Master Crafter Outfitting

As you know, Trem is one of our Master Crafters. He has all crafts at lv60, has them geared up to craft most things HQ and is still improving his specialized crafts.

2015-11-28 Trem Mastercrafter 01

From time to time, I would bug him with crafting stuff for me. Like new tools, actual lv 60 HQ gear and more.

One day, I had a special request. I wanted him to make me masses of Company Tabards.

At the time, I was not able to craft them myself so I had to annoy him for this. ò.ó

2015-11-28 Trem Mastercrafter 02

He crafted some tools for me first (in case you wonder whe he’s not a Weaver on above pictures) and then the masses of tabards!

2015-11-28 Trem Mastercrafter 03

I directly tried one out.

It made me look and feel like a pro crafter.

2015-11-28 Trem Mastercrafter 04

Of course I let Trem keep one so he could also look cool if he liked.

2015-11-28 Trem Mastercrafter 05

Trem and Riiko Master Crafters are at your service! /pose

2015-11-28 Trem Mastercrafter 06

Actually, I’m still missing some tools and due to LS/FC events becoming less popular as people get more and more demotivated due to lack of things to do, I still haven’t distributed the Company Tabards for joining special events as rewards. T_T



Thavnairian Beauty

The other day, Thyla approached me after reading my post about not having the Thavnairian dress.

She was all like: “It’s not that hard to make.”

2015-11-17 Thav Outfit 01

So I grabbed her and made her craft the body and headpiece.

Then, I glamoured them into my healer outfit.

2015-11-17 Thav Outfit 02

Thanks to Thy I can now seduce anyone in my Thav outfit!

It works amazingly well.

First, I tested it on Leonie as she usually gives me an honest comment to my outfits.

She said, the outfit looked to hot, she couldn’t even use the keyboard anymore… ö___ö

2015-11-17 Thav Outfit 03

Time to try and charm others in an exotic dance. Ley was mezmerized by my dance. Or was it thanks to the other unknown Lala who danced with me? <.<;;

Ritz and Ryko were kinda terrified and rushed away as soon as they could move again.

2015-11-17 Thav Outfit 04

In the end, I strongly believe that everyone with great taste would say that I look fabulous!

At least, Mag and me look awesome when wearing the Thav outfits. (Btw, we also look awesome whenever we don’t wear them!!)

2015-11-17 Thav Outfit 05

So now, I finally have the outfit. Currently, it’s used for my Scholar outfit as WHM received the looks of an epic White Mage and AST has the “I beat coil” looks.


Void Ark: A Diabolic Escape

The “final boss” was a very weird demon called Enchilada. I got very hungry during that fight.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 29

After we adventurers beat the demon, the Sky pirates appeared again. They had found some treasure and their goal was achieved. So was mine.

Time to leave.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 30

Or so we had planned, when suddenly…

2015-11-11 Void Ark 31

Diablos appeared! O.O;; Had I not defeated him in the Lost City of Amdapor?

Obviously not, as he was initiating some evil attack!!

2015-11-11 Void Ark 32

Suddenly, Cait Sith appeared through the gate that we had entered too earlier.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 33

He/She tol dus, we should run. Like NOW.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 34

He/she was right and we took our legs in our hands and ran for our lives.

The Sky Pirates even left the treasure behind.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 35

Just in time we managed to escape. Cait Sith took a seat in my lil airship. She was kinda dorable ö.ö

2015-11-11 Void Ark 36

That was when the Void Ark Ship shot a beam through the air.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 37

It wasn’t a normal beam. It opened a rift to the dimension of demons.

Diablos managed to secure a giant coffin from the Ark and made it vanish in the rift!

2015-11-11 Void Ark 38

Then the rift slowly closed until it was gone again.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 39

Diablos and the giant coffin were in a different dimension. Only the void Ark was left behind.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 40

But that wasn’t all. The awful lady had kidnapped our little lalafell pirate! O_O;

2015-11-11 Void Ark 41

I was about to kill them all, but the boss found a more diplomatic solution – and a way to spy on them in return. He hid a linkshell in the navigation device that was used to locate the void ark.

