Summoner Challenges: Picking Potatoes

It was time for me to continue my Summoning training, so Y’miqote told me.

Summoning the powers of my Summoner Soul Stone would enable me to subdue the next primal and make him my loyal pet, just as I had done with Ifrit not too long ago.

By the way, his leg day training is going okay, also the progress is not very visible.

2014-02-08 SMN Titan-Egi 01

And so I called upon my Summoning powers and summoned TITAN!

Yo, man, I ain’t scared of ya!

2014-02-08 SMN Titan-Egi 02

He did lots of flashy abilities and stuff, but I defeated the real hard Titan before. Now I had to face a cute glowy Titan who looked more like a potato than a thread.

Of course, I defeated him and he accepted to lend me his powers.

That was when this Summoner-on-the-wrong-track appeared. He was wearing black clothes and seemed to be some kind of cool, overpowered dude.

2014-02-08 SMN Titan-Egi 03

Using his sinister powers, he summoned an Ifrit, totally bigger than mine!

2014-02-08 SMN Titan-Egi 04

Mega-Ifrit appeared. And I tell you, he wasn’t pleased.

2014-02-08 SMN Titan-Egi 05

He decided to self-destruct as “hello, nice to meet you”-greeting.

Someone has to teach this Ifrit some matters. <.<;

2014-02-08 SMN Titan-Egi 06

Not thinking about the danger of the explosion but rather of Ifrit’s bad manners,I nearly would have died in the explosion if Titan had not protected me in the last second!

2014-02-08 SMN Titan-Egi 07

Y’miqote then tossed some rocks and totally scared the Dark Summoner dude away!

She is so impressive. ö.ö

2014-02-08 SMN Titan-Egi 08

We then had a long chat about the Dark Summoner, his bad manners and how Titan was really awesome.

2014-02-08 SMN Titan-Egi 09


Saturday Special: Riddle Race! Save the Chocobo Queen’s Eggs!

It happened just a few days ago.

The Chocobo Queen sat int he basement of our house and utterly cried.

She then presented the Free Comany EuroAsylum with the black mail letter she had received:

To the one parading as Chocobo Queen I present to you a challenge –
Your precious eggs are safe but hidden around Eorzea, prove your love for these soon to be chocobos and they shall be returned to you!

2014-03-25 Chocobo Egg Hunt 01

Some evil creature had stolen all her eggs and was endangering the Chocobo population! O_O;

Contained within the letter were several more slips of paper with riddles hinting at the Eggs’ locations, deciding she is rubbish at riddles, the Chocobo queen has sent a plea to the Adventurers of EuroAsylum to find these eggs and put a stop to this horrible situation. To drum up a little competitive spirit to ensure the job gets done efficiently, teams of adventurers shall race to find the eggs! (…so our event officer described the severe situation)

2014-03-25 Chocobo Egg Hunt 03

We all gathered at the dining table, awaiting a word from the queen.

While making everyone sit on the chairs in a very civilized matter, the queen would not allow anyone but her to stand on the table. She was a queen after all.

2014-03-25 Chocobo Egg Hunt 02

We then had to form 4 expert teams.

“The teams were required to go to the location they thought was correct and contact the Chocobo queen. For each location there were 3 clues, the first would be the hardest, the second would hint at the area the location was in, and the third would help stragglers a bit more.”

While there were 3 officers, Lyssa, Trem and Emp assigned as team leaders, the 4th team leader was yet to be determined as not enough officers or leader people were available.

2014-03-25 Chocobo Egg Hunt 16

As the officers hat put all their trust in me, I had to make the most successful team in eorzean history and save the Chocobo Eggs.

Such responsibility!

Looking at the Chocobo Queen, I knew it was for a good cause. I had to display a solid and responsible leadership. My whole reputation depended on it.

2014-03-25 Chocobo Egg Hunt 04

And how else would I do that if not with the only other present Lalafell: Akh. Two Lalafells, combining wisdom and knowledge. How could we lose? Now, as there was no other Lalafell left, we needed someone experienced, who could fight off enemies in emergencies and who had a good nose. So I chose Magatsu. He had proven to be a valuable asset in my adventures.

