For Eorzea!

We gathered and decided to make an appearance at the meeting of the Big Bosses of Gridania, Ul’dah and Limsa Lominsa. They had called for an emergency meeting in response to the latest developments with the Beastmen clans, Primals and Imperialists.

2013-11-20 Alliance 00

I hurried there, knowing the rest of my group would be late as they are always such slow-pokes.

2013-11-20 Alliance 01

While the guards wouldn’t let me in instantly, I still could spy through the half-closed doors. The conference room of the Sultana in Ul’dah was stunning. I had never seen such an impressive room design before!

2013-11-20 Alliance 02

The sultana was just about to greet the three bosses when I started spying. I still find it strange how the guards let me peak through the doors…

2013-11-20 Alliance 03

The Sultana addressed the matter at hand: The Primals have been summoned but defeated by the Ultimate Weapon that was in the hands of the Imperialists. While handling relentless attacks of the Beastmen on many towns, the military troops have their hands full and now also will have to deal with the Ultimate Weapon that supports the Imperial Army.

2013-11-20 Alliance 04

All of the leaders had brought some scrools. I think they contained a declaration to give up and submit to the Empire…

2013-11-20 Alliance 05

While every town had their own problems, they simply were discouraged by the recent happenings.

Despite being a Pirate boss, she seemed to have given up.

2013-11-20 Alliance 06

Also Raubahn saw no real chance against the Imperialists.

2013-11-20 Alliance 07

Gridania’s pretty Lady also had no clue on how to protect the people without getting them enslaved…

2013-11-20 Alliance 08

This was when the Eleezen boy, Minfilia and Cid appeared behind me and I was let into the conference room.

The Eleezen boy lead the discussion and explained how we had infiltrated the Imperialists and that we have a realistic chance against them if we fight all together.

2013-11-20 Alliance 09

At first, silence spread through the room.

Suddenly, Senna stood up and declared, Gridania would go to war against the Imperialists.

2013-11-20 Alliance 10

At first, the Sultana was like:

2013-11-20 Alliance 11

Nobody had expected, that Senna would make such a drastic and decisive decision!

Then, the Sultana was laughing as hard as nobody had heard her laugh in a long time.

2013-11-20 Alliance 12

Even Merlwyb couldn’t hold back a giggle.

2013-11-20 Alliance 13

Raubahn and Merlwyb joined Senna in her decision. All Nations would go to war together. Screw submitting to the Imperialