Spooky-wooky Time

2013-10-18 Halloween 01

Did I scare you?

Yes, this is me, Riiko Rinkoko. I am dressed as a super scary ghost to scare everyone!

You wonder why? Well, it’s All Saint’s Day and all towns have been decorated with scary pumpkins, bats and ghosts for weeks. This lovely Pumpkin man gave away spooky ghost costumes to everyone who wanted to join the fun. On this day, everyone forgets the normal adventure days and gathers in town for loads of fun!

2013-10-18 Halloween 07

I spooked near pumpkin faces to have a bigger effect on people.

2013-10-18 Halloween 02

I collected super duper tasty pumpkin cookies, too!

2013-10-18 Halloween 03

I helped out this little fellow and his scary Imp in a pot.

2013-10-18 Halloween 04

From some Imp I also received a really cool pumpkin head! So I hid behind other pumpkins and suddenly jumped out of my hideout to make people scream!

2013-10-18 Halloween 05

Lighting pumpkin lanterns that had gone off was also an important task at night.

2013-10-18 Halloween 06

The most worrysome part was, that the nice pumpkin man suddenly transformed into an imp! What was going on?! Had the imps evaded us?! Well, they haven’t done us any harm….yet

2013-10-18 Halloween 08

So when I was trying to scare people in the streets, suddenly two ghosts were standing RIGHT BEHIND ME!

2013-10-18 Halloween 09

Gawd! I screamed so much and hid in the nearest pumpkin!

2013-10-18 Halloween 10

Turns out, it were Ryko and Migh’to who just had some fun… their scaring me was super effective x_x; I felt a little embarassed that I had been scared THAT much.

2013-10-18 Halloween 11

At least I was still wearing my ghost costume, so nobody saw how I was staring at Migh’to’s awesome body!

2013-10-18 Halloween 12

When I left town the next morning for some gathering, another ghost appeared and IT SPOKE TO ME!! It was the ghost of Mr. Chaosi! Had he died?! Noooooooooooo!

2013-10-18 Halloween 13

I fell for that again… Chaosi had obtained a costume too and just wanted to scare me… But in fact, he does not need a costume to look menacing!

2013-10-18 Halloween 15

Happy All Saint’s Day!


Sudden death

Together with Lordi, I went to Camp Bronze Lake and helped out the locals. This fine Sir needed us to rub oil on his body so that his muscles would shine in the sunlight.

2013-09-24 Noraxia 01

Of course we followed his unique request with great joy and enthusiasm!

2013-09-24 Noraxia 02

Suddenly, I received a call from Milfinia, that I had to come to the base instantly!

Alarmed, I teleported there and found… destruction and death.

The only living soul I found was Noraxia.

2013-09-24 Noraxia 03

She asked me to close my eyes…

2013-09-24 Noraxia 04

…so she could show me what happened.

2013-09-24 Noraxia 05

The Imperials had invaded the base and killed everyone in their way.

2013-09-24 Noraxia 06

While they menaced Milfinia, Noraxia was hiding.

2013-09-24 Noraxia 07

But as the situation got worse, Noraxia protected Milfinia from the evil Imperialist Officer!

2013-09-24 Noraxia 08

She then got kicked heavily!! /(>_<)\

2013-09-24 Noraxia 09

Badly hurt, the sweet Sylph was unable to move…

2013-09-24 Noraxia 10

…while the Imperialists took Milfi and all the other survivors with them.

2013-09-24 Noraxia 11

My flashback ended and I sat down next to Noraxia. She was very weak and asked me to save the walking ones.

2013-09-24 Noraxia 12

With her last breath she worried more about others than about herself.

2013-09-24 Noraxia 13

I could not believe what I had just witnessed. A dear friend had dies in front of my eyes and I had been unable to save her!

2013-09-24 Noraxia 14

Tears ran down my cheeks as I cried utterly for my dear Noraxia.

2013-09-24 Noraxia 15

I couldn’t bear this anymore and ran out of the base to let Lordi comfort me.

2013-09-24 Noraxia 16

Titan falls

When I opened my eyes again I found myself in a huge cave with glowing rocks. It looked to pretty!

2013-09-23 Titan2 01

Then, a bunch of Cobolts appeared. They were angry that I had invaded their land and called forth their guardian.

2013-09-23 Titan2 02

I felt a tremendous aura, strong and menacing.