Now, we only needed a name.

We quickly decided on Team “Chocobo Cutter’s Cry”.

This name combined our honest desire to make anyone who cuts/hurts Chocoboy cry and to devote ourselved to the upcoming tasks.

The other teams obviously didn’t have as awesome names as ours…

Team “The Kwehstors” containing Emper, Migh’to and Rykoto

Team “The Ruined Chocobos” containing Tremaine, Tamlin and Loxie

Team “Kentucky Fried Chocobo” containing Lyssa, Shikaree and Pyric (This is the Chocobo hater team which has to be stopped from getting any eggs! They just want to make food out of them – and profit!)

2014-03-25 Chocobo Egg Hunt 05

So it was decided. Team Chocobo Cutter’s Cry was ready to rock.

After an example trial question, which was rather easy and obvious, we received the first location hint.

First Location
Clue 1 –
Progenitor of war and arts, the boulder of he who would break worlds lies within the heart of a little sibling.

Everyone was like:

2014-03-25 Chocobo Egg Hunt 06

Having a good sense of the situation, Emp knew how to help.

2014-03-25 Chocobo Egg Hunt 17

Thankfully, we received two clues after this ridiculous but really bad joke. (I can’t help but laugh crazily at bad jokes…)

Clue 2 –
Neathe the desert stars, the mark of celestial fire indicates the guardian to a fallen nation.
Clue 3 –
This one marked with the destroyer, resides untended in the refuge of the destroyed.

I figured out directly after receiving the 3rd quote what was going on. This was hinting to one of the Twelve!

Destination: The Godstone of Rhalgr, The Destroyer, Little Ala Mhigo

We were right but we were not the first ones to arrive.

To our surprise, a terrifying Behemoth lady awaited us who handed me, the team leader, an egg for solving the riddle in an attempt to save all the eggs.

2014-03-25 Chocobo Egg Hunt 07

The Behemoth lady then gave us the second location…

Second Location
Clue 1 –
Many an eager gaze awaits the spillage of fresh blood to soak their pit of dust and grain.
Clue 2 –
In the glare of fleeting wealth one may spy fortune in the glint of a lucky edge.
Clue 3 –
Those who enter this temple of champions shall seek to follow the footsteps of the mighty black bull.


I directly knew this would be a place where people fight… the Wolves’ Den?


Men have fighting in their blood and so I delegated the task of finding this destination to Mag and Akh. They did not disappoint me. I am such a good leader!

Coliseum (“The Bloodsands”), Ul’dah

2014-03-25 Chocobo Egg Hunt 08

There, we received the next hints:

Third Location
Clue 1 –
I and my mighty sisters 3 catch ocean winds for our grain.
Clue 2 –
Moored now upon field, these twenty sails still turn with the wind.
Clue 3 –
Made from wood and bricks of grey, these great vessels hold ground grain.

Okay, this is an easy one. Totally easy. We need someone with 3 sisters (another god?) who is near an ocean with wind and corn fields.
Having no clue about this, I still pretended I knew what was going on, like a real leader.

Of course, we directly didn’t find out where it was. Also it was not by chance that we discovered the huge croud of people suddenly standing in the field.

I of course knew from the windmills were the 4 sisters… I only wanted to challenge my team. Like a real leader.

-> The Greyfleet (4 windmills), Lower La Noscea

2014-03-25 Chocobo Egg Hunt 09

Starting to feel a slight bloodlust towards the Behemoth predator, I received the next location clue…

Fourth Location
Clue 1 –
From my perch I spy the eastward giants whom dance upon the lea.

It wasn’t Swiftperch. What other perch is there? None? Hm.

Giants? Maybe the Observatorium, there are Giants. Nope.

Maybe the Watchtower, all in the Southeast of Coertas! Nope.

I felt my competence as a leader shrinking. My team that had looke dup to me before, seemed to have lost faith in me.

What felt like hours later, we received the next clue:

Clue 2 –
This beacon would grant guidance to those who seek silver.

