All Saint’s Wake / Halloween 2015: The little Pumpkin Witch

Halloween had started!

I ran through town and posed at the best places to scare people!

2015-10-31 Halloween Riiko 01

Can you find me? ò.ó

2015-10-31 Halloween Riiko 02

Little ghosts were taking over sales booths! O.O

2015-10-31 Halloween Riiko 03

Mag and me scared everyone who we saw. Needless to say, they ran for their lives after we shocked them.

2015-10-31 Halloween Riiko 04

Trick or Treat? “o_´´o

And the treat better be a cookie!

2015-10-31 Halloween Riiko 05

But there was one big problem. The children who were supposed to enjoy this event were disappearing one after another!

Instead, strange monsters appeared all over Eorzea… They were behaving veeeery suspiciously like children, askin for treats, trying to say scary things…

2015-10-31 Halloween Riiko 06

I was taught in the way of the witches and once I had obtained by own broom, I was finally able to cast wicked magic that would save the children!

2015-10-31 Halloween Riiko 07

Hex, hex!

2015-10-31 Halloween Riiko 08

Sparkling Cookie Trickster Removal Spell!

2015-10-31 Halloween Riiko 09

And thus, all the children were saved.

These weird persons appeared. They had been transforming them with the intention to let them be foes forever! But their noob transformation spell had no chance against my incredibly strong witch magic! ò.óV

2015-10-31 Halloween Riiko 10

In the end, even my witch magic can’t make every costume look good…

2015-10-31 Halloween Riiko 11

Hope you had an awesome Halloween!


All Saint’s Wake / Halloween 2015: Preparation for Spookyness

It was a month ago when Halloween was just around the corner.

Mag and me were testing the impact of our costumes towards other people. Needless to say, he had chosen a very scary first outfit!

2015-10-08 Halloween preparation Riiko 01

They didn’t sem to be too popular though…

Next, we went for the eery unicorn wedding couple!

2015-10-08 Halloween preparation Riiko 02

Didn’t really have the impact, we wanted to see.

While thinking about outfits, I decorated my house.

Not sure why, but a little ghost had made himself at home in my garden. He appeared in all of my pictures – but when I took the pictures, I didn’t actually see the ghost! O___O;;

2015-10-08 Halloween preparation Riiko 03

2015-10-08 Halloween preparation Riiko 04

2015-10-08 Halloween preparation Riiko 05

When suddenly, the ghost tried to haunt Mag!

2015-10-08 Halloween preparation Riiko 06

After that attempt, the ghost felt such an awfulness and tollyness, that he fled and left Mag’s!

In the end, Mag and me decided to go as Mr. and Ms. Pumpkin.

2015-10-08 Halloween preparation Riiko 07

R’una and R’hasa actually had already obtained the cool outfits that were given away by the people of the land who organized this event.

2015-10-31 Halloween Runa Rhasa 01

They looked like actual witches!

2015-10-31 Halloween Runa Rhasa 02

Cool, eerie and scary. They even had Mandragora-Pumpkin-Minions!

2015-10-31 Halloween Runa Rhasa 03

I must say, R’una looks pretty hot. Can’t believe that she was once engaged to my dearest Mag (even if it was just an arrangement by their parents)! Good that she’s gone. Awful cat “o_´´o

2015-10-31 Halloween Runa Rhasa 04

Magatsu the Shapeshifter: Lalafellicious developments

After working on my Alchemy skills, I finally managed to craft a wonderful Moogle bush for my garden!

My Moogles celebrated big time with me!

2015-09-05 Garden 01

Magatsu came by and inspected my work and my home.

2015-09-05 Garden 02

We went to the Glacial Café next door for some cake and tea. Delicious as always! I can only recommend this small but unique establishment!

2015-09-05 Garden 03

After eating all the cake, we were so full that we fell asleep downstairs in the owner’s bed.

2015-09-05 Garden 04

The next morning, Mag was gone on adventures and I returned to my house to craft a second Moogle bush!

2015-09-05 Garden 05

When suddenly, a Lalafell guy appeared.

2015-09-05 Garden 06

It was Mag! O_O;;;

He had become a Lalafell like me! /hug

2015-09-05 Garden 07

Magsie looked sooo adorable! ö____ö

We spent the evening on the hedge and warched to sunset.

2015-09-05 Garden 08

Eventually, we fell asleep.

2015-09-05 Garden 09

And thus, the adventures of LalaMag and me began.

How to end up in my blog

In the Mist, I saw lil N’oeru lurking around our house. He’s friends with Jam and they were greeting each other.

2015-11-19 Jam Noeru 02

That was when suddenly Jam was like:

2015-11-19 Jam Noeru 03

And N’oeru was like:

2015-11-19 Jam Noeru 04

So I decided to make a blog post about it. ò.óV

2015-11-19 Jam Noeru 01

This is by the way how /gpose looks like. Pretty epic huh?

And this is how you end up in my blog! ò.óV

Have a nice weekend, everyone! :D

Magatsu the Shapeshifter: Strong and fearless Catboy

It happened very suddenly.

I met Magatsu in town and it took me about 10 seconds to realize that something was different. He suddenly looked super hot! O.O;

2015-08-29 Mag Catboy 01

That was when I realized, he had become a catboy again. His shapeshifting nature revealed once more that he was able to switch into any humanoid form he wanted.

When I was about to say how awesome he looked, he suddenly tested out some gearset he had worn as Au Ra Lady.

2015-08-29 Mag Catboy 02



2015-08-29 Mag Catboy 03

Miss Rhaqui was able to make him wear some actual hot clothing. ö.ö

You wonder why she’s back here? Well, actually this happened before she traveled into a different dimension.

2015-08-29 Mag Catboy 04

Mag and me posed like experts in order to celebrate his new appearance. ö.ö

2015-08-29 Mag Catboy 05

We look pretty cool together, in any form Mag is presenting himself to me!

2015-08-29 Mag Catboy 06

Though I must say, when he is an adorable catboy and avenging me against the most evil Illuminati, it’s very attractive!!

2015-08-29 Mag Catboy 07

We are so awesome together, the Paissa King invited us for tea!

2015-08-29 Mag Catboy 08

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