2013-09-23 Titan2 03

Rocks appeared, floated through the air…

2013-09-23 Titan2 04

And the rocks evolved…

2013-09-23 Titan2 05

The Kobolts were dancing happily when it appeared…

2013-09-23 Titan2 06

The ground gave birth
to the coloss of earth!
Do you have the balls
when the titan falls
on the ground to kill!
How strong is your will?

2013-09-23 Titan2 07

I was facing Titan with a few other Adventurers and Neo Lordi. It was a terrible fight. We were crushed by rocks, sliced open by sharp stones, made into pizza dough by his feet and squashed by his arms…

2013-09-23 Titan2 08

I was nearly at the end of my power when I saw a glaring light, so bright that I had to close my eyes in pain.

2013-09-23 Titan2 09

Then, suddenly, the fight was over. Titan retreated into his world and the Kobolts fled angrily. In my hands I held yet another crystal.

2013-09-23 Titan2 10

Y’lady teleported in and congratulated on the win. She could have assisted us… that would have helped a lot actually…

2013-09-23 Titan2 11

When Y’lady was done talking about important stuff, I sat down to cure my wounds. Neo Lordi joined me.

2013-09-23 Titan2 12

He is so strong, handsome and nice! I am sure, he is totally different from Lalafell Lordi! To ensure, he would stay with me, at least for a while, I invited him on adventures.

Searching for Titan and a new Lord

In Costa del Sol I was told to go after the Primal Titan. I would find him near some old ruin-town.

2013-09-23 Titan1 01

There, I met with Y’lady to discuss how to proceed in detail and where exactly to find him. Most importantly, I needed strony allies to defeat him!

2013-09-23 Titan1 02

I just had one problem. Little Lord was chasing after ransom girls and I didn’t really want to do stuff with him anymore… What should I do?

As if the gods had listened to my problems, a handsome Miqo’te guy approached me. He introduced himself as Lord Razico. Um… what? He had the same name as little Lordi? Yeah, right…

2013-09-23 Titan1 03

He laughed at me when I asked him if he was a Lalafell in disguise. OMG, what a smile! (°//////°);

2013-09-23 Titan1 05

He said, he was no little Lalafell boy. He was a real, strong and huge Miqo’te guy! WHy he had a strange name? His family had run away from their clan and raised him outside of traditions and restictions.

To test his strength, I invited him to join me on the fight against the Titan!

2013-09-23 Titan1 06

Discussing strategies – of course, what else! – we sat there until midnight!

2013-09-23 Titan1 07

In the end, we had to proceed to the mysterious crystal which was the entrance portal to where Titan would be summoned.

2013-09-23 Titan1 08

Y’lady opened the portal for us…

2013-09-23 Titan1 09

The crystal started glowing and filled us in a bright light!

2013-09-23 Titan1 10

Quickly, I closed my eyes. Where would I end up? What would Titan be like and would we really stand a chance?

Surprise party

When I returned to Costa del Sol to report to the Goblin, he was gone. Everyone was staring at me as I was walking through town. What was going on?!

2013-09-18 CostaDelSol Adventures2 08

I met the pretty Conjurer Lady Y’something. Why was she here? Happily, I talked to her when suddenly Master Gegeruju came running towards me with super high speed!

2013-09-18 CostaDelSol Adventures2 09

He jumped into the air…

…and fell on his knees in front of me to express his deepest apologies. He had not known what an important person I was, yet, he made me do all those supid and annoying tasks!

2013-09-18 CostaDelSol Adventures2 10

I was like… okaaaaaay, what’s happening?!

2013-09-18 CostaDelSol Adventures2 11

And then, all those people I had helped out in the past days gathered around me, laughing, smiling, cheering me up. Um…?

They confessed, that they intentionally made me do silly tasks so that I would not find out about their SURPRISE PARTY! A party for just me! \(*_*)/

I was so happy and close to tears when I thanked everyone.

2013-09-18 CostaDelSol Adventures2 12

I then enjoyed the party. First a lovely dance with attractive Miqo’tes!

2013-09-18 CostaDelSol Adventures2 13

Then, a lovely feast with the most excuisite drink I had ever tasted. Was this red liquid the wine I had collected earlier? And weren’t that the ingredients I had gathered yesterday?!

Wait a moment… what…

2013-09-18 CostaDelSol Adventures2 14

I was eating what I had been working for. I was dancing with the girls I had motivated to work. They didn’t really prepare the party for me. I had prepared my own party!

In the end, I decided, it was still a great thing as the dancing was fun, the food delicious and the wine tasted better with every sip!

Little did I know that this was meant to be like the last meal before a tremendous fight that I might not survive…

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