Heroes of Eorzea Calendar 2015: February: Magatsu the Master of Coil

Magatsu, Hero of PvP and master of Coil is this month’s calendar model.

Just after beating T7, I had the opportunity to have a small foto session with him. He looks quite dangerous and pretty gorgeous! ö.ö

EA-Heroes of Eorzea-02-FEBRUARY Magatsu-cut

What else can I say? He’s my husband after all! ò.ó/


Delivery Moogle: Fishing for Compliments

My Duties as Delivery Moogle continue. This time, I was to deliver a letter to the 0222222Fisherman’s guild.

2015-01-24 Delivery Moogle Fisher 01

An old merchant friend of him had gone bancrupt and was now hoping for help in creating a new capital to start another business.

He asked me to bring his most precious left-over valuables to his Fishing Friend.

2015-01-24 Delivery Moogle Fisher 02

So I did.

The Fisher told the Merchant to fish by himself and make is own money.

2015-01-24 Delivery Moogle Fisher 03

He explained that this is the only way to find true happiness in life.

2015-01-24 Delivery Moogle Fisher 04

The merchant and me were fishing all night for expensive fishies.

Not one expensive catch.

2015-01-24 Delivery Moogle Fisher 05

That was when the pro tried it.

2015-01-24 Delivery Moogle Fisher 06

And he directly caught a super expensive and really rare fish!

That was when the merchant realized it was not all about money but also about the love and heart you put into what you do.

To thank the fisher, he offered his most precious item: A star-spangled subligar…

2015-01-24 Delivery Moogle Fisher 07

Needless to say, the fisher refused to take it…

So the merchant gave me the subligar and thanked for my help.

Eh yeah.

2015-01-24 Delivery Moogle Fisher 08

You’re welcome… I guess…?

2015-01-24 Delivery Moogle Fisher 09

Odin – I swear I didn’t burn him!

The celebrations were over and it was time to go back to adventuring.

Coincidentally, Odin, who usually roamed in the Shroud, was causing lots of trouble. So I decided to check with out with Mag.

2014-10-03 Odin

Gridanian Conjurer bosses guarded by Lancers invited me to a secret meeting at the Urth’s Fount in the South Shroud.

They were super worried, that Odin was up to no good.

You don’t say…

2015-01-23 Odin 01

As requested, I waited for Odin to appear.

2015-01-23 Odin 02

Then, I proceeded to challenge him.

He was like “sup girl!”

2015-01-23 Odin 03

Actually it was a big challenge at first. Mag and me teamed up with random adventurers through the Duty Finder system who were rather unable to deal enough damage to odin and his mount to slay them for good.

It was a week later when I organized an Odin headhunting event with the capable adventurers of EuroAsylum. Only then we were able to take him down and receive all the credits for saving Gridania.

2015-01-23 Odin 04

He was like: “Nuuuuuuu! Such a lil Lala girl and her gang defeated me! IMPOSSIBLE!”

2015-01-23 Odin 05

He turned into ashes. o.O;

I didn’t burn him, I swear!

2015-01-23 Odin 06

The only thing left was his sword.

It looks kinda cool.

2015-01-23 Odin 07

The Gridanian bosses were kinda worried that the sword might possess someone and create another Odin. <.<;

Why wouldn’t they just give the sword to me. I’d take good care of it.

But no! They had to heep it with some guards. One of the guards stole the sword and I’m pretty sure, I have to take care of this issue soon. :\

Eternal Bond: Lyssa’s awesome recordings

Lyssa was kind enough to record the most important parts of the ceremony. Thank you!! ö.ö

The opening ceremonial cutscene:






Leaving like a pro on a pro Chocobo. ö.ö

Eternal Bond: The After Party

Mag and me showed everyone the way to my house.

2015-02-03 Eternal Bond - The Ceremony 63

There, we were heartly welcomed! Scott opened a bottle of Champaign while Akh and Nef were already cuddling on my doorsteps °/////°;;

2015-02-03 Eternal Bond - The Ceremony 64

Inside, I installed a giant wedding cake. It looked super delicious and even Vis was mezmerized by it.

2015-02-03 Eternal Bond - The Ceremony 65

The guests made themselves at home in my VIP lounge in the basement.

2015-02-03 Eternal Bond - The Ceremony 66

My comfortable bed and the hot tub were very popular.

2015-02-03 Eternal Bond - The Ceremony 67

Actually, the hot tub was more popular.

(Please ignore how Vis and Uzi are discussing shady deals in the background!)

2015-02-03 Eternal Bond - The Ceremony 68

Suddenly, the bath filled.

2015-02-03 Eternal Bond - The Ceremony 69

More and more people came to enjoy the heat…

2015-02-03 Eternal Bond - The Ceremony 70

2015-02-03 Eternal Bond - The Ceremony 71

2015-02-03 Eternal Bond - The Ceremony 72

The party kinda evolved into a swimsuit-party.

2015-02-03 Eternal Bond - The Ceremony 73

When I was asked, if I enjoyed it, I looked around…

2015-02-03 Eternal Bond - The Ceremony 74

2015-02-03 Eternal Bond - The Ceremony 75

Yes, you can say, I enjoyed the view and stuff. ö.ö

That was when Mr. Satán arrived in order to eat all the cake!! O___O

2015-02-03 Eternal Bond - The Ceremony 76

That’s when everyone woke up from their relaxing bath and proceeded to eat from the cake before it was gone.

2015-02-03 Eternal Bond - The Ceremony 77

2015-02-03 Eternal Bond - The Ceremony 78

We celebrated all night!

2015-02-03 Eternal Bond - The Ceremony 79

2015-02-03 Eternal Bond - The Ceremony 80

The next day, I took my friends on a trip on my new Chocobo.

Hero of the Light Ramzah was an honored guest and a worthy adventurer to sit behind me, a Warrior of the Light!

2015-02-03 Eternal Bond - The Ceremony 81

Even if Sir Scott was my aunt’s old friend, he had become a dear friend of mine too. Sometimes, he reminds me of my awful aunt, but I can’t be angry at him. He also looks really cool ö.ö

2015-02-03 Eternal Bond - The Ceremony 82

When Vis sat down behind me, my chocobo started to struggle. We really didn’t know why. I mean, I wasn’t that heavy and Vis was all muscles without any fat. Why would this giant chocobo have problems carying us? I DIDN’T EAT THAT MUCH CAKE, OKAY?! >___>

2015-02-03 Eternal Bond - The Ceremony 83

Then, guests started leaving.

A small group of 8 heroes went for another adventure.

2015-02-03 Eternal Bond - The Ceremony 86

A World of Darkness adventure!

This was the frist time, I found a cool treasure chest in one of the boss rooms.

It was probably a wedding present ö.ö

2015-02-03 Eternal Bond - The Ceremony 84

When I opened it, this awful dude appeared!


My friends rushed to my aid and slayed the evil dude.

Unfortunately, he had crushed to treasure chest and all the valuables were gone ;_;

2015-02-03 Eternal Bond - The Ceremony 85

And so, the most amazing day came to an end.

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