It was the voice of…uhh… (3)

The voice which called out for our her was…our carpenter!? What in the seven hells are you doing?!

2016-08-27 The Rising 2016 47

Crystal Caravan Carpenter: “Apologies, Chief, but the fireworks ain’t…uh, firin’ the way they should. I take pride in my craft, ye see. I just can’t let such a thing stand without at least an honest attempt at fixin’ it.”

And this is your idea of fixing things!? Barging onto the stage like a gobbue run amok?!

By the gods!

2016-08-27 The Rising 2016 48

Would you look at that, everyone? Impeccable craftsmanship! So impeccable that the realm was saved! And with that, today’s show shall come to a close.
Thank you, thank you one and all!

2016-08-27 The Rising 2016 49


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