Calendar 2014 November: Lyssa, the Red Devil

It’s getting colder and colder. Winter has come with it’s icy embrace.

Just as cold as the stare, Lyssa will give you when you did something bad. Right before she stabs you.

Lyssa, the Red Devil.

If you show her your back, it’ll be the last thing you do.

EA-Girls of the Shore-06-NOVEMBER-Lyssa the Red Devil


Hunting down the Colibri

New Dungeons can be really boring. Especially when you just enter them to kill a bunch of pirates.

That was, until I came across this colibri. He’s always been there but this time, I felt like catching him. ò.ó;

2014-10-28 Sastasha HM 01

So I had my magic pursue the colibri in order to never lose track of him!

2014-10-28 Sastasha HM 02

We ventured forth into deep underwater areas, fought scorpions, lamias and other creatures.

2014-10-28 Sastasha HM 03

We even met the captain again. He had beome a Pirates of the Carribean captain and needed to be slain.

2014-10-28 Sastasha HM 04

Unfortunately, he would suddenly release the Kraken!

2014-10-28 Sastasha HM 05

The Kraken was not amused and tossed the Captain away with one of its tentacles.

Then, it proceeded to try and kill us Colibri hunters!

2014-10-28 Sastasha HM 06

We wouldn’t net that happen and weakened the Kraken so much that it returned to the ocean.

I was summoned to Aleport to inform the Yellowjackets about the strange creature they had found in the middle of town… Urgh.

2014-10-28 Sastasha HM 07

Underneat the Captain I found it. My long searched Colibri!

It was badly hurt so I took it home and cured its wounds. The originally badmouthing Colibri and me became super good friends!

2014-11-25 Colibri Minon

Awful Temple of Worries

Miner Twins approached me. Their beloved sister had gone to the Sunken Temple of Quarn on a Mining Expedition.

How great, I really wanted to go too and mine all those treasures ö.ö

The twins became angry. New dangerous enemies and robbers were roaming in that temple now and her beloved sister could be dead!!

2014-10-28 Sunken temple of Quarn HM 01

Guess I had to go and save her.

2014-10-28 Sunken temple of Quarn HM 02

It did look different than I remembered the temple.

2014-10-28 Sunken temple of Quarn HM 02-2

Everywhere I saw corpses of weak people. Guess the 4-man mage party didn’t work out too well…

2014-10-28 Sunken temple of Quarn HM 03

They had more face statues that would attack you. They summoned hands that grab and grope you! Very terrible.

2014-10-28 Sunken temple of Quarn HM 04

An adorable Cactuar Empress and her loyal subjects shooted needles like it was their last day.

Spoiler: It was their last day.

2014-10-28 Sunken temple of Quarn HM 05

The group I went into the tmple with was strong and super overpowered.

2014-10-28 Sunken temple of Quarn HM 06

We managed all mechanics with ease, opened all doors and magically opened the path to the final boss.

2014-10-28 Sunken temple of Quarn HM 07

The boss turned us one by one into zombies O.o;

Okay, it was nice with you guys. I really liked being with you and fighting by your side.

2014-10-28 Sunken temple of Quarn HM 09

Then, suddenly we all turned back into our normal selves. Was the zombie mode just an illusion? o.ô

Anyway, in the end, we found the sister. She was like “What’s going on, why were you searching for me? I didn’t see any dangerous enemies…”

Such a badass Lalafell ö.ö

2014-10-28 Sunken temple of Quarn HM 10

The brothers were super happy that I returned their sister to them.

2014-10-28 Sunken temple of Quarn HM 11

Why are boys such little sissies when their sister can just walk by all those enemies I had to fight? o.ô She’s clearly one of the most sneaky lalafells in Eorzean history.

CATastrophe Comic: The Queen of Cats

“There are not enough paint pictures. More paint comics! The comics are funny.”

Okay, so I’ll give you more comics.

They’ll be like… really detailed with lots of hard work and time put into them. They will be re-worked over and over until they are really perfect! The same scenery will never be copy&pasted ever! The coloring will be done with a lot of effort. Lots of unique special effects and exciting action/battle  scenes included!

Paint-Comic-Wednesday-2014-11-25 Queen of Cats

And thus, the queen of female cats has been crowned with the most fishy crown in Eorzea.

This is the start of the CATastrophe.

The hope remains that Lyssa returns to her true form one day ö.ö

Crafting is Crap!?

They released a new offhand tool for crafters and I just needed to get it for my Weaver ad I had decided to keep it relatively up to date.

I heard rumors about Lyssa being able to craft those.

When I met her, she was dancing in front of a store.

Of course I wouldn’t say anything to her… amazing dancing skills. But I did ask her where her furry ears and tail had gone to.

She said, she decided to magically change to a better race. I hope, she’ll regret that decisin soon. To me, she’s this white haired Naja-like evil cat which you should never (!) provoke.

2014-11-15 Artisan Weaver Spinning Wheel 02

I gave her the ingredients and excitedly watched her craft @.@;

2014-11-15 Artisan Weaver Spinning Wheel 01

She did it.

She crafted an HQ tool.

And I even got her signature on it! ö.ö

2014-11-15 Artisan Weaver Spinning Wheel 03

Thanks a lot!! :D

Then, we danced together in really hot Paladin outfits.

2014-11-15 Artisan Weaver Spinning Wheel 04

A bit later, I got frustrated.

I leveled desynth, got some Fieldcraft 3 stuff and tried to HQ Intrigued Silver Brocade.

It’s very intrigued, cause I only got it to 14% HQ probability.

Reading into guides and other people’s experiences helped a bit but it also demotivated. If it was so hard to get it HQed, why even bother with it? I mean, it would have been handy to get the HQs for the next Master books and the failed HQs for a Supra weapon. But it was just so much work and I couldn’t be bothered.

Whenever we all become Level 60, the current super hard obtained gear will be obsolete anyway. New gear will probably be obtainable more easily anyway.

So why bother? To make money? There are other ways.

So I consulted Jam.

2014-11-15 Jam 01

Jam is like THE crafter.

It doesn’t matter what happens around her, she’ll still craft.

If her roof burns, if her surroundings explode or a cloud of infective Gobbue sneeze pollutes the air…

Jam crafts.

2014-11-15 Jam 02

Not even the most evil magic spells could stop her!

2014-11-15 Jam 03

In the end, I had to realize that I had 2 options:

Try to HQ and lose money and time or just NQ and screw the master book (=postpone it to later).

So I decided to screw it and hid in my house, demotivated more than ever.

You must now be wondering why I’m mentioning houses, like Jam’s house or my house… I will tell you tomorrow! Or another day.

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