destruction of Eorzea?! Was I seeing what happened five years ago? Did my aunt Riiko run away from this terrible disaster?

2013-08-27 Story 6

When it seemed like all was over, I suddenly woke up in a big and comfy bed in the Tavern. My aunt had spent lots of her time in here if the stories about her are true. But as I am such an important person, Senna invited me to her super lovely hideout!

2013-08-27 Story 7

There, I met Lord Razico again. Seems I am not the only important person in Gridania! After having a small chat with Senna, we idled around.

2013-08-27 Story 8

Yes, we idled, we didn’t fool around, we didn’t make stupid faces or anything!! This was a very important place.

2013-08-27 Story 9

Speaking of stupid faces… I saw something I didn’t want to see! The little Lord was dancing in strange underwear in front of me! What. The. Hell.

2013-08-27 Story 9-2

Don’t tell him that I took a picture of his half-naked body, okay? He looks pretty cool!

Trials of Stone, Wind and Water

I decided to first concentrate on the path of a Conjurer.

While living in harmony with the elements, it is a Conjurer’s task to become one with nature, control its flow of the wind, ensure the strength of the ground and preserve the lifestream of the water. Mastering all these elements enables a Conjurer to preserve balance and thus obtain healing magic to protect the life of all creatures.

2013-08-27 CNJ Trial 0

Aftrer days of training, my Guild master E-Sumi-Yan tested my strength!
I had to prove that I mastered the three conjuring elements through Trials of Stone, Wind and Water. The Trial of Stone was super easy. My practise of throwing rocks at enemies using magic instead of hands payed off.

When I was asked to cleanse polluted air in a specific area full of bad auras, a dangerous monster with a huge mouth and sharp teeth appeared! It was angry that I wanted to clean his bad smelling air and attacked me. He had a very bad breath… But I was stronger! The Air Spirits he summoned would not hurt me as I BECAME THE AIR!

2013-08-27 CNJ Trial 1

After successfully getting rid of the monster, I was asked to clean some water somewhere. Had the monster from before peed in the water and polluted it with its pee?!! Angrily I hurried to the specified location and purified the water with my super awesome magic.

2013-08-27 CNJ Trial 2

E-Sumi was surprised by my talent and praised me lots. On the other hand, he was not pleased with another Conjurer pupil who refused to become one with the elements and would just use healing magic! E-Sumi feared that she will suffer a terrible fate if this goes on. Maybe I can talk some sense into that silly pupil some time.

2013-08-27 CNJ Trial 3

As reward for my great progress, E-Sumi taught me Fluid Aura, a very rare Water magic spell!

2013-08-27 CNJ Trial 4 Fluid Aura

Now I can use the force of water to kick enemies away from me! This is so cool! \(^.^)/

First steps as Archer and Conjurer

In Gridania, I first enrolled to the Archer’s Guild. To test my strength, they gave me difficult tasks and trials!

2013-08-27 Training

I practised hard, day and night. During my practise I got lost in the woods during a rainstorm. I was so super scared! For a moment, I wished, I had never left my home.

2013-08-27 Rain

But then I realized, I have to be strong to become a great adventurer. I have to find clues about my aunt!

So I stood up and continued the fight to protect the gridanian forest.

When I returned to the Archer’s Guild, they praised me for my good work and endurance. I was so proud!!

2013-08-27 Praise

I then decided to hang around in Camp Bentbranch and practise my conjuring skills. In Gridania I already had met E-Sumi-Yan, the leader of the Conjurer’s Guild. Casting Cures, protecting shields, summoning dangerous stones and slashing winds is easy so far but I wish to continue my training also in these areas.

That is where I met Lord Razico. He is a Lalafell that rushes into fights, attacks a bunch of enemy monsters. Of course they hurt him a lot but I could rescue him thanks to my healing spell! A purple pig baby is always following him for no reason. I hope we can find its mommy soon, the pig scares me a bit…

2013-08-27 Razico

Only once, I could not support him well enough (I need more training!!) and he fainted. Thankfully, a veteran guy accompanied by a glowing squirrel and a Miqo’te lady saved him with an extremely powerful magic spell!

2013-08-27 Scott Razico Raise

This incident showed me, how unexperienced I am and that I have so much to learn!

Arrival in Gridania

The Chocobo vagon finally arrived in Gridania! That was one adventurous travel!

As we nearly had reached Gridania, some strange dancing and alcohol addicted cat-like marshmallow-bats flew to me and cheered me up. I was still very nervous and felt bad about leaving my mom behind, crying. The other passengers of the vagon couldn’t see these creatures. Maybe they just ignored them… I was really happy about these creatures making music and stuff. Has any of you seen these marshmallows before?

2013-08-16 Paint Moogle

Then, we were attacked by some monsters but a small troup of gridanian soldiers defeated them. I must become strong like them!

Finally, I reached the gates to Gridania.

What adventures might await me…?

2013-08-16 Riiko arrives in gridania

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