Aha! This must be a place where you gather silver! In the Shroud, near Buscaroon’s Tavern!

The team spirit rose and we felt like we were going to win this.

Nope! LOL!

I asked for someone to kill me please. Lyssa assisted reliably.

Clue 3 –
A steadfast sentinel on the horizon, it beckons those from the sea to safely arrive upon the parched land’s soil.

Okay, this helps. It must be somewhere near Camp Horizon.

Maybe the Silver Bazaar?

On the way to the Silver Bazaar, I saw them. THE GIANTS!

2014-03-25 Chocobo Egg Hunt 10

Turns out, it was the Beaconhill Lighthouse, Western Thanalan, where the giant Coblyns were strifing through the lands. Terrifying.

This is how people think it looked like when I arrived.

2014-03-25 Chocobo Egg Hunt 11

This is how I really arrived:

Paint-2014-03-26 Egg Hunt RAGE

And then, the final destination!

Final Location
Clue 1 –
To see safe passage through this gallant sentry, seek ye the favour of three points.

Okay, we got this.

Magatsu directly knew what was going on.

My team is so reliable.

This was the entrance to the Crystal Tower.

3 Fates were needed to get access to the slim passage to the dungeon entrance in Mor Dhona. Also, 3 paths separate one from the big boss. Then, there are 3 Atomos that have to be killed to succeed.


I feel like commiting a murder again.

Clue 2 –
The frigid sting of the cold is second only to the fangs of the scaled horrors this aegis guards against.
Clue 3 –
Stand before the protector of strength, beauty, magic and order.

Okay, this totally made sense to me and I totally knew what was going on.
Desperately, I looked to Akh and Mag.
They seemed to feel the same: Utter despair.

So we searched Dragonhead. It was the only cold area.

Our instincts of being close to the prey that needs to be slaugthered lead us to the The Gates of Judgement. YEP!

2014-03-25 Chocobo Egg Hunt 12

Having rescued 6 eggs +1 (for the clever Crystal Tower guess), we ended up saving the lives of 7 unborn chocobo babies!

Back in the house, the queen ensured, that especially Lyssa’s team handed her their collected eggs…

2014-03-25 Chocobo Egg Hunt 13

And then, depending on the quantity of saved eggs, the winners were announced!

First place – “The Ruined Chocobos” containing Tremaine, Tamlin and Loxie
Second place – “Kentucky Fried Chocobo” containing Lyssa, Shikaree and Pyric
Third place – “Chocobo Cutter’s Cry” containing Riiko, Akhenaten and Magatsu – Gysahl Greens
And finally, in loser place – “The Kwehstors” containing Emper, Migh’to and Rykoto

The awesome Chocobo Cutter’s Cryers did an “average performance”, so the queen said, and handed us the food she usually gives to her kids.

2014-03-25 Chocobo Egg Hunt 14

Gysahl Greens.

I felt so honored and proud that the queen saw us as her own kids! ö.ö There is no better reward.

I’m not sure but I think, Akh and Mag didn’t seem as happy as me… I wonder why that is.

Not sure what Emp did to the queen, but she strangely jumped around when he came closer to her… But maybe this was only because of his strange hat.

2014-03-25 Chocobo Egg Hunt 15

Summing up, thanks to our wisdom and knowledge as Lalafells, my exemplary leader skills and with the assistance of the reliable catboy Mag, Team Chocobo Cutter’s Cry totally rocked this event! We saved the queen’s eggs and ensured that new adventurers will continue to receive their chocobo partner!

We are so awesome!

Too bad that Ritzin couldn’t join. I really wonder where she was… She posted the event on our event board and it’s so strange that she didn’t even come to meet the Chocobo queen. She seemed to be really looking forward to all this.

The Mysteries of Nym: Never again without my book

Alka, Eos and me traveled to the Wanderer’s Palace. To our surprise, we were not welcomed by the usual enemies, but instead by hordes of Tonberries.

They must have heard about Alka and me investigating their home and gathered to get rid of us.

Every Tonberry we defeated, transformed into a Flame of Rancor and started following us until we found the Scholarberry again.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 11

A second before Alka could chop his head off, Eos interferred again and healed the Scholarberry.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 12

He woke up, feeling like having had a long dream.

And he finally remembered everything.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 13

An unknown illness had come over the sea and spread through the whole City of Nym. The illness changed body and memories of everyone living there and transformed them into Tonberries.

Soon, everyone forgot who they were.

Except Scholarberry.

He remembered. Finally.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 14

Thanking us for our efforts, he went his own way to find a cure for his brothers and sisters. By his side, Lily, his loyal fairy.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 15

We accompanied him a little until the exit of Wanderer’s Palace where our ways would part. Eos casted wonderful farewell-spells on him.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 16

And then, I met Ryko and Jam with their fairies.

We all put on our loveliest gear to pose. We swore to ourselves, we would never catch the illness and live happily ever after with our fairies.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 17

A few days later, Ryko approached me.

After weeks of struggling, he had finally robbed the Royal Vest from one of the Crystal Tower bosses.

While I had already obtained the full gear set in advance, Ryko still had not completed it yet.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 18

Full of joy we are now sharing our partner look! One, looking mor adorable than the other. Ofc, I am the one and he is the other. But he still looks handsome.

And then, I started working on obtaining my relic book. THE book.

Against Ifrit, I showed a unique performance, carrying the whole group through the fight and using the Tier 3 Limit Break of complete Revival and Healing to everyone.

It was so epic.

People fell to Ifrit’s attacks and I brought them back. Again and again until Ifrit gave up.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 19

Titan was not an issue.

I simply destroyed him thanks to my recent skill improvement in the training camp.

This photo was taken just a second after Titan gave up. As you can see, I am alive. I didn’t faint during the entire fight.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 20

And so, Gerolt rewarded me with THE BOOK!

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 21

Proud as Oskar, I would never let go of the book again.

And so, the adventures of Eos and me continues. At times, I would let Selene out, but she was more of a quiet and rather unsocial fairy, so I let her stay in her fairy would, most of the time.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 22

I found lots of fellow Scholar friends.

It was surprising how many were wearing the Royal Vest.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 23

And sometimes, I just sat there, discussing the Twelve and the World with Eos.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 24

Together, we shall protect an heal everyone. We shall protect Eorzea from danger.

We shall heal wounds, injuries, shield those in need, dance with the sad.

The big adventures are just about to start.

The Mysteries of Nym: Clothing time!

Alka Zolka decided to keep exploring the mysteries of Nym. Now, only ruins were left of the once glorious city.

We encountered a Tonberry.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 01

Okay, one of the many Tonberries like in the Wanderer’s Palace, I thought.

But this one was different!

He was wearing a clever looking hat and a wise-guy robe! O_O

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 02

Eos was as surprised as us, when we faced this strange foe.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 03

But there was no other way than defencing ourselves, when he rushed to us to kill us!!

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 04

But suddenly, Eos stopped us!

The Tonberry kept calling her Lily, his sun. And Eos also acted quite strangely, as if they knew each other.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 05

In the end, the Tonberry ran away and Alka somehow got inspired by his clothes.

All three of us further investigated to find out more about thos Scholar-like clothing style.

After long days of exploration, we were finally able to give the final designs to the Crafting guildleaders who willingly accepted a free of charge creation of my Scholar Clothes. They had never before seen such unique and beautiful designs before and it was an honor for them, to create the first of a kind clothing!

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 06

So I made the guildleaders work for me. For free.

I won’t lie.

It felt good.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 07

And I also felt proud. All the work had finally payed off!

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 08

I also went out with Eos to explore and train with her. Whatever I did, she refused to tell me about that Tonberry and why he had called her Lily.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 10

And then, I had obtained all beautiful clothes – except a noble robe.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 09

I must admit, I feel really stupid wearing this scholary clever looking hat… It’s so big and strange.

But, I already discussed this with Alka and he accepted my invite to the Wanderer’s Place. There, we surely should find a clue about the Scholar Tonberry’s whereabouts.

