(WHM) White Archmage

In Gridania I am studying the arts of magic. I would love to become a strong healer like my mom ans I want to help people in need.

Some time ago, I had a dream. I was a Veteran White Mage fighting an evil enemy. I looked so cool!

2013-07 Riiko Conjurer

Unfortunately, reality looks very different. I had a long way in front of me. A long and difficult way but I was determined to be as awesome as in my dream! This is me at the beginning of my Conjurer training:

2013-08-27 CNJ Trial 0

And as I finished the Conjurer training, I was allowed to follow the path of a White Mage. I made a great progress so far but I was still far away from being like the great White Mage of my dreams! Together with my friends I fought through countless dungeons to be more reliable with healing and supporting with small magic attacks inbetween.

2013-09-20 Brayflox 07

A White Mage can not only heal.

A White Mage can also use divine magic to banish the evil.

So I did some Holy training, also supported by Sir Scott, experienced master of all Battle and Magic styles that exist! He helped me a lot to master my Holy magic completely.

2013-11-19 Holy 13

Every day was magic training day. I healed and protected, got defeated and stood up; over and over.

Only hard work can get you where you want to be!

2013-11-02 WHM

And here I am, a White Mage in ancient White Mage Artifact Armor from the legendary White Mage Veteran.

2013-11-27 WHM Final 15

My dream came true. I stood up against the evil, banished the dark and let the light shine upon Eorzea once more. But where there is light, there is shadow.

I shall never rest.

2013-12 WHM DL

My path still continues.

It is my dream to become a White Archmage and protect Eorzea with all my power! ò.ó/

Paint-2014-01-27 Riiko WHM

And my dream has come true:

2014-01-31 WHM

I now look exactly like in my dreams.

I am your light in the dark.

I am the whisper that gives you strength in a tough fight.

I am the helping hand that heals your wounds.

I am the Lalafell, waiting to be sacrificed to ensure victory over evil.

2014-04-19 WHM Hero Riiko 01

I am Riiko Rinkoko, the White Mage.

You thought, I was already amazing? Right, I am but I can be even more amazing! My continued training allowed me to overcome the “lv50” hurdle and learn new amazing spells as well as become an even more reliable healer and mage.

2015-08-14 WHM Owly Garden Summon pray twitter

Sometimes, I followed a darker path, but the light of my relic always brought me back to the light!

2016-01-23 WHM Relic 05

Quickly, I returned to my brighter self with a different haircolor!

Sometimes it seemed like I was just not taking things serious with a super adorable glamour, pretending to be Bahamut himself… But of course we all know that Lalamut is the true Endgame boss and I am but one of her allied bosses in the last phases of the battle for world domination.

2016-05-09 WHM Glamour 03

Yet, I’ve always found my way back to the path of the White Mage, in which form it might be… (I didn’t stay Au Ra longer than a week.)

2016-03-29 Healer LB3

My White Archmage evolves and evolves. Sometimes, I turn into a good butterfly, too!

2016-03-08 Riiko Minions 03

My WHM is becoming stronger every day!

It is especially powerful when surrounded by flowers.

Cuteness Level sometimes rises over 9000!

My suggestion for an improved White Mage job gauge.

For a while, I was wearing a WHM outfit that fit perfectly to the style of Rhalgr’s Reach citizens. Of course, it was using the typical WHM colors.

At some point, I returned to the Coil Expert healer outfit.

For the adventures in Eureka, I prepared an explorer Healer outfit!

As you can see, I’m often changing my WHM attire to the given content that I aim to do. It’s important to be dressed for the occasion. ò.óV

My WHM is growing stronger with each challenge and in the current Raid, O8S, it’s getting to a whole new level!


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