Halloween Event 2014: The Parade of Awesomeness with my bestest friend

After the adventure of the Sultana venturing away and in the end saving Raubahn from the crowd of Sultanas, she made Raubahn give her a day off to spend with her bestest friend Riiko Rinkoko!

2014-10-20 Halloween 26

Raubahn just sat at a bench, sulking.

He didn’t like that the Sultana had saved him. He actually didn’t like how incompetent he had been in that moment of unexpected Sultana overload.

2014-10-20 Halloween 25

Alone in Ul’dah, the Sultana cast the most adorable spells that made everyone like her even more!

So adorable ö.ö

2014-10-20 Halloween 27

Ghosty – you surely remember him from a previous post – had delivered a letter to me.

“Dearest friend Riiko, 

We shall await you at the eeriest hour at the fountain in front of the cathedral.

Your bestest friend, 


2014-10-20 Halloween 28

I had been there since sun down, waiting for the sultana to arrive.

I was so excited to finally spend more time with her.

At midnight, she came running towards me. ö.ö

2014-10-20 Halloween 29

We then sat at the fountain, chatted about this and that.

She was so happy to finally walk through town without being spotted as the real Sultana. Everyone thought, she was just another adventurer in magical costume.

2014-10-20 Halloween 30

We waited for the parade and cheered everyone on from the side.

It was so much fun to watch how the adventurers scared the townsfolk!

2014-10-20 Halloween 31

Later on, we walked through town and sat down at a bench after eating some pumpkin soup.

2014-10-20 Halloween 32

Then, Nanamo asked me to tell her about my recent adventures.

She would love to join me on my trips and experience the world, but it was impossible for her.

A day off in the streets of Ul’dah was more she had ever dreamed to receive.

2014-10-20 Halloween 33

Still, she was a very happy person, proud to work on the problems of Ul’dah and do her best to solve everything.

As morning neared, we hugged and said good bye.

2014-10-20 Halloween 34

Suddenly, Minfilia came by, hugged us both, smiled, and ran off.

I’m still not sure if it was the real one but that person surely had realized that it was the real Sultana!

2014-10-20 Halloween 35

She then gave us a special fanservice:

2014-10-20 Halloween 39

I returned Nanamo savely to Raubahn.

He was still sulking while she tried to get his attention.

2014-10-20 Halloween 36

When Nanamo was close to bursting out in tears, Raubahn kneeled down and hugged her.

2014-10-20 Halloween 37

After a heartfelt conversation, the two mingled with the crowd and danced the Manderville.

Nanamo had told me earlier that she had secretly been practising this with Raubahn just for this day!

2014-10-20 Halloween 38

I was glad that the Sultana could enjoy a day full of fun and joy! ö.ö

In the end, I received an amazing costume for my little Phoenix.

Together, we will continue to spook through Eorzea.

2014-10-20 Halloween 40

Happy Halloween, everyone!

2014-10-20 Halloween 41


Halloween Event 2014: The Sultana is gone

Next, I went to Ul’dah.

I was welcomed by a huge crowd of costumed people, people wearing illusional leader outfits and people without costume who just wanted fun.

I’d be the star of the parade with my awesome ghost outfit!! ö.ö

2014-10-20 Halloween 19

I followed the witches’ orders and finally joined the parade.

It was quite interesting. Peoplw roaming the streets, throwing pink pumpkin fireworks at citizens, pectators and everyone else!

2014-10-20 Halloween 20

Later, I went to have a drink at the Adventurer’s guild when suddenly…

2014-10-20 Halloween 21

Raubahn seemed very troubled.

He aproached the waitress who was super scared of him.

The only thing he wanted to ask was if she had seen the Sultana… But the streets were full of Sultanas!

2014-10-20 Halloween 22

It seemed that he and the Sultana had gone out to join the event while there were hundreds of doppelgängers out there.

Raubahn had one last resort. He spread happiness and joy with the unique parade ability!

It looked ridiculous.

2014-10-20 Halloween 23

In the end, it worked.

The Sultana aproached him and couldn’t stop laughing!

Even when he was scolting her for running out of his sight, she couldn’t hide that grin on her face.

2014-10-20 Halloween 24

It didn’t take long and suddenly, Raubahn found himself surrounded by half a dozen Sultanas!

They all stared at him, cheered him up, danced and totally charmed him.

He couldn’t defend himself against the army of cuteness.

2014-10-20 Halloween 24-2

After a while, the Sultana saved him by just dragging the rather paralyzed Raubahn away.

Halloween Event 2014: Messing with the commoners

Witches in town used magical enchantments on everyone who asked for them.

So I transformed into a Gargoyle and set up my own shop of Halloween sweets.

It was very popular, especially among the imps. ö.ö

2014-10-20 Halloween 06

Not long after, Mag and me were transformed into bats. Bats are the ninjas among animals and monsters.

They sneak around, mostly unnoticed and gather intel!

2014-10-20 Halloween 09

This is also how I found the Gridania boss, totally scared and helpless!

What a rare sight.

2014-10-20 Halloween 07

Not long after, I witnessed how she got over her fears and danced a funny dance. o.O;;

2014-10-20 Halloween 08

Enough of this! I had to support the witches and their awesomely promising sounding Parade that was going to happen in Ul’dah.

2014-10-20 Halloween 10

I was sent to limsa to help the local staff out with some stuff.

Evil Eyes were monopolizing the pumpkin decorations in the Aftcastle! *gasp*

2014-10-20 Halloween 11

They were quickly scared away by several (!) Mewrylwblsbywsylylswylyws who just conquered the place!

2014-10-20 Halloween 12

Suddenly, one of the many Mewrilywblys made a jobful gesture like she had never before enjoyed the scary Halloween time so much.


I decided to follow her.

2014-10-20 Halloween 13

At the adventurer’s guild, she was accused by just being another person wearing a magical costume.

2014-10-20 Halloween 14

That was when she got really mad.

She was the real deal!

Poor Adventurer Guild dude.

2014-10-20 Halloween 15

She then proceeded to the next poor lad who was to receive some pumpkin decoration. Mag followed her in his Mewrrylwb costume.

The poor lad was very confused. Both looked very real and yet he had heard rumors of the real one roaming through town.

2014-10-20 Halloween 16

In the end, I asked the real Mewrylwbl to pose with me at the Grand Company.

2014-10-20 Halloween 17

And then, she jumped over my staff!

Best Moment in limsanian History ever!

2014-10-20 Halloween 18

Halloween Event 2014: Giggle at the Ghostie

Suddenly, Eorzea got haunted.

This had happened before. This is not the first time. So I was prepared.

I put my Ghost costume on and spooked the towns with all the other ghosties, witches, demons and eery creatures!

2014-10-20 Halloween 01

I made friends with 3 really funny ghosts.

They were idling in the Mist, totally bored.

When I arrived, they were really impressed by my awesome fashion and we quickly became friends.

2014-10-20 Halloween 02

We went to the ocean to enjoy the night.

They were trying to become even more pale by absorbing the moonlight in those nice beach chairs.

2014-10-20 Halloween 04

I joined them but I was quite sure, it wouldn’t work out as planned…

2014-10-20 Halloween 03

One of the Ghosts, Ghosty, shared his life-stories with me.

He had a rough childhood. He was always the smallest ghost in town and the others made fun of him. But everything changed when he became the smartest and strongest in ghost school. The others respected and feared him.

Then, he was allowed to attend the “Spooky School for Human Interventions” in order to become a Seasonal ghost who scares people all over Eorzea.

2014-10-20 Halloween 05

Later, we went closer to the ocean when the evil witches Mag and Ritzler joined us.

They scared Ghosty so much that he wouldn’t talk anymore ;_;

So mean!

2014-10-20 Halloween 42

I decided to take revenge and spook through the towns in my ghost costumes to spread the horror like Ghosty was supposed to!

2014-10-20 Halloween 43

May the horror begin!

The Troublesome Life of Marauders

So I was trying to train my giant Axe skills as Marauder when suddenly, that silly useless kiddo tried to fight a giant enemy, 100 times bigger and stronger than him.

2014-10-15 Marauder 01

Needless to say, he fell off a small cliff and landed directly around the next enemies.

2014-10-15 Marauder 02

I was near and ran in to help.

2014-10-15 Marauder 03

That was when that Conjurer Lady Mywrkwywywywywy or something like that came to my aid.

We slayed the cojotes and the giant buffalo retreated.

2014-10-15 Marauder 04

When the kid was safe, an expert Marauder – he looked like the boss of our guild – appeared and hugged the lil kid.


2014-10-15 Marauder 05

He brought the kid back to his father.

I’m pretty sure this kid will endager itself a lot more often and one day, he’ll die from it. <.<;

2014-10-15 Marauder 06

When strafing the lands, I was suddenly attacked by a bunch of Marauders, lead by someone who liiked like our guild boss but he was wearing a mask and denied that he was the boss.

Right, not suspicious at all.

2014-10-15 Marauder 07

His axe was bigger than mine and he had more powerful muscles and a giant body but I was still stronger due to my Lalafell Superior Race.

2014-10-15 Marauder 08

In the end, I received a new axe for my glorious victory.

I was also trained in patroulling by the EA Expert Warriors.

2014-10-15 Marauder 09

We patroulled the msit to keep the area safe and secure.

When looking at Ryko, I felt really small and nooby. One day, I wanna be a strong Warrior like he is! ö.ö

2014-10-15 Marauder 10

Then, Ryko and me guarded the streets as Chocobo Yukata Protectors! ò.ó/

2014-10-15 Marauder 11

We received numerous reports that people not only feel safer, they also saw less and less retainers trying to steal windows, walls and roofs in our ward!


2014-10-15 Marauder 12

If you see a suspicious person, please report to your nearest Warrior or Marauder guardian. ò.ó/

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