It was the voice of Archon Louisoix!

Indeed it was the Archon Louisoix’s voice that called out over the endless battlefield. The erudite scholar and compassionate commander, who came from far-flung Sharlayan to deliver us salvation.

2016-08-27 The Rising 2016 08

Louisoix: “Twelve above, I beseech Thee! Lend me Your strength, and seal Bahamut within Dalamud once more!”

But lo! Bahamut’s power was too great, and Louisoix’s ritual failed!

2016-08-27 The Rising 2016 13

The end of Eorzea was at hand. But in that moment of darkest despair, the Archon entreated the gods once more…

Hearkening to his plea, They imbued the Warrior of Light with Their divine strength. Once more, out hero rose, and stood unfliching against Bahamut!

2016-08-27 The Rising 2016 14

>>> Bahamut was slain with a single blow!
>>> They uh… (1)
>>> They uh… (2)
>>> They uh… (3)

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