It was…uhh… (3)

It was… an enormous cat?

2016-08-27 The Rising 2016 37

As round as the red moon and nigh as large, it fell to the ground, the impact of its landing knocked soldiers on both sides to the ground!

And then, uh… Their hearts having been melted by the sight of such a cuddly creature, Garleans and Eorzeans alike lose the will to fight! They cast down their weapons, and embraced each other as brother and sister, returning home without further bloodshed!

2016-08-27 The Rising 2016 38

The gargantuan feline, moved by this display of camaraderie, purred with job! Why, it’s purring right now! Can you hear it? It’s the sound of…the sound of peace.

2016-08-27 The Rising 2016 39


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