A Landscape of Beauty

As promised, I traveled the world in search of landscapes that one can easily oversee. The Beauty is everywhere. Just open your eyes!

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Can you guess where I have been?

My first trip lead my to the ocean. While the stars danced on the surface of the ocean, a gigantic crystalline sculpture spread on top of the cliffs. Somehow, I felt sad when looking at this scenery…

2013-10 Landscapes 01 big

I arrived at a small port. As it was still late, not many adventurers were seen so I could take a great picture of the winged mermaid, praying for the sailors to have a save journey. In the background, yet again a crystalline sculpture. While of such a beautly, it makes me feel sad every time I come across one. And I am not sure, why.

2013-10 Landscapes 02 big

As I was traveling through dangerous areas, I suddenly felt dizzy. The area around me seemed full of aetherite energy, so strong that one could see it spread through the air!

2013-10 Landscapes 03 big

After a snowstorm, the sky cleared just in time for me to witness a wonderful sunset. The sun colored white snow orange and even the usually dangerous creatures took a moment to look at the sky.

2013-10 Landscapes 04 big

I love crystals! I discovered a really rare one that was glowing red and blue! This was a first! I had to explore this area a bit more…

2013-10 Landscapes 05 big

Soon I found a whole mountain-ish area covered in blue and red crystals. Even plants had been crystallized. The unspeakable beauty of this place made a tear run down my cheek. Dangerous Ogres and Elementals had taken over this place and together with Phoenix I fought to claim it back!

2013-10 Landscapes 06 big

Have you come across impressive areas? Do you have tips for me where to travel next? Would you like me to explore a specific area for you? Just let me know! :D


GiGi, ThE eXtRaOrDiNaRy LoRd Of ThE iNfErNo

I worked days and weeks. I crafted more jewelery than anyone can ever imagine. My eyes became sharp for small details, my hands became skilled with crafting the tiniest rings.

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 06

And one day, I had finally made it. I had crafted THE ring.

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 07

It was a Black Pearl Ring that a good merchant customer from my Goldsmith guild had requested. He was going to meet with the Sultana and found only the finest Black Pearl Ring a suitable present for her.

When I returned to Ul’dah to hand over the ring, a guard stopped me. He warned me about a famous thief that had been seen around the guild. He wondered if I had seen anything suspicious.

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 08

I had not so he came to the guild with me where my master and the merchant customer waited already for me.

Only that the guard accused our dear customer to be the thief!!

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 10

As it was evidence, I had to hand over the ring I had worked on for so long! Was it all for nothing?! I could not imagine that my dear customer was a thief. He had always payed very well…

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 11

So the guard took ring and customer with him.

Gigi had observed it all from afar. He was not happy about this.

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 12

Gigi knew something, so I decided to take him to the Pearl Lane.

There, we found the guard and our slightly beaten up customer! What was going on?!

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 13

Gigi accused the guard of being the thief and using our dear customer as decoy. As a loyal assistant to the guild, Gigi could not allow this – although he saw himself more than a master of the Guildmasters.

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 14

I could not believe Gigi’s words but his experience and ages of leading the guild hat taught him wisdom. And how to read people.

When my Guildleader Serendipity approached, the guard took out a gun and attempted to shoot our customer!

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 15

Befote the guard could pull he trigger, Gigi jumped up and grabbed his arm.

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 16

Angrily, the guard shook off Gigi angrily who fell to the ground. But… he stopped moving and suddenly just lied there!

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 17

In the very same moment, our customer headbutted the guard with all his power. Gigi had saved his life and he thanked him by knocking out the evil guard! What a brave and strong customer. I couldn’t be prouder.

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 18

Next to the guard I found something. The Black Pearl Ring I had made for our customer was shining in the sunlight. It must have fallen out of the guard’s pocket when he fell…

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 19

When I turned around to Serendipity who was sitting next Gigi, weeping in fear and worry, Gigi said his last words…

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 20

He then closed his eyes.

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 21

It was so him to complain about the most trivial things in the worst moment… Tears built up in my eyes when I remembered what I was holding in my hand. The Black Pearl Ring!

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 22

I did not want to allow Gigi to leave us. I was positive that I could do it.

I attached the ring to Gigi’s body. If my theory was true, Gigi’s mammet soul was transfered to the ring when he attacked the guard and thus, Gigi would only continue moving for a little while.

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 23

It really worked!

Gigi opened his eyes again, just to come up with a new complaint.

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 24

Serendipity was overjoyed! She hugged Gigi dearly who was not pleased by this affectionate guesture.

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 25

Our customer and me were relieved that all was back to normal. He did not request a new Black Pearl Ring. Him handing in the wanted thief would be present enough for the Sultana.

I returned to the guild and questioned Serendipity.

She had not given me the crown yet for my awesome deeds to the guild and Gigi.

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 26

She just laughed at me and told me, the crown was not meant for me.

At first, I felt like murdering Serendipity, but then, I smiled, nodded and went my own way.

I had learned so many new things, made great experiences and even saved the guild’s precious Mammet. What else would I possibly want? The crown had no value. Money. What is money? What is it worth if people you care about are sad, unhappy or dead?

I learned a valuable lesson from the extraordinary Lord of the Inferno: Gigi.

The Crafting Experiment

As I had been successful with crafting, making friends happy with new gear and at the same time making some money, I wanted to try out new craftings.

