They uh… (1)

Louisoix’s incantation revitalized the Warrior of Light, and with newfound tenacity she fixed her smoldering gaze upon the dragon…

And in a flash Bahamut was defeated! The Warrior of Light was…surprised her foe was felled so easily…

2016-08-27 The Rising 2016 29

Bahamut: “You shall rue the day you stood against me, foolish mortals!”

2016-08-27 The Rising 2016 31

Bahamut: “Tremble before me-Bahamut Omega! Tremble, and despair, for I am not the only dragon you must contend with! With my savage roar, I summon Bahamut Alpha, and Bahamut Beta, and Bahamut-”

2016-08-27 The Rising 2016 30

No, no, no! We don’t have all the puppets for-I mean… And so he spoke on and on, until Bahamut named all of his kin. In fact, some say he is still talking to this day…


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