EA Calendar

A brand new eorzean calendar is being released! It features the heroes from the Free Company EuroAsylum. A new picture will be added on the first Saturday of each month.

Confirmed models: Riiko, Jam, Ritzin, Lyssa, Loxie, Leonie, Ryko’to, Magatsu, Scott, Alixandir, Visgal
Unconfirmed models: Tremaine, ???

Calendar Teaser
Jam and Lyssa are strong Miqo’Ladies. If they start fighting Eorzea might face another Apocalypse… This picture shall give you an idea of how the future calendar pictures might look like.
Click to enlarge.

EA-Girls-2014-07-JULY-Lyssa and Jam-Catfight

2014 –  EuroAsylum: Ladies from the Shore
June 2014 – December 2014

EA-Girls of the Shore-01-JUNE-Riiko at the Beach EA-Girls of the Shore-02-JULY-Rizz the Clutchmother
June 2014
Riiko on Summer Holiday
Model: Riiko Rinkoko
July 2014
Rizz, the brave Clutchmother
Model: Ritzin Konone
EA-Girls of the Shore-03-AUGUST-Jam the adventurer EA-Girls of the Shore-03-SEPTEMBER-Leonie the cat who tamed the king
August 2014
Jam, the adventuring Adventurer
Model: Jam Bacchi
September 2014
Leonie, the cat who charmed the king
Model: Leonie Killaflausch
EA-Girls of the Shore-05-OCTOBER-Nefertiti the mysterious Danger EA-Girls of the Shore-06-NOVEMBER-Lyssa the Red Devil
October 2014
Nefertiti, the mysterious Danger
Model: Nefertiti Sienna
November 2014
Lyssa, the Red Devil
Model: Lyssa Nyth
EA-Girls of the Shore-07-DECEMBER-Santa Loxie
December 2014
Santa Loxie
Model: Loxie Lonix


2015 – EuroAsylum: Heroes of Eorzea
starts in January 2015

EA-Heroes of Eorzea-01-JANUARY-Master Alix and Fahsion Artist Vis  EA-Heroes of Eorzea-02-FEBRUARY Magatsu-cut
January 2015
Master Alix and Fahsion Artist Vis
Model: Alixandir Rivell, Visgal Goldmane
Febuary 2015
Magatsu the Master of Coil
Model: Magatsu Taito
EA-Heroes of Eorzea-03-MARCH-Mighto EA Calendar-Paint-2014-05-26 placeholder
March 2015
The burning fists
Model: M’ighto
April 2015
Model: ???
EA Calendar-Paint-2014-05-26 placeholder
May 2015
Model: ???



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