Kyle’s Progress

I know, it’s hard to write about someting that doesn’t exist…

You know, I wanted to become a bit nicer to other people and try to praise my pupil for being able to travel alone… but there have been some cheeky comments from my pupil which made me change my mind.

Kyle showed up last night!

Actually, he showed up in the Adventurer’s Guild when I was nicely chatting with the people there to investigate about the evil cosplayer that is destroying my good reputation by cosplaying great Riiko! I didn’t drink anything alcoholic – I’d NEVER EVER (!) do that – but somehow my pupil thought, the transparent liquid in my cup was alcohol and not water… Why does he think so badly of me?

In order to test his strength (we haven’t seen each other for so long, luckily!), I let him get some Guildleves during which I observed his skills. He progressed a lot. Finally, he is at the same level as me! When I was 6.

Unfortunately, his Protect-your-master skills are non-existant so I fell unconscious when some evil mobs attacked us suddenly. Of course I only pretended to be unconscious! I wanted to see how Kyle reacts. And what did he do after defeating the mobs? He started crying like a small child!

I was so embarassed about his girly behaviour and it had also started to rain so I decided to warp back to the camp. Finally, I could rest at the campfire and took out my bottle of tasty alco medicine against stomachache. Why else would I be carrying some bottle with me during dangerous fights?!

Kyle said something about me being ancient… with old legs… Where has all his respect gone? Lately, I wonder if it was a good decision to send Kyle on a journey all by himself. On the other hand, he had always had such a big mouth…


Kyle’s Linkshell

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since my last diary entry. Many things have happened which I would like to share with you.

I have been studying many Thaumaturge Scrolls and practiced my newly learned magic spells every day in secret before I went outside to demonstrate my skills to the public. Unfortunately, nobody was impressed by my strong Scourge spell… How ignorant Adventurers have become!

Anyway, I met a bunch of interesting fellows. When I was idling at the Adventurer’s guild one day, I met a cute Miqo’te who suddenly gave me a Linkpearl. When I equipped it, I got to realize, that Kyle had built his own Linkshell! What the… Since when does he have leadership skills?! I decided to stay in this Linkshell to observe my silly pupil’s development. The name “Rising Phoenix” also sounded a bit cool. Kyle already invited many different people. It reminded me a bit of my old Special Task Force… They are all so young and hard-working!

First, I met Kiri.

He is a standard Elezen. Well, at least at first sight. My sharp Lalafell eyes instantly recognized his kind of muscles. I know he is special. So I asked him: “You smell like the ocean. Are you a sailor?” He explained to me, that he was traveling on the ocean for a long time without getting seasick. Of course I never get seasick either!! Never! Ever! Who gets seasick nowadays?! What a ridiculous thought!

He teleported me to Ul’dah. I am still surprised about all the magic in this world… There is so much to discover! Ul’dah has changed a lot since I left the Pugilist Guild. I decided to never go back there so I only took a look at the people working there from afar.

I’m glad some of my old Pugilist colleagues are still there, happily training new recruits. I was very relieved that they are doing well.

Anyway, Kiri crafted me a tiny Conjurer wand which I will use to intensify my magical skills. It doesn’t look as good as the other present I got, but hey! What can you expect of an Elezen?

Then, there is Leonie.

She is a really cool and intelligent Miqo’te and knows how to make profit. That is very important as Adventurer. As Nice-to-meet-you-present she gave me two beautiful rings which I am wearing all the time. I like shiny stuff. <3 Later, she explained to me how Thaumaturge Guildleves work and we defeated some evil monsters together who were about to attack some weakish Adventurers!

After some successful Leves, I finally had enough Gil to buy a needle and spinning tool from the Weaver’s Guild. Also some tools for Harvesting and Logging were still within my budget frame. I’m always on a tight budget as the drinks in the Adventurer’s Guild aren’t exactly cheap… With Leo’s help I figured out how to use all these new tools. Before, I never even thought about crafting or doing such lowly work in the grass or in the forest. I have to admit… it’s fun.

Once I meet the other fellows from Rising Phoenix I will definitively take some notes about them, too.

My Favorite Places in Gridania

Every late night I am annoyed that they kick me out of the Adventurer’s Guild. I was just doing something for my studies and drinking a little but what do they tell me? “Would you please go home and sleep? You are molesting the other customers. And please pay your bill…” They do it every single day! Unfortunately my magic skills aren’t high enough to defeat them yet… Otherwise I would have blown up the whole building already.

That doesn’t change the fact that it ic my favorite place for the evening and of course I pay what I drink.

After having them kick me out it, I go home to sleep, just to get up very early, wondering how I should pass the day.

Mostly I go to the Conjurer’s Guild and meditate in the small river. This is the best place in ther morning! Nobody is there to annoy or disturb you!

In the Conjurer’s Guild there are growing glowing flowers. It looks very lovely. Unfortunately it’s pretty boring in that Guild… I only go there to rent new magical books.

Once the annoying adventurers arrive, I go back to the Adventurer’s guild and observe their sillyness. That’s real fun! <3

I’ve heard Adventurers talking about hiring a servant. I definitively have to check that out soon! It would be so handy to have someone carry all my things for me. But I doubt he’d be able to fulfill all my needs and desires… /sigh

Anyway, it is time to prepare for some festival in which I will participate soon! I’ll keep you updated.

A wonderful day in Gridana?

Today I walked through the Central Forest like every morning. The birds were chirping, the squirrels were playing and I was extremely tired. I had borrowed the 3rd part of a book from the Conjurer’s guild and read it the whole night.

Suddenly some half dead person threw itself in my way, I stumbled over her and fell to the ground. Thanks! What a great way to begin my morning! I wanted to ask that woman why she’d harress me like that but she interrputed me, thinking she was dead and I was her Shinigami… Oh my… What an annoying one!

I found out that they had fallen off an Airship (how stupid can people be…?) and were on their way to Gridania (oh please not!!).

The good thing: The Lalafell boy, a friend of the annoying Pugilist girl, seemed more reliable than her. He isn’t annoying. Just weak.

The bad thing: She is a disgrace for all Pugilists!!!

The annoying thing: They had hungry wolves following them… And guess who had to take care of these?

Right. I had to defeat the wolves. The great Riiko! The Lalafell of Destruction had to fight these silly weaklings! How could they expect something like that from me? As if I’d ever help a weakish and annoying Pugilist! It would be an act of gratitude if I let her die. She shouldn’t be a Pugilist anymore! Grrrr!

I thought I couldn’t keep my calm outer appearance but then, something happened…

…the worst thing: They had enraged the Guardian Tree.


And then… they ran.

“Cowards! Weaklings! He’ll catch you anyway!” I wanted to shout after them but the Guardian Tree thought I was one of them and attacked me too. How could they…………..

I was thinking about breaking my promise of never being Pugilist again and kick those two out of the forest. Seriously!

When the Guardian Tree nearly hit the two, it was as if time stood still. A few happy-go-lucky Moogles danced around me, playing music. It was like in a bad movie.

They continued their happy dancing and singing and calmed down the anger of the Tree just through their music! I was so surprised that I forgot about my bad mood.

The Moogles were lead by a strange boy with horns. He’s ugly. Hopefully there aren’t more of those horned boys in Gridania!

At least he guided the two back to the city. I followed them to make sure they were taken into custody. After that I hurried back to the Adventurer’s guild. It was already late evening when I arrived there. Time to claim my favorite table and get some strong drink!

This night I will drink even more than last night! Hahar! I deserve that after dealing with those annoying strangers!

No, wait… Of course I’ll do some mental training tonight… err…

Nihihi~ tasty strong alk. <3

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