Merry Christmas 2015!

Dear all,

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful time with your family and loved ones!

2015-12-20 XMAS 01

If you have been nice this year, Santa will surely have loads of presents for you!

In case you say, “Santa” doesn’t exist, I actually saw him bringing presents into our FC house:

2015-12-20 XMAS 02

I wish you all many happy adventures in Eorzea and lots of fun with your friends!

2015-12-20 XMAS 03

See you again after Christmas as I’ll be celebrating with my family :D


P.S. Yes, Trem is Santa!


Delterra’s Diadem Danger

Thursdays are our Delterra’s Diadem Danger where Emper Delterra leads a group of brave adventurers into Diadem.

Lately, the brave number of adventurers willing to join has dropped to a low quantity, but let’s hope for the best in the future. Especially since it’s not that hard to get i210 gear!

Diadem is basically a huge area, only accessible through an Airship.

Of course, we have our own airship with our Company Logo.

2015-11-12 Diadem 01

We flew through the clouds and into Diadem!

2015-11-12 Diadem 02

Massive floating islands were waiting for us. Dangerous monsters lived on all of them, gathering points are waiting to be checked and rare enemies lurk in wait to be spawned.

2015-11-12 Diadem 03

Our loyal Mammet guided us to a safe landing spot from where we started our first expedition.

2015-11-12 Diadem 04

We had totally no idea what we were doing a plan what to do and what to fight.

We fought some enemies here and there.

Sometimes, we found Burried Coffers with loot inside!

2015-11-12 Diadem 05

When suddenly, we found fresh tracks. Which was more like a green poisonous cloud.

2015-11-12 Diadem 06

Of course, we examined it. It spawned a Pteranodon! ö.ö

My favorite dinosaur by the way.

2015-11-12 Diadem 07

It tool a while to defeat it and we lived in fear of respawning nearby enemies. @.@

In the end, we managed to slay it and were rewarded with a chest.

2015-11-12 Diadem 08

After 90 minutes, our time ran out and we received a summary of our achievements.

2015-11-12 Diadem 09

Back then, it looked quite good but nowadays, this would be a really bad run.

It actually goes like this:

You go into Diadem, shout to check if others are there. You find a farming spot, kill enemies and eventually, fresh tracks will spawn who mostly pop NMs which drop actual useful loot.

Usually, you don’t see the people who are fighting due to the extreme amount of animations going on at the same time, as everyone is trying to max their DPS. Only those who do 20% dmg receive loot!

2015-11-12 Diadem 10

One fine day I received a cool healer body. I felt its power when I held it in my hands. But when I put it on, it looked like a lv5 cloak. ;_; I felt like a complete noob for the rest of the run and any bad performance was blamed on the noob cloak. XD

Verminion Master Career: Missing Title

As you all surely know, I’m growing and training a Minion army to conquer the world.

One fine day, Lord of Verminion was released by the Gold Saucer Management. A battleground for minions.

Of course I had to join the fights in order to show the world they should fear my hordes of minions!

There was just one problem.

They would not let me have the title “Minion Master” even though I had enough minions! I had to obtain a new minion to unlock the title.

Easier said than done when you already have all the easily obtainable or payable minions…

I fell into a deep depression.

After some days, Mag suddenly initiated a trade.

2015-11-14 Mag Minion 01

He gave me one of the most adorable new Minions ever created! ö_ö He said, he found a super sale price and had obtained it just for me! ö.ö

The achievements unlocked one after another.

2015-11-14 Mag Minion 02

Happily, I summoned my new minion and welcomed it to the team. The little guy was carrying a drop of water on its leaf. At all times.

2015-11-14 Mag Minion 03

Ever since, I keep him as companion – but only while it’s warm enough so that the water drop doesn’t freeze!

2015-11-14 Mag Minion 04

Preparations for Christmas have started so I created a new Santa outfit :D

The Truth about Fell Cleavage

While leveling Warrior to become a one-Lala-party, I came across a really interesting video.

Was this really working? I mean, the video kinds proves it. But I had to see for myself.

So I asked Mag to wait meet me in the FC garden.

Without telling him any further details, I went all out with my Fell Cleavage on him!

2015-12-20 Fell Cleave 01

And BOOM!!

Naked he was!

It actually works!


2015-12-20 Fell Cleave 02

Happy fellcleavaging, everyone. <3


It all happened when I was wearing the title “Stargazer”.

I met famous people and I became famous (maybe).

First of all, I saw Perciment who seems to be always around Omn Nomnom, already for decades as described here:

2015-11-07 Stargazer Percimont 01

He was gathering at the same node as me but escaped my grasp when I realized. >.<;

Some days later, I was approached by Stellan. A friend, Mumura, had recommended him a FFXIV blog. My blog. ö.ö

I was really happy that actually people outside of my FC and friends read my blog! \(^___^)/

Thanks to all of you reading this!

2015-11-07 Stargazer Riiko 01

A bit later, they asked me to help them out in Haukke Manor (normal). Of course I joined for some lowlevel fun and Eos Main Healing. ö.ö

2015-11-07 Stargazer Riiko 02

Next up, I discovered an Au Ra Lady who wandered through Idyllshire. There was no name floating over her head which I found VERY STRANGE! At some point, she disappeared o.o;

2015-11-08 Idyllshire 01

I found more of those people of the land who managed to exist without a floating name! (Which I still find impressive by the way.)

They were repairing and building stuff in town while complaining about the hard work. Guess they didn’t have any money to pay mages in order to help them out. Poor guys ;_; They could just ask me! I’d help out for free.

2015-11-08 Idyllshire 02

It’s really interesting to observe adventurers and people of the land in this world. Many are too busy to stop and look.

I’m not always too busy. That’s why you can call me STARGAZER now. ò.óV

2015-11-08 SCH Universe

My eyes gaze upon the stars that live on the ground. Those little stars actually shine the brightest. :3


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