Lightning and the hotness return

So, Lightning once again appeared in Eorzea.

In the past, this resulted in a massive amount of adventurers fighting beside her.

This time, there was like nobody to support her at all.

As I found this really sad, I decided to join forces with her. She fought so brave and hard, jumping around, shooting the enemy.

Lightning put about 10.000 bullets into the Dodo but it still wouldn’t die. O.o;

2014-09-07 Lightning 01

In the end, we defeated it thanks to my strong magic.

We even chatted a little before she had to go.

2014-09-07 Lightning 02

When she left, she left with awesome special effects and left lots of feathers behind. o.o;

So cool!

I also want such cool effects for my magical spells >.<;

2014-09-07 Lightning 03

The sun, all sad that Lightning had left again, sank into the sea, coloring the sky bloody red.

It was a beautiful and sad sight.

Why did all adventurers leave Lighting to her own now when they were all into helping her before?

Well… maybe she should have brought some new weapons or hot new clothing with her… <.<;;

2014-09-13 Landscape Swiftperch

When I returned to the house, Mag greeted me by touching his twitching ear.

I couldn’t help but jump on his leg, drooling.

He just looks too hot when he does that! ö////ö;;

2014-09-05 Mag ear drool

Later, we fought in Circus Tower with EuroAsylum. During the fight, Mag was shrinked to fit my size.

I kinda felt very chubby next to him… also my head seemed kinda huge but that’s of course due to the high intelligence of Lalafell ò.ó;;

2014-09-02 ST Mag Riiko same size

Later that day, I met a young Hyur girl.

She was all new and innocent.

Catalyn Nyancat or something like that was her name.

For sure she was totally into cats and believed that if she only fougth strong enough, she would become a Miqo’te!

2014-09-01 Hyur who wanted to be a Cat

I really didn’t want to crush her dreams, so I didn’t say anything… She even had cat whiskers tattooed to her face. >.<;;

Poor girl!

The other day, I went to a dangerous place.

Any idea where this is? :D

2014-07-08 Where is this 02


Unexpected Developments – The beginning of a young love?

I was discontent with the way our house looked.

Few people visited and it really didn’t look nice.

Except the basement.

The basement is awesome. It has the huge dining table that is misused as stage for fashion events. It also has the comfy music chamber and a bar.

So I took some cheap furniture and created a lovely sitting corner next to the private rooms door.

On the other side of the ground floor I installed an Ahriman themed dining area.

2014-09-03 Housing 01

Petting is still quite popular so I got petted as praise for this nice design of the house. ö.ö

Maybe I should change the house every day to get petted every day all day long? ö____ö

2014-09-03 Housing 02

Ritz and me heared some terrible screams from the outside.

It sounded like people were fleeing in panic.

What was going on?!

When we rushed outside, we saw Leon.

As soon as we could, we changed into our Black Mage Outfits to figth the Evil.

2014-09-03 Housing 03

The Evil.

I really mean it.

I looked at Leon and got scared.

Would I survive looking at her eyes? Would she devour our souls?

Would everything still be the same as before after seeing her?

She was alaways so strong and adorable! What had happened?!

2014-09-03 Housing 04

Mister Chaosi offered help.

He suggested, taking Leon to the T6 Refflesia would remove the demon that had taken her over. The strong poison of the Rafflesia would nearly kill the demon and this, make him leave Leon’s body.

A perfect plan from an awesome mastermind hero!

2014-09-03 Housing 05

So we gathered people, when suddenly…

Did Mister Chaosi just carress Leon’s cheek? O_O;

When I looked closely, they were only standing there, talking.

I know, what I saw in the corner of my eye.

This is an unexpected development.

Is Mister Chaosi after the demon or does he actually care about lil Leon? o.o;

2014-09-03 Housing 06

So we fought the Rafflesia and somehow, the demon vanished from Leon’s body. Instead, it took over Raffi and made her so strong, that we couldn’t defeat her and had to give up ;_;

At least, Leon is free now! :D

And she is all nice again! Yay~ <3

2014-09-13 Leon

Lost in thought, I stood in the garden all night.

In the morning, Jam approached me. She was wearing the beautiful hat that I had crafted her as bribe to craft me cool things for my house.

Jam was really fond of the hat but I started to fear it was not the best choice of headpiece from my side…

2014-09-03 Housing 07

At the same time, I found the perfect protection against petting attacks for all those who dislike them: The summoner horn!

It stabs through the hand of the petter, preventing them from ever using their hand ever again!

Of course, I put a protection spell on mine so that the horn would not be sharp and could not hurt anyone ò.ó/

Later that day, an unexpected fashion display took place.

2014-09-03 Housing 08

While the animal bikini look became really popular, Mag had a new Tattoo on his hot skin which looked incredibly hot! °/////°

We had gathered to celebrate the last days of the summer festival and the one year of adventuring.

To honor that day, Sir Scott and me performed a unique and awesome dance performance! Ò.ó

2014-09-03 Housing 10

In the end, Sir Scott has still the hottest bum in Eorzea.

2014-09-03 Housing 09

Saturday Paint Comic Special: Under the Bridge

One thing lead to the other…

Paint-Comic-2014-09-26 Under the Bridge

Body Inspection: “Uziel may touch my chest whenever he wants” – Visgal

After seeing such a wonderful house with so many brilliant ideas, I couldn’t help myself and rearrange the sofas upstairs.

I called mag to lie down next to me.

Simply stealing someone’s idea was not enough. I had to improve it and make it a 2-person-bed! ò.ó/

2014-09-13 Housing inspection 14

When I left the house the next morning, someone was waiting for me.

It was Vis. And his sidekick Leon.

It was beach time and we all put on our bikinis.

Vis’ bikini looked so hot, I just had to touch it!

2014-09-13 Housing inspection 11

That was when suddenly Uziel appeared to touch Vis’ chest.

I wasn’t sure if Vis would really like that.

Vis just laughed when I expressed my worries.

“Uziel may touch my chest whenever he wants”, he said, “We are that old and close friends after all.”

2014-09-13 Housing inspection 12

Leon and me were pretty jealous. We also wanted to touch that chest but we had no chance of reaching it.

That was when suddenly, Visgal started glowing.

Uziel had triggered Vis’ natural glitterskin effect! O_O;

2014-09-13 Housing inspection 13

More and more people heard of Visgal’s legendary skin, such as Lyssa and Sir Scott. They came to witness this rare sighting.

Actually, when I looked at Sir Scott talking to Leon, I was sure there was something between them…

Didn’t Leon already have some kind of thing with Mister Chaosi? O.o;

2014-09-13 Housing inspection 15

When they both changed into their Warrior gear, I knew what the deal was:

Leon was Sir Scotts daughter! O_O;

I know, this is a big revelation and all, but it must be true.

They share the same haircolor, the same look, the same aura, the same job, the same EVERYTHING!

I mean, they both look  like you don’t want to be their enemy. EVER.

2014-09-13 Housing inspection 16

Don’t mess with Sir Scott and Sir Leon.

Housing Inspection: The most brilliant ideas

As preparation for the upcoming exciting private housing patch, I inspected houses.

Actually, I was approached by my friend Aurae S.

She wanted me to see her awesome FC house.

What I found in this house left me speechless.

So many lovely details, so many adorable ideas and designs! Why hadn’t I thought of any of these?

May I first present to you: Chocobo plush dolls in the bathtub!

2014-09-13 Housing inspection 01

An adorable king size chair near the fireplace. Books to my right and a lovely atmosphere all around me.

2014-09-13 Housing inspection 02

And then, the bed! On one side, there was this… terrible… Moogle sitting. Like he was saying:

“You ain’t sitting here, dude!”

Okay ;_;

2014-09-13 Housing inspection 03

In the basement, they had this awesome band, playing lovely tunes.

I wonder why they aren’t real stars in Eorzea yet. >.<; They were playing really well.

2014-09-13 Housing inspection 04

When I checked out all those crafting places, I realized, they were all too high for me to reach!

They were perfect touse as hideout though… :\

Very discriminationg! I will not allow something like this in our house without a Lalafell stool! ò_ó

2014-09-13 Housing inspection 05

Then, I found the most comfortable bed in the world:

2014-09-13 Housing inspection 09

And in the end, I found Lyssa’s Paradise.

It wasn’t actually called Lyssa’s Paradise.

It just contained so much backstabbness, that I decided to give it that name.

2014-09-13 Housing inspection 10

Even the garden was nice!

They had bushed that were glowing at night O.o

2014-09-13 Housing inspection 06

And the view.

The view was the most beautiful thing I had seen after laying my eyes on Mag.

The town reached from the gigantic treee all the way down the hill…

2014-09-13 Housing inspection 08

…down to the waterfalls at the lake.

I was left speechless.

2014-09-13 Housing inspection 07

I know for sure that living in Gridania’s Lavender Beds would be the right decision 100%.

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