Exploring the Labyrinth of the Ancients – Or: Trapped in CT

Everyone has heard of it: Everyone has done it.

CT, the Crystal Tower, is a popular weekly farming ground for awesome gear.

But how did we even get there? Does anyone remember the pain of running errants for Cid, gathering 4 strange ancient tools?

2014-01-11 Crystal Tower 01

It was when Cid decided, we should all explore the Crystal Tower. I was all excited and didn’t mind a random Miqo’guy to join.

2014-01-11 Crystal Tower 02

The entrance to CT has been there from the start. We finally were going to enter it!

A glowing beauty, thought to be destroyed, inaccessible and too old to be ever opened again.

2014-01-11 Crystal Tower 03

It actually has a big “welcome” hall before you can enter the tower.

Please refer to the details in below screenshot to see how gigantic this place is. One of these statues could easily crush us without hesitating! O_O;

2014-01-11 Crystal Tower CID

And behind the guardian statues, the Crystal Tower was waiting for us…

2014-01-11 Crystal Tower 04

Thanks to me, we had the keys to unlock the barriers that had been errected between the statues.

2014-01-11 Crystal Tower 06

Next one!

2014-01-11 Crystal Tower 07

BOOOM! The next!

2014-01-11 Crystal Tower 08

And I blasted the last one!

2014-01-11 Crystal Tower 09

And then, the most beautiful view of the tower awaited us. I will never forget this sight!

2014-01-11 Crystal Tower 10

Thankfully, there was a warp portal. Not scared of misfunction, we used it to warp into the Tower. What could possibly go wrong using a device, never used in the past hundreds or thousands of years?

2014-01-11 Crystal Tower 11

So we entered the first part… the Labyrinth of the Ancients.

2014-01-11 Crystal Tower 13

Due to the various traps and dangers awaiting us, I was allowed to gather a big group of strong and skilled adventurers to explore the Labyrinth for Cid.

2014-01-11 Crystal Tower 15

So I got a bunch of adventurers, but I cannot confirm their high degree of skill, strength or friendlyness at all.

Unfortunately, I had to live with random settings of adventurers and survive hordes of enemies while evading poisonous water!

2014-01-11 Crystal Tower 16

As if that wasn’t enough, all 3 groups of adventurers then had to fight for their own. Half of each group had to stand on glowing platforms, allowing a dofferent group to destroy the dimensional Atomos gates that continued to spawn demons and dragons.

2014-01-11 Crystal Tower 18

Masses of enemies, relentless attacks. We had to deal with all this crap while tanks and healers just managed to not support us.

2014-01-11 Crystal Tower 20

Dangerous arenas with gigantic sword-swinging foes that need to be defeated before the bomb in the middle grows too large and explodes.

And all this, while the ground is lava! O_O (at least outside the arena)

2014-01-11 Crystal Tower 21

And then, King Behemoth awaited us.

Scary, fearful and prepared to die, I crawled closer to him.

2014-01-11 Crystal Tower 22

Eventually, he would summon a meteor and if you were unlucky, to not hide in time, you’re dead.

Fun stuff.

2014-01-11 Crystal Tower 23-2

And then, Acheron. A big guy with big attacks and stuff, but there are platforms arround him with which we could create barriers to prevent his big damage to reach us.

Just wondering… If the Labyrinth was created to not let anyone pass, why did they implement mechanism that allow you to pass?

2014-01-11 Crystal Tower 25

And thus, we passed.

2014-01-11 Crystal Tower 26

Some mechanism crap happened and unlocked a new path.

2014-01-11 Crystal Tower 27

And then, Biggs and ….err… his.. um.. lala friend… Let’s call him Bob…. discovered something terrifying!

2014-01-11 Crystal Tower 28

We actually had not reached the Crystal Tower at all!

The Crystal Tower was now standing in front of us!

2014-01-11 Crystal Tower 29

Instead of proceeding, Cid decided to go back to the Camp and work on a new strategy. Okay.

Meanwhile, I will run through the Labyrinth, over and over, just to defeat the enemies over and over and grab their cool clothes! ö.ö

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