Delivery Moogle Riiko solves Ixali and Scholar Problems

So I was sent out once more to solve some problems between the troops in the Shroud and Ixalis.

Some little boy was lost in the woods and the Ixalis saw this as an attack into their territory while the gridanian troops saw it as an obduction of the little boy.

What to do?

2015-01-27 Delivery Moogle Ixali 01

While I was toying with the option “Rip his beak off”, I prefered solving this in a more diplomatic matter.

In the end, all went well and the Ixalis agreed to a friendly handout of the boy. It ended up a lottle complicated cause everyone had to meddle with this issue… <.<;

2015-01-27 Delivery Moogle Ixali 02

I decided to follow more unproblematic letters. Which problems could a scholar possibly have?

Well, the really bad kind.

He was expecting his pupils for a lesson but they were nowhere to be found. He thought, they had left him and had given up on their studies!

2015-03-12 Delivery Moogle Scholar 01

Right. <.<;

The scholar ran off and a moment later, the pupils arrived by chance. They were confused as the lesson was supposed to take place tomorrow, not today. XD

2015-03-12 Delivery Moogle Scholar 02

Nevertheless they read the books the scholar had prepared for them and studied carefully.

2015-03-12 Delivery Moogle Scholar 03

One of the pupils event went to get some crystals they were experimenting on.

2015-03-12 Delivery Moogle Scholar 04

Then the teacher returned, they explained the situation. He was really shocked.

Such a confused genious researcher…

2015-03-12 Delivery Moogle Scholar 05

In the end, everyone cheered them up!

They would never leave him and the studies just like that. Such loyal pupils ö.ö

2015-03-12 Delivery Moogle Scholar 06

My delivery moogle skill went up. Would I soon be able to deliver letters without solving people’s problems?

I think not.

That’s probably why the Delivery moogles are hiring adventurers: they are sick of solving the problems themselves…

2015-03-12 Delivery Moogle Scholar 07


Story 2.5: Moe’s Sacrifice

The first good thing Minfilia had ever done, happened in this very moment.

The tossed the empty cookie jar towards the Ascian and his dark power.

Slowly, the jar filled with black magic… and with cookies! O_O The Ascian had saves his cookies in time so that my white magic could not touch them.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 74

I now had to act! Purifying the cookies and getting of the Ascian once and for all…

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 75

I channeled my magic once more!

Without the echo of the cookies, it was so much harder…

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 76

I would never give up.

I had to save the cookies!

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 77

My power of light was channeled directly to the cookie jar which had now started to glow!

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 78

My power didn’t seem to be enough!

The Ascian died in the instant I used my power on him but the jar was still filled with black magic… and it wouldn’t go!

I was too weak.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 79

That was when Moe jumped in.

She assured me, that what she would give to ensure the cookie supply was all she had.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 80

She offered her life in return for the eternal cookie jar.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 81

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 82

Suddenly the light disappeared and a rain of cookies fell down to our feet.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 83-1

The cookie harvester had amplified Moe’s life energy and had quadrupled their quantity!

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 84

We now had enough eternal cookie jars for each member and all future members of the Scions!

We decided, we should give the cookie harvester to Urianger. He was the closest to Moe and he was to most reliable to not have things get lost or stolen.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 85

In the end, we prayed to the gods for Moe.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 86

We left a cookie jar for her, together with some flowers and thanked her for her sacrifice.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 87

We shall never foget you and how you saved us all.

Thank you, Moe!

Heroes of Eorzea Calendar 2015: March: Hero of the Fiery Heat

After a fierce training session, Migh’to was ready to take the challenge: A really hot and cool picture.

2015-03-27 Calendar Mighto

I knew the firery catman would only fit into a really hot environment. So I took him to visit Ifrit. When Ifrit saw us, he fled and left the place to us.

EA-Heroes of Eorzea-03-MARCH-Mighto

Isn’t Migh’to hot? ö.ö

Story 2.5: The Cookie Matrix

Of course, she was not okay.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 57

In fact, she was really angry that the Ascian was using HER CHAIR!

How could he!

But at least, Minfilia was holding the empty cookie jar she had been keeping in her office for all these years.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 58

When Moe attacked him, he just shot her with his magic.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 59

He laughed at her weakness and stunned me so I couldn’t move.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 60

Then, he obducted Minfilia.

And the cookie jar!

Give the jar back, goddammit!!

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 61

We had no chance but to follow her. I healed Moe’s most severe wounds and followed through the dark portal.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 62

On the other side, I realized that the Ascian had not only shot Moe, but also taken her cookies and applied them to his cookie tree of darkness! O_O;;

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 63

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 64

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 65

He had applied dark magic to one of the cookies who had now come to life and acted as a prison for Minfilia! O_O;


2015-01-24 Story 2-5 66

I had to act. I had to destroy the Ascian and purify all cookies!

He just couldn’t start replicating the evil cookies!! They would all go bad!

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 67

I was fighting with some brave adventurers I had brought with me.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 68

The Ascian was really powerful and his attacks were of pure darkness.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 69

Suddenly, I knew how to save the cookies and save the world.

I called forth the last bits of pure white magic from the depths of my soul.

They slowly started to eat from the Ascian’s dark magic.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 71

And then, my white magic had devoured and ourified the darkness.



2015-01-24 Story 2-5 70

Minfilia thanked me but I was still processing that I had lost the world best cookies forever.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 72

Quickly, we traveled back (mainly so that I didn’t have to deal with minfilia anymore), and the Ascian was about to rise from the dead AGAIN! O_O

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 73

This is where I knew, this could also be applied to cookies. Once eaten, they could be restored to their former glory.

This is how the eternal cookie jar worked.

I just needed the cookies.

Story 2.5: The Cookie Cactus

I brought little Midgardsormr to the Scion’s headquarter.

He should see how desperate and miserable everyone had become during the absence of their beloved cookies.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 39

Everyone was in a really bad mood and they were still trying to convince the ishgardian officer to share their cookie supplies.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 40

Thancred was still wasted, Yda super angry. Only Moe seemed to have some kind of a plan.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 41

She explained to me how cookies worked in different dimensions and that there was a possibility to use the dimensions to create a cookie jar of UNLIMINTED content.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 42

This was, what we had to do. I had planned to have everyone in EuroAsylum craft cookies for the rest of their lives but this was even better!

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 43

We first had to get a full jar of cookies. It couldn’t be any cookies! It had to be the most amazing cookies in all Eorzea.

They also had to be picked with the magical cookie wand.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 44

So, the plan “Eternal Cookie” began!

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 45

We secured the area around the Ceruelum Processing plant.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 46

We surveyed the area about possible enemies showing up spontaneously.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 47

Everything looked calm.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 48

Despite my worries, Yda was very optimistic, as long as Moe was with us.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 50

We went to the Cookie Cactus to harvest some cookies. I could clearly see how Midgardy was drooling upon seeing and smelling these delicious babies.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 51

Moe proceeded to harvest the cookies with her cookie wand.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 53

Suddenly, the awful Ascian appeared!!

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 54

He shot Moe down and promised, he would kill everyone at the headquarter and steal our empty jar so that we would never reach our goal!

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 55

Full of worry, we hurried back.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 56

Was Minfilia, the empty cookie keeper, alright?

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