Murder Mystery in the Mist: Who dun it?

Things were so calm the past weeks so it was time for a murder.

It was just what I was thinking when I entered the FC house and found Mag dead on the floor!! O_O;

He was murdered but who dun it?

I called the friends from FC to help investigate.

At first they accused me but why would I ever do such a thing?

The investigation lead us outside. Leonie’s wonderful herbs had been harvested by someone else and then left alone!

But who had done this? and did this have to do anything with the murder?

At least we found out that Mag was poisoned by a cookie! This increased the suspicion against me of course >.<;

When we returned to the house, Chelci was dead in a puddle of blood! O_O;

But who did it?

In the end, we solved the murder. It was maybe a slightly far-fetched story that Trem had been angry that he had been replaced in our PotD static as he wasn’t online anymore. Mag had made an awful comment and Trem decided to kill all members except Riiko and blame it all on her!

It was a funny event that – if done another time – should be planned more carefully with the learnings I had.


Rearranging the House… or not? O.O

When I heard that with the Stormblood Expansion we would be able to place double the amount of furniture into our houses, I started rearranging everything.

Here is a round view of my new ground floor.

The stairs:

The basement:

Basement emptyness with 100/100 furnishings.

It looked to empty that I couldn’t bear it and rearranged everything again!

Now, the upstairs was downstairs and the downstairs was upstairs.

And it looked a lot better!

I even has a secret place for my riches and treasures!

This was the best I could do for now.

At the time I didn’t know that it was all for nothing. I would strip my house and move to a new server and start living in a new house…

One Punch Mog Housing Adventures

Thanks to Ley, we moved from the One Punch Mog FC to Ley’s FC and named it One Punch Mog FC.

The perks are the awesome house!

Due to full housing areas in Excalibur and insane “sales prices”, there was no way we’d get a house.

The new house, thanks to Ley, was in the Mist.

It was a lovely spot and I directly decorated it in our FC colors.

The view from the house was stunning!

You could even climb on the roof and enjoy the wonderful holiday resort!

Ley was something like a mommy chocobo lady to my little chibi chocobo. ö.ö I really like her glamour, it looks so elegant and beautiful whereas mine looks chubby yet cute.

Of course I decorated the walls of the house in a beautiful yellow chocobo theme.

The others were not amused.

So I put some more work into it all.

And I think I did a pretty good job!

People come by frequently to relax.

Or even to joke around awkwardly.

We even had this beauty in there <3<3<3 Leonie and me couldn’t stop ourselves…

People added more things and slowly, we made the place our own.

And that’s when I had the idea for a Mystery Murder event!

Primal Themed Summoner Glamour

Thanks to the Egi Glamours, Summoners can now feel like they have actually obtained 3 new Egis can summon Carbuncle although they are no Arcanist anymore.

First up, the Blue outfit. It’s a winterly Cat princess outfit.

Next, the yellow Chocobo Mage outfit!

And finally, the red Songbird bunny outfit!

But I didn’t stop there.

For Garuda, I made a small Leprechaun outfit. But many mistook it for a Link Glamour…

I wrote down their names for too vivid imagination…

Finally, the purple Ramuh outfit!

Oh wait, we don’t have Ramuh, forget I ever created this purple beauty…

As condolences to my fellow SMN friends who mourn about the lack of epic Primals to summon, why not try out Astrologian instead?

I mean, it looks great:

This was my contest application screenshot for the Moogle Post. The contest’s subject was “Hot Pants”, so there you go. ò.óV

Summoner Egi Glamour: You just have to imagine it

The news of Egi Glamours spread quickly through the realm.

My Arcanist guild leader whose name I will never remember trained me.

I was really curious about all this glamour.

She told me that if I summon Ifrit but imagine a red Carbuncle, Ifrit will appear as a red Carbuncle.

Or a yellow one.

I really loved the glamours!

I surprised even friends like Chelci with the adorable Carbuncles.

At first, people though I was an Arcanist noob cause I had the tank carbuncle out. But it was actually Garuda LOLOLOL Got ya!

Yeah, it’s not really funny, but I still found it hilarious.

See me with my yellow buddies:

Yellow is the new trend color, didn’t you hear?

Okay, I’ll shut up and lock me inside an aquarium so you don’t need to read this awfullness anymore.

But I seriously was looking for actual glamours. Like, an epic massive Ifrit, Garuda and Titan. Or at least a Bahamut!

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