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As I’ve been outside for the past days during most of my free time, I haven’t managed to continue writing my regular blog posts. The time at home was mostly spent to relax and so the most necessary things in FFXIV like Mini Cactpot.

Why is that? What do I mean by “outside”?

You really have to ask?

2016-07-20 PokemonGO Riiko

Pokémon GO happened, and it happened big time.

I walked about 20km last weekend – without being forced to do so.

From walking outside in the late evening I got several midge bites. Didn’t even remember we had those awful insects here. Currently, I consider them as trophies. lol >.<;; Positive thinking, right?

Of course, I chose the best team in the world: Team Mystic. Actually, I prefer the german name. In german it’s called Team Wisdom. Only wise people join this team. ò.ó;

Actually, Chaosi told me to join that team, so I did, but it was a wise choice after all. ;)

Currently, I have slightly more than 30 Pokémon caught and am about to hit Trainer level 10. Slowly I’m finding out about cool leveling strategies and stuff like that.

Hell, I even met a colleague from an other department when I was outside at a castle where lots of lure modules had been activated. Lots of people were sitting at the stairs in front of the castle as you can access several PokéStops at once from there. Someone played the Pokémon Opening theme and made the whole gathering of Pokémon trainers really epic. ö.ö

As you can see in above picture, I grew by at least 1 meter and gained a wonderful body shape!

Yeah, right, as if… My belly fat is faithfully staying with me. ò.óV It’s just some unrealistic avatar that will make everyone scared of team Wisdom one day. When they see my name in a Gym, they will be scared.

I mean, in some weeks or months when I’m the very best and my pokemon are the strongest the world has ever seen. Right now, I’m still in training.

Hope you all enjoy the game as much as I do!

Keep hunting, be active and stay safe. :D


My Old Aunt’s diary

I’d like to present to you an excerpt from my aunt Riiko Rinkoko’s old diary.

I grew up on one of the islands in the southern sea where I lived with my family for many years. After finishing Lalafell school I decided to become a Pugilist Master and left for Ul’dah to join the Pugilist Guild.

The years passed and I had found many good friends and had become extremely strong. Amongst the enemies I was known as “Lalafell of Destruction”. Together, we participated in a special task force to anhilliate central battaillons of our enemy in Ala Mhigo. It was the hardest time of my life, seeing one friend after another die by the hands of the enemy. When the war was finally over, I stood there alone, in a field of blood and death. In this moment I swore to myself that I would never be a Pugilist again. I would never fight again, never lose my dear friends again.

I went back home to my family. The months passed and my mother suggested I should try something new as I was getting on her nerves. Every day was pure boredom. She was right, I really had to get a hobby or something. That was when I saw a beautiful woman who was healing Lalafells that had been hurt during a journey on the wide wide ocean. She told me, I should go to Gridania or Ul’dah and find out more about magic.

I decided to travel to Gridania. The city is located in a forest where the spirits gather and the spiritual energy is very strong. In order to start my new career as a healing and supporting Lalafell, I needed a place like that.

By the way, I also accepted a pupil. This poor weakish guy followed me every day (for approximately 2 years), begging me to teach him the way of a true Pugilist. One day, I was so annoyed that I showed him some cool moves. That was when I discovered his high potential in becoming a strong Pugilist one day. Unfortunately I wanted to become a strong mage in Gridania and he was in the way… So I decided to send him on a “journey through the world to become more “independant””. How could I have known that he would slack off so much?

And this is where my journey starts…

Chelci, the beautiful and elegant Healer

In our daily adventures, either Chelci, Loxie or me are playing healer roles.

Chelci is usually reliable, but sometimes, things just go out of hand.

2016-05-25 Chelci 01

While being a good healer, she also looks very elegant.

Not sure how she does it but when I try to look like her, I look like a fat potato. Just can’t figure out why that is.

2016-05-25 Chelci 02

She also doesn’t like when I secretly take pictures of her.

2016-05-25 Chelci 03

But it’s not my fault if she changes outfits while I’m present. She should know me by now ò.ó;

Anyway, she has got a good fashion sense when she’s all dressed up :D

Fashion God Uziel: Dragoon style

What do you mean, you haven’t heard of the Fashion God Uziel?! O_O;

Well that has to change!

First of all he’s a powerful Dragoon. His armor looks just as powerful and he is surrounded by an Aura with the power of the Valyries from ancient legends.

2016-04-18 Uziel Fashion 01

He knows what is the best outfit for any occasion. In PvP encounters, he wears the most awful looking outfit so that whenever his enemies see him, they find him so awful, that they must kill him. This way, he has saved the lives of many healers from his team and has earned their eternal gratitude.

2016-04-18 Uziel Fashion 02

Next, he showed his pink pants outfit. It was so hot that Leonie fainted and had to br brought to a hospital.

2016-04-18 Uziel Fashion 03

To test how mentally strong I was, Uzi kept showing more and more skin. But I stayed strong and didn’t faint! ò.ó

2016-04-18 Uziel Fashion 04

Especially his metallic shorts were remarkably…. unique.

2016-04-18 Uziel Fashion 05

When it comes to serious battles, nobody can beat him or his epicness.

2016-04-18 Uziel Fashion 06

He knows his manners and honors those who save his life (like me).

2016-04-18 Uziel Fashion 07

We won’t rest until Uzi Fashion has spread through Eorzea!

2016-04-18 Uziel Fashion 08

My new Healer Glamour, blessed by gods!

With my change back to a Lalafell it was time to find a new Healer Glamour.

Why not try to look like in my old Paint Comics?

2016-05-09 WHM Glamour 01

After glamouring, I went to Fashion God Uziel to ask if he approved or not.

At first he was a bit doubtful… <.<

But I wouldn’t let him go on his duties before he approved.

So he finally approved! ö.ö

2016-05-09 WHM Glamour 02

Next, I went to praise the Moogle God that lived in Nez’ house.

2016-05-09 WHM Glamour 04

I also summoned the pwoers of Bahamut to strengthen my gamour.

2016-05-09 WHM Glamour 03

Finally, I met with Mag outside. We summoned our most epic mounts and rode forth into battle!

2016-05-25 Lalas on epic mounts

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