My small house (Excalibur)

Please note that I moved server to Omega. However, this is my housing history on Excalibur.

I have bought my own house in Gridania!

Lavender Beds, Ward 3 Plot 43.

2014-10-28 House 02

It’s located near some of my friends.

Unfortunately, not everyone wanted or could get a house ;_; Some were like: “Houses are uncool!!” How could they!

2014-10-28 House 05

So I bought my own little home. It’s a very small one which is still big for a Lalafell like me.

2015-03-27 Housing 01

My garden changes a bit every season. :D Here is the spring design:

2015-03-27 Housing 02

It didn’t take long until I managed to craft a Mog House for myself!

2015-12-06 Moogle House 07

The garden is changing, depending on the season and new furniture availability.

Inside, I have created a cozy and slightly luxurious study with a fireplace, piano, bookshelf and many other features.

2015-02-01 Housing Treasure Chest 03

Yes, this is a dark portal.

2014-11-28 Housing 06

Downstairs, I have created a VIP lounge!

2014-10-28 House 41

It’s the cutest place you have ever visited where you can relax.

2014-10-28 House 35

2014-10-28 House 37

Of course, there is a variety of food available, too!

2015-07-06 New crafted stuff 01

Come by any time and enjoy the VIP lounge or investigate that awful portal. :D

There is always something new to discover, like the Slimey puddle…

2016-03-05 Housing Mog House 04

Or some Mandragoras flirting in “romantic” atmosphere.

2016-03-05 Housing Mog House 05

From time to time I upgrade my rooms and make everything more adorable.



2016-06-09 Housing update resting

Come by and have a look around. :D

Below you can see the last pictures ever taken in this house before I moved to Omega.

Goodbye, my beloved house! We had a great time together <3


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