A New Challenge: The Dangers of World of Darkness – Digesting Lalafell Monsters are waiting!!

The huge group fought heroically and with a lot of drama through the hordes of dangerous foes.

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 09

We defeated one-eyed giant flying things with wings…

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 10

…and Ixalis without wings which called themselves Thor like the god of lightning. Right. They died so fast, it was very ungodlike.

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 11

Then, I faced Atomos. It looked so familiar and I was sure, I had encountered it already in a different life.

It even drew me into its mouth but it spit me out again to where I came from. No dimensional travel, no new worlds. Nothing.

It was relieving but also a little disappointing.

Nevertheless I was covered in awful Atomos salvia.

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 11-2

Next up, a five headed dragon named Five-Headed Dragon. Wow. How innovative.

Somehow, I felt bad for the dragon. Any other dragon has a really cool name. He must have been laughed at in dragon school ;_;

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 12

Paths of light lead us through the darkness.

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 13

A giant Cerberus was chained to two pillars, protecting the gate to the final boss of the Darkness.

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 14

Alright, a dog in chains can’t be dangerous.

Too bad he destroyed his chains and went rampage among the intruders.

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 29

He then proceeded to swallow everyone who wasn’t careful enough – preferably Lalafell.

We somehow had to survive so we went rampage inside.

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 14-3

Cerberus felt sick and vomited us out of his tummy.


2015-01-21 World of Darkness 14-4

I felt very violated and super smelly.

The Cloud of Darkness, the boss of the realm of Darkness, felt the same and tried to kill and shoot all of us.

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 15

The power of vomit smell and heroism was stronger and so, we defeated her! Woohoo!

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 16

Now we only need to find the Allagan siblings, see where the Miqo’dude had disappeared to and seal the darkness away and thus secure the Crystal Tower’s dangers forever.


A New Challenge: The World of Darkness within the Crystal Tower

The Crystal Tower boss was defeated but he left a portal to the World of Darkness behind.

With the help of Cid’s innovative machines, we were able to keep the portal open and send people through to save the Allagan Siblings.

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 01

The hot Miqo’dude asked, if he could join me on the journey. Sure, if he was gonna use that bow for something other than decoration on his back.

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 02

As we had gathered at the throne room, Cid started his device and the portal slowly started opening.

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 03

The portal to the world of darkness liiked like Sauron’s Eye just in black and blue.

Quite scary. o.ô

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 04

I said goodbye to the World of Light…

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 05

…and hello to the World of Darkness.

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 06

It was full of terrible monsters, masses of chimeras and plenty of demons. @.@;;

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 07

In a group of 24 people, we ventured forth through the dangerous Darkness.

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 08

Will we be able to slay all the dangers lying ahead or will Atomos devour us and trap us in another world forever?!

A New Challenge: Amdapor Keep (Hard)

All of a sudden, someone from the People of the Land approached me.

Amdapor Keep had been taken over by a strong demon and had transformed the ruins into a real thread to mankind.

What could I do but go there and slay the demon?

2015-01-22 Amdapor Keep Hard 01

It was full of strange creatures and never seen horned things.

2015-01-22 Amdapor Keep Hard 02

Mag and me rushed to eliminate all enemies! ò.ó/ Woooosh~

2015-01-22 Amdapor Keep Hard 03

We fought a headless horseman with a giant sword. He tried to fry us with his laser beam but we were tricky enough to use the statues as shield so he would fry them!

How silly of him to live around Lyssa statues. They are incredibly tough!!

2015-01-22 Amdapor Keep Hard 04

Then, we came across a monstrosity I do not wish to talk about and would like to erase from my memory completely! /shiver

2015-01-22 Amdapor Keep Hard 05

The demon wall had called his two big brothers. Now, three of them came towards us in order to crush us like flies!

2015-01-22 Amdapor Keep Hard 06

Somehow, we managed to pull a switch which stopped the movement of the Demon Walls.

Such nooby walls!

Then, the final demon appeared.

He looked awful and ridiculous.

2015-01-22 Amdapor Keep Hard 07

We quickly slayed him so that we no longer had to look at his terrible appearance.

2015-01-22 Amdapor Keep Hard 08

And thus, the danger was banished!

Not sure, why stronger demons took that place over but hey, it happened and I saved the locals again. So yay!!

P.S. Mag looks pretty cool in his bat costume ö.ö I’m glad he stopped wearing his awful bat helm.

An old familiar face: Daryoon

One day, all of a sudden, I received a message from an old friend from another world called Vana’diel.

His name: Daryoon.

My alternative self had experienced many adventures with this Hyur. I can’t explain or understand it well but I feel like I’ve known this Blue Mage for a while.

Just that Daryoon wasn’t a Blue Mage anymore. He became a Thaumaturge and traveled through Thanalan.

2015-01-18 Daryoon 01

I couldn’t bare looking at this anymore. Thanalan was not the most impressive area so I decided to take him to Gridania which he dreamed of seeing.

It was a long way to go but my White Mage skills protected him and fended off dangerous foes.

2015-01-18 Daryoon 02

After a long travel, we finally arrived in the Shroud near Gridania and even discovered a little rainbow! Woohoo!

2015-01-18 Daryoon 03

Daryoon said, he felt like “the old days in FFXI” again. Not sure what he was talking about. It for sure felt nice to lead a lowlevel person through areas that display a severe thread to his life!

The trip ended in my house where I offered him a meal. I was so tired that I tool a nap.

Dary kinda just looked at me like I was some weakling who needed to rest all the time. Well, I’m still forever 15 but I’m not getting younger either!!

2015-01-18 Daryoon 04

Then, he thanked me for traveling through half of the world.

Dary stated, he’d be back after a while in order to tame his very own dragon. ö.ö

2015-01-18 Daryoon 05

See you soon, Daryoon!

P.S.: I’m a rhyme master!

Maddening birthday presents and a maddening fashion style

A while ago, two officers celebrated their birthdays together by going into T9 and slaughthering the enemy. At least they tried.

Due to their unsuccessful attempts I felt they needed to be cheered up. So I delivered them awesome birthday presents!

I gave Lyssa a Maddening Dagger.

It was like THE perfect gift.

The Dagger made her so mad, she wanted to stab me in the back with it but she couldn’t cause the level of the dagger was too high for her lowlevel Ninja.

I’ve rarely laughed more.

2015-01-08 Birthday - Lyssa

Next, I came to Ritz and offered her a cute Sylph pet.

She didn’t look forward to her present.

Ritz hates Sylphs.

So I have her a Cabbage.

Ritz things, Sylphs are cabbages and should be eaten.

I think, Ritz enjoyed the cabbage very much the very same day. ö.ö

Later, Vis came by to show off his new fashion.

2015-01-11 Fashion 01

Everyone was amazed by his brown-colored underwear.

And by amazed I mean scared to death.

2015-01-11 Fashion 02

While we were at it, I presented my new Spriggan fashion.

Those Spriggan ears wiggle so wonderful, I totally fell in love with them <3<3<3

2015-01-11 Fashion 03

Also, I’m looking forward to more awesome fashion from Visgal. Please continue to be a true inspiration for us all!

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