Anyway, the evil pirates buggered off and Cait Sith introduced herself.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 42

We returned to the boss’ cabin and discussed everything. Cait Sith was very knowledgable about dimensions and seemed to have been investigating the ark for a long time.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 43

2015-11-11 Void Ark 44

Originaly, the Ark was meant to be a sanctuary, so it seemed. But something went wrong and the voidscent demons appeared. Cait Sith had been investigating exactly that. Nobody knew what had happened.

And it didn’t help that the evil pirates were plotting something…

2015-11-11 Void Ark 45

Afterwards, I did many further excurstions to the void ark, slayed more demons that were awakening in order to keep them under control. It would be bad if those demons were let loose and could roam the realm freely, right?

Void Ark: Battle against demons from your worst nightmares

Before we actually left to the ship of demons and treasure, I got to know the Lalafell in the Sky Pirate Team. She was the pathfinder, locator and mechanist of the team.

And she told us exactly how to locate the ship.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 15

It didn’t take long and we found the ship exactly as the Lala Pirate had described.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 16

I saw the letters “The Void Ark” written in the air when we flew through the ship. That must be its name!

2015-11-11 Void Ark 17

It was all sinister, dark and loads of evil creatures lurked around.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 18

We landed, and to my surprise, the Sky Pirates were gone. Instead, 23 adventurers stood around me to fight the evil creatures.

As usual… <.<;

2015-11-11 Void Ark 19

We fought giant sea creatures that actually didn’t need water, but floated in the air like they would in water.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 20

2015-11-11 Void Ark 21

We fought awful plant monsters!

2015-11-11 Void Ark 22

They transformed people into plants, took control over them and let them attack us adventurers! O.O;

Weirdly enough, I was not able to repose or attack them in an attempt to make them stop attacking us.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 23

The Void Ark was in no way void. It was massive. More like a giant town!

It had jump circuits that allowed us to move over obstacles.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 24

It also had a massive amount of coffins lined up everywhere.

It was very much not reassuring…

2015-11-11 Void Ark 25

We fought hard against any demon that woke up and opened his coffin! ò.ó

2015-11-11 Void Ark 26

We even defeated this awful demon of vomited poison who enjoys vomiting poison on everyone. T___T

A true nightmare.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 27

And then, we reached a gate.

A gate big enough to hide the final boss. The boss of the Ark.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 28

Void Ark: The Invitation to the Sky Pirates

Not only the Vanu are having trouble in the sea of Clouds.

Turns out, there are some “Yellowjackets” who are stealing and confiscating goods that the local merchants should actually receive.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 01

They were using the Yellow Jackets to steal for their own gain! o.o;

I just couldn’t let that happen. The moment I wanted to step in, a small personal airship glided down from the skies.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 02

A guy with glasses jumped out and pointed his gun at the thieves.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 03

He didn’t hesitate long and just killed the thieves! O_O;

I was shocked for a moment that he was so curel, but then I realized, I would have done the same to stop them…

2015-11-11 Void Ark 04

Anyway, that dude flew away again.

Was he like… the secret Sky Police? O.O

2015-11-11 Void Ark 05

I followed him and discovered a floating island that looked quite different than the others. It looked more like a pirate outpost… <.<;

2015-11-11 Void Ark 06

When I landed, I was welcomed by a nice lady.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 07

She lead me to her boss’ office.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 08

There was some quarrel going on inside. Some woman wanted to make business with the pirate boss but he refused.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 09

She must have been very unpleased.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 10

Like, very!

2015-11-11 Void Ark 11

When she finally left, I was let in.

Wasn’t too surprised to see the hro of justice, the shooter of the clouds,t he boss of the Sky Pirates.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 12

He welcomed me and asked me if I wanted to join his expedition.

Before I agreed, I asked for more information. Turns out, there was a giant ship lurking in the coulds around us and it was rumored that evil demons lived there.

Of course I had to check it out, so I agreed to join.

2015-11-11 Void Ark 13

As we shouldn’t lose one second, we left to conquer the giant ship!

2015-11-11 Void Ark 14

Each had their own reasons. I wanted to slay the demons – if there were any. The Sky Pirates wanted to steal the treasures – if there were any. Good reasons to team up, right!?

By the way, this is the 666th post… Nothing good can be expected from the ghost ship with such a number! X_X

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