FFXIV Patch 3.4: What to unlock where and what to check out – Overview

MSQ (The Pillars (X:11.5 Y:11.2), House Fortemps Knight)
MSQ -> Xelphatol (ilvl 210+)

Great Gubal Library (Hard) (Idyllshire (X:5.5 Y:6.6), Midnight Dew) (ilvl 210+)
Sophia the Goddess / Containment Bay P1T6 (The Rising Stones (X:6.1 Y:5.2), Unukalhai) (ilvl 220+) –> Extreme mode unlocked in Rising Stones, Unhulululu
Hildibrand (Foundation (X:9.9 Y:11.4), Cyr)
Scolasticate (The Pillars (X:8.7 Y:7.8), Briardien)
Wondrous Tails (Idyllshire (X:7.0 Y:5.9), Unctuous Adventurer) –> Thancred Minion
Duels (Wolves’ Den Pier (X:5.8 Y:5.8), Fainthearted Fighter)

The Creator (The Dravanian Hinterlands (X:21.7 Y:18.8), Mide) (ilvl 230+) –> Savage in Mor Dhona after clear (ilvl 245+)
Item TypeRequired Token / Number of Tokens
Head Tarnished Alexandrian Lens x 2
Body Tarnished Alexandrian Shaft x 4
Hands Tarnished Alexandrian Crank x 2
Waist Tarnished Alexandrian Chain x 1
Legs Tarnished Alexandrian Spring x 4
Feet Tarnished Alexandrian Pedal x 2
Accessories Tarnished Alexandrian Bolt x 1

Weeping City: Weekly restriction for gear and Mhachi stuff: removed

Palace of the Dead: Exchange hidden treasure (Using Pomander of Intuition) @ Expedition Bishop at Quarrymill in the South Shroud (X:25.1 Y:20.6)
Palace of the Dead: Check out new floors

Grand Company: Squadrons (Grand Company X Personnel Officer)
Grand Company: New gear & Rank up

Gold Saucer: Triple Triad hall (The Gold Saucer (X:4.1 Y:7.4), Triple Triad Master)
Gold Saucer: Check out Verminion DF
Gold Saucer: Buy 3 Jumbo Cactpot cards
Gold Saucer: Check new items for MGP (Chocobo Barding confirmed)
Housing: Check out Appartments
Housing: Check out new furniture: Aquariums, Autumn trees + leaves, Calca+Brina dolls, mammet lamp, new shelves, new Triforce walls
Housing: Check out new soil and x-light seeds and Viola seeds (Material Suuplier in wards)
“New items are available from the Resident Caretaker NPC in the residential districts.”

Retainer: Get 5-10 Grade 1/2 soils
Retainer: New items for Quick Exploration

Figure out where the Poncho comes from
Figure out how to craft new stuff
Figure out how to acquire new minions&mounts
Check out new hairstyles
Figure out where piglet (?) minion comes from
Check out new Gathering locations and items
Figure out where new music comes from –> https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/54k08z/preliminary_for_34_complete_orchestrion_songs/
Check out new emotes /facepalm /respect /flex /sneer
Try out /doze on Inn beds+beach bed in Costa del Sol
Try out /pray while sitting or on mount

Check what happened to Grade 1-5 Glamour Prisms and re-sort them
Figure out what exactly changed to auto-attack and how to evade gazes
Check out the change in display of enmity in party
Check countdoun feature (/countdown /cd, try out /cd 3 or any number)
Check out clock type to display several times
Report RMTs with right click

Check out keybind for Camera settings (Standard R, NUM*, mouse wheel button)
Check and adjust camera settings
Check camera lightning on/off (keybind x)
Check group pose PAUSE (all ppl: keybind 1, one person: keybind 2)

Check settings:
Character config -> UI settings -> General
Character config -> UI settings -> HUD

Exchange Eso for Lore
Check out Spoils Trader NPC in the Pillars (X:14.7 Y:10.9) to see if Diadem is worth doing again
Bertana in Idyllshire (X:5.8 Y:5.2): New items are available for exchange., 1 Clan mark log for Illuminati Gobtwine / Illuminati Gobcoat
New items are available from Smacklix in Idyllshire (X:7.6 Y:4.8).
New items are available from Auriana in Mor Dhona (X:22.6 Y:6.7).
The following items can now be purchased in exchanged for Centurio Seals:
Esoterics Gear (Item Level 200) Illuminati Gobdip Illuminati Gobtwine Illuminati Gobcoat
New items are available from the scrip exchange NPC in Idyllshire (X:5.7 Y:7.0).
New items are available from the scrip exchange NPC in Revenant’s Toll (X:22.4 Y:6.7).

The order of items listed in NPC shops has been adjusted.
* Please take care when making exchanges or purchases so as not to select the wrong item.


What the buck? It’s not biting!

