The wise guy who tamed a Primal

One day, when I was idling around, a noble old guy suddenly talked to me. He heard that I had beaten Ifrit with ease (not really, but I let him believe it…) and was interested in my skills. Mr. Chaosi his name.

He had a strange, big horn on his forehead…

2013-09-05 Chaosi 01

Suddenly, he summoned a bird-angel-like wind creature. The old guy told me, it was Egi-Garuda or something. It was proof that he had subdued the Primal Garuda and was now allowed to summon her at his will.

Even more suddenly, he fell onhis kneed in despair. “She is so small! What have I done to deverve such a tiny and ridiculous looking primal? All I wanted was power over an epic and enormous Primal! This is what I get.”, he screamed.

2013-09-05 Chaosi 02

I felt bad for him but I didn’t know what to do to comfort him. Mr. Chaosi seemed old, wise and pretty strong. Everything I was not! Except I’m pretty strong, too. At least a bit.

He recovered from his burst of despair pretty quick and invited little Lord an me to a dangerous dungeon.

Halatali. Halalalatalalala~

2013-09-08 Halatali 01

So we fought in a dark undercround old-castle punisching ground against evil creatures.

2013-09-08 Halatali 02

And we fought even more! Mr. Chaosi’s Garuda was quite impressing. I think she even supported us by blowing away the bad smell inside the dungeon.

2013-09-08 Halatali 03

We then had to face an evil minotaurus.

2013-09-08 Halatali 04

No problem. Mr. Chaosi and little Lord were with me and we just slaugthered it like it was nothing.

2013-09-08 Halatali 05

At the end we found some treasure chest and little Lord obtained a slightly weakish looking body piece. He still was super-happy about it.


The first Primal: Burning Ifrit

When the sun turns black, the day turns night,
the smoldering flames are burning bright,
it’s time to fear the beast inside
will you submit or take the fight?

2013-09-06 Ifrit 01

The sun – or was it the moon? – burned like it was made of dry wood. I could feel the heat coming closer. I could feel the power coming closer.

And from the flames, a beast awoke.

A Primal.

2013-09-06 Ifrit 02

A furious beast, ready to submit all humanity. Ready, to burn down those who will stand against it.

2013-09-06 Ifrit 03

Blue flames, hotter than the res ones, hotter than…

2013-09-06 Ifrit 04

I should have melted away in an instant but I was still there. While all other human beings seemed to be cast under a spell, I was totally unharmed. The flames had made everyone into the slave of the burning Primal. Ifrit.

2013-09-06 Ifrit 05

Suddenly, I remembered little Lord. Was he alright?!

He padded on my shoulder, grinning. I smiled. Together, we took our weapons. There must have been a reason why we weren’t affected by the blue flames. We were the only ones who could send Ifrit back to the dark!

2013-09-06 Ifrit 06-2

Close-up on the heroes!!

2013-09-06 Ifrit 06-3

So we fought. Two strangers magically joined us and disappeared after the long, hot and hard fight.

2013-09-06 Ifrit 06

My clothes nearly burned away! Good that I had a spare coat with me. I also found a cool, red crystal!

2013-09-06 Ifrit 07

While lost in thought, Thancred had appeared and knocked out al the Al’lalalala. He was so strong! Where had he been all the time? <_<

Oh, and by the way, we weakened Ifrit a lot and he retreated back into the dark sun. ò.óV

2013-09-06 Ifrit 08

Thancred organized the emprisonment of the evil merchant burglars.

2013-09-06 Ifrit 09

Good job, me! And Lord Razico, too.


Detective Riiko’s secret Investigation

One fine day, I casually rescued a helpless lady from evil merchants who tried to made her pay for a robe which was actually her own. She also didn’t have any more money to just pay so that they would leave her alone. I could not accept such unfair behaviour.

After my great act, I was invited to a kind of underground organization. I had met some of the members before and we had fought together but I never expected them to be involved in something this big.

2013-08-29 Thanrced 01

Thancred, a very handsome member of the group, took me aside and asked me for help. The evil merchants I mentioned earlier were part of some bigger organization who was involved with some primae. What?

2013-08-29 Thanrced 02

I was not sure what everyone was talking about but it seemed very serious. I offered my help and went off to Camp Drybone outside of Ul’dah to investigate the issue. Thancred provided me with normal Ul’dahnian merchant clothes to blend in with the locals. Off to my secret investigation! Maybe someone had heard about the evil merchants?

2013-08-29 Thanrced 04

During my investigation I found out that a dear friend of Thancred had been killed by the evil merchants. This was the reason why Thancred was pushing this investigation so much! I put down a white lily for him. Rest in peace, dear friend of my handsome new friend.

2013-09-02 Flower at graveyard

I went to find the evil merchants to destroy and enprison them. Thancred and me had an evil plan. Still dressed as local commoner, we pretended to wanna do cool deals!

2013-09-06 Thancred 05

It didn’t take too long until a shady man appeared. We caught him and made him talk. He was just a weak and guy and instantly told us everything he knew about the big evil bosses! Even their secret hideout and favorite underwear!

2013-09-06 Thancred 06

As I was a bit scared to go alone to the big burglar’s nest, I asked Lord Razico to join me. I was super surprised!

He had dyed parts of his hair black, styled it differently and had grown a beard! x_x;

Also he was wearing an eyepatch!