First, I checked out Alchemy. I had to wear this protection cloth so that I wouldn’t breathe in any bad substances by accident…

2013-10-12 Alchemist 01

Next to Sir Scott, I practised a lot but somehow, I only created Glues. So boring.

2013-10-12 Alchemist 02

I gave up on Alchemy and tried out Culinarian. Culinarians are known for their excuisite taste, excellent ingredient hunting skills and one-of-a-kind cooking skills.

Well… somehow it did not turn out as expected…

2013-11-02 Culinarian 01

When checking other guilds, I suddenly came across this:

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 01

A Guildmaster protecting a really pretty crown.

Of course, I knew instantly what this crown was for: The best crafter of this guild would receive the crown and thus, become the richest person in Ul’dah!

Needless to say, I instantly started crafting.

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 02

By my side, the Mammot minion I had purchased to overview and guide my Goldsmith training. He would check my crafting results and give me tips.

Soon, I gained great experience in crafting jewels, silver, rare metals and then… jewelery!

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 04

Not soon after, my name had spread amonst the guild’s customers and I was requested to craft this fine Thaumaturge’s wand.

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 03

Gigi, the guild’s Mammet, was inspecting my work. His praises were infinite. He was so happy with my work that he prefered to keep the wand for himself and become the true Lord of the Inferno…

The guild leader scolted Gigi. Gigi had been assisting the Goldsmith’s guild leaders for many generations and had a lot of experience. Still, it was not okay to keep an item for a customer for oneself!

2013-11-05 Goldsmith 05

And thus, it was decided. Goldsmithing was my new passion. My new money source.

Soon, the crown will be mine! “o_´´o

Lethal Weapons

I started small by crafting handy tools for Crafters. This way, I managed to win some quite rich customers like this Lady who was just an assistant of a great and important person.

2013-10-28 Blacksmith 01

Slowly, I received more and more requests and developed my offers towards the war business. Weapon production seemed promising. $_$

2013-10-28 Blacksmith 02

I supplies soldiers and pirates with many strong weapons and made everyone happy while they made me happy. So much money woooosh!

2013-10-28 Blacksmith 03

Then, one day, this fine Miqo’lady approached me. She had a very special request for me. I should craft the finest sword ever seen. A sword with wings, highest quality, enhanced with the strongest materia.

2013-10-28 Blacksmith 04

At first I wasn’t sure if I could fullfill this request but then I accepted. Not only was the payment really good, the weapon was also a present to a dear friend.

After a long night of crafting, I finally finished the sword.

The recipent, an old war veteran, arrived as the guild. My master had called him to give him this present.

2013-10-28 Blacksmith 05

While the Miqo’lady wished to not be mentioned as the donor of the sword, the Raogalalala veteran compared the new and his old sword sceptically.

2013-10-28 Blacksmith 06

The test of course showed, that my sword would crush any other sword that ever exists!!! ò.óV

2013-10-28 Blacksmith 07

The veteran was happy, the Miqo’lady was happy, I was happy, and the guild was proud of me. What could be even better than that?

Oh right, I now have really cool Blacksmith clothes of the finest quality that make me look like a pro!

2013-10-28 Blacksmith 08

Gathering money

What does a White Mage in training need?

2013-11-02 WHM

Exactly, trustworthy, skilled and reliable people who sell stuff for her so she stays rich and can pay for pretty clothing, staves and exploration travel expenses.

My first retainer is a cute Lalafell body called Erdbeerprinz. He is working at the Market in Gridania. He got his name due to his red-pinkish hair. So cute! Usually, people think, he is really cute and buy from him because of that. They couldn’t be wronger. The tattoo on his cheek shows, that he is part of an underground clan. If anyone meddles with him, tries to pay too few money or even steal items, he will take their hands. At least.

2013-09-10 Retainer 01

My other retainer is this adorable and lovely Miqo’lady. With her charm, she makes customers pay more than the items are actually worth. Ul’dahnian people are so rich so they don’t bother about loosing a few hundred gil!

2013-09-10 Retainer 02

But what am I even selling?

Well, lately I have been gathering.

Stones, glittering stones, glimmering stones, ash, dust, dusty stones…

2013-09-21 Gathering 01

Also big stones have been hammered into small stones, ores, glittering ores!!

2013-09-21 Gathering 02

I also gathered logs, herbs, fruits, grass, leaves…

2013-09-21 Gathering 03

And to regain strength I always have some healthy spinach salad or tarts with me. This way, I can gather night and day!

2013-09-21 Gathering 04

And so, I gather and gather. Even in dry areas that look very unfriendly for good items to find, I still find stuff that can be sold!

2013-09-21 Gathering 05

Even the Guilds are impressed by my gathering addiction. The Miners were surprised how I found rare glittering stones in big masses. It’s easy. One just needs to travel through deserts, dry lands, savannas or other areas where people would not go on their own. There, pretty stones can be found in incredible amounts!

2013-09-21 Gathering 06

Now you know one of my sales strategies: Use the addiciton of gathering to your advantage and sell all the things!

Soon, I will be an expert gatherer and only gather the finest items ever seen by mankind!

2013-09-21 Gathering 07

I am happy to soon present to you my Blacksmith and Goldsmith skills that are rising every time I find new rare glittering stones. <3

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