Many times have I sat there and stared at the surface of the pond.

Will it bite the next time I throw a brute leech in?

Of course, it won’t. It’s not a fish after all.

It’s a bucket.

How is it ever supposed to “get caught in my fishing line, just cause I’m using brute leeches”?


It’s the rusty bucket I’m after. Actually, it’s called Magic bucket, and it’s a minion. But it originally comes from the rusty bucket that was frequently fished inside towns in Vana’diel.

Two stacks of brute leeches later, still no success.

The bucket is a lie, I tell you!!

The Weeping City: How to not defeat a Demon

My battle buddies revitalized me and we ventured deeper into the ruins.

When suddenly, we were warped up above the clouds!

We fought a weird phere thing that changed its shape all the time.

When suddenly, it became a black hole and sucked us in!

Was this the end?!

Of course not.

We were warped down to the ground and had to battle Atomoses again.

When we were done, we jumped down to a small version of the round Sphere enemy.

It looked like it contained a galaxy within itself. o.o;

I was mezmerized by its beautiful appearance!

When we defeated it, we were warped up to the sky again and battled the real thing!

Afterwards, we unlocked a passage to the real depth of the ruins.

Within, a demon was waiting for us.

And this demon had severe hair issues.

Instead of nice and soft hair, her hair was able to form into sharp knifes that knocked us out easily! @_@;; Scary!

In the end, we defeated her and took her green-yellow glowing ball that she was wearing as hair decoration.

Cait Sith appeared and took it.

Apparently, it was some important piece…

When suddenly, a monster took the rival pirate leader hostage! She had been following us to take revenger for her killed buddies.

It didn’t look good for her.

But our cool pirate leader managed to stall the demon until Cait Sith was done unlocking the magical staff from within the orb.

Then, Sithy used it!

A bright light spread through the halls banishing all demons.

We returned to the pirate house.

There, the female rival leader admitted her defeat and thanked us for saving her. She also gave us a grimoire with loads of important data about the Void Ark.

I knew it wasn’t over because to big dungeon raids, there are always 3 parts. ò.ó;;

In my sleep, I had a vision.

Diablos was floating around, going on a stroll.

Then he met that demon we thought we had defeated.

They didn’t seem at all like they were close to defeat at all. O.o;

I woke up and told Sithy about it. Sithy was clearly worried and rushed into reading the Grimoire to find further clues on how to proceed.

The Weeping City: The Weeping is real

Some months ago, I met with the Sky pirates again.

They had some news regarding the Void Ark with the demons on board.

I was invited into their house on the flying mountain.

Inside, the boss was already waiting for me.

Smart how I am, I forgot their names again…

Anyway, I was checking with the lil lala Mechanist girl.

She looked like she was in a real pinch. Didn’t the others tell me she had repaired the compass to locate the Void Ark?

That was when she approached Cait Sith…

And cuddled him like there was no tomorrow!!

After this cuddle attack, the lala mechanic gave us the compass.

We had some serious discussions and planned out next steps.

They are of course top secret!!

All I can tell you is that we located a place where the Ark must have crashed and landed there to explore it.

Not sure why we didn’t do it through the air or while flying, but okay. Maybe we would miss something.

It looked nice at first, but you could see there were ruins hidden everywhere.

And those ruins were inhabited by the most terrifying spider-scorpion create I’ve ever seen!

Also other demons lived there that wouldn’t let us pass…

A battle erupted and I lost consciousness.

Was this the victory of the inhabitants of the Weeping City?

Who even named the place “weeping”? Was it because everyone was crying because I was knocked out?

I don’t have any other explanation.

An unusual Challenge in Hullbreaker Isle (Hard)

I received an unusual challenge from a quite familiar looking person. They invited me to some parts of the Hullbreaker Isle that I’ve never been to before.


There, some pirates were fighting against members of the Maelstorm. At the same time, it seemed like they were pretending to be taming dinosaurs like in Jurassic Park o.ô


When suddenly, one of the Velociraptors broke free and attacked me! O.O;;

It knocked me out. When I came to me, I found myself locked into a cage! The pirates had captured me! Nooooo!!

Thankfully, my loyal Ifrit was there to melt the metal and break me free. <3


I quickly called all my friends to help me smash the pirates into the ground.

Unfortunately, due to the demotivation and lost interest in saving Eorzea, only Loxie and Trem answered the call. Everyone else was either nowhere to be seen or busy with some obviously unimportant stuff. Nothing was as important as getting revenge on people who lock up Lalafell ò.ó


We rushed through the place and smashed any attacker.


When we arrived at some Maelstorm platform, I remembered that I was called there for a challenge!

Some Roga that I seem to have met during some important Warrior of Light business wanted to fight me.


Well, he lost, obviously.

What do you expect when facing 3 Warriors of Light at once when you’re “only some normal dude”?


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