At first he looked so scary that I was thinking about running away but I figured, he would be good at scaring other ppl away too. THat could come in handy some time.

2013-09-06 Thancred 07

So we went to the hideout together. Some scary ruins. There, we met with a group of ul’dahnian soldiers… and the burglars… Who seemed to be best friends with the Al’alalalala beastmen!!

2013-09-06 Thancred 08

As we wanted to capture the evil guys, we had to fight the Al’alaalla first.

2013-09-06 Thancred 09

I thought we were doing quite well but it turns out we had an ul’danian traitor among us! He had told the burglars everything about our plans and so they had prepared an army of Al’alalala beastmen…

2013-09-06 Thancred 10

We had no chance but to surrender. Where was Thancred?!

Then, the Al’alalala performed a strange ritual…

2013-09-06 Thancred 11

The moon moved in front of the sun and inside the eclipse, something seemed to burn…

2013-09-06 Thancred 12

This was no good sign. I felt a really strong presence, Much stronger than what I felt around Mormo and the Thaumaturges!

Please let us live through this! @.@;

Happy happy sparkling magic melodies

I wanted to support my dear Lord Razico in his Mardaurer training. I was so looking forward to fight by his side and explore the unknown.

2013-09-03 Adventuring with Razico 00

Somewhere in Eorzea. I was waiting happily for little Lord, enjoying some cool water on this really hot day.

2013-09-03 Adventuring with Razico 01

So we finally met again! He looked so cool in his red armor! Happily I welcomed him while he just nodded and went off to fight.

2013-09-03 Adventuring with Razico 02

So I supported him with my super awesome sparkly ultra cute magic!

2013-09-03 Adventuring with Razico 03

We fought even a super dangerous dragon-like creature called Simurgh!

2013-09-03 Adventuring with Razico 04

I healed the best I could to keep Lordi alive. he didn’t need too many heals thanks to his strong, red armor. So I kept DoT Magic on the enemy to slowly make him kneel in front of us.

uh… seems some of the THaumaturge’s dark side is still within me… not…good…

2013-09-03 Adventuring with Razico 05

Later on I learned how to play the harp. It was a spontaneous thing that just happened suddenly. I am hot sure how, but now I can play the harp – at least outside battles. Razico totally enjoyed my lovely tunes.

2013-09-03 Adventuring with Razico 06

So I played and played.

2013-09-03 Adventuring with Razico 07

And I played more and more!

2013-09-03 Adventuring with Razico 08

And then Razico got so annoyed that he pulled Gigantocrab just to make me stop…

2013-09-03 Adventuring with Razico 09

We then decided to go on an adventure. Off to unknown areas for which we did not possess any maps. Full of the most dangerous creatures ever seen!

Places full of magic and mystery!

2013-09-03 Adventuring with Razico 10

Full of sadness and industrialization.

2013-09-03 Adventuring with Razico 11

Full of evil and mashines.

2013-09-03 Adventuring with Razico 12

Yes, we went to a stronghold of some evil organization. They looked familiar, maybe I have dreamed about them?! I had a strange feeling…

Unfortunately, they kicked us out as if we were unwanted cockroaches… pff!

In the evening, back in Ul’dah I really fell into bed. Didn’t even had the time to take my clothes off – I fell asleep that quickly.

2013-09-03 Adventuring with Razico 13

Craft all the things!

I decided to do something other than conjuring as I wanted to prevent babysitting Sylphie by any means!

This lead to me spending time on differend Disciples of the Hand.

First, I chopped some wood from my logging adventures into nice shields and other woddy stuff. The guildmaster was okay-ish impressed.

2013-09-05 Crafting 01

Then I killed animals and made their skin into fine leather and leather boots, gloves, belts and much more. The Leatherworker Guildmaster was also a little bit impressed. She told me, I should know where the material come from that I use… Dude, I killed animals on my own and took off their skin. i know where all this stuff came from!

2013-09-05 Crafting 02

Maybe alchemic experiements are more fun? I crafted potions, tinctures, strange stuff but it wasn’t really my thing. The guildmaster thought the same…

2013-09-05 Crafting 03

Fine, I will make something cool. Shiny accessoires that every girl loves!

The Goldsmith’s Lady really liked my necklaces, rings, earrings and stuff but this mammeth was pretty… strange… Always critisized my work.

2013-09-05 Crafting 04

Suddenly, I met Leonie! She was making cool clink-clink right next to me!

2013-09-05 Crafting 05

I got really nervous when she sat down to observe my work… She is so experienced and her work is well-known in our Linkshell!

Did I mention I joined a Linkshell of Sir Scott? It’s nice to be able to talk to everyone anytime.

2013-09-05 Crafting 06

Suddenly, Leonie gave me lots of jewelery! There were even two pieces of the highest quality ever seen!

2013-09-05 Crafting 07

I was so impressed. This was when I realized, that I should leave the jewels to someon with more talent than me.

So I checked out the Armor makers and Blacksmiths!

2013-09-05 Crafting 08

They were not impressed at all.

2013-09-05 Crafting 09

Fine, screw you guys! I’ll cook and put some poison in it that I created at the alchemists!

But the chefs at the Culinarian’s Guild liked my food so much that I had felt bad if I had put poison in it…

2013-09-05 Crafting 10

So I left it like that and went back to my beloved weavers. I still fest the most comfortable with them.

2013-09-09 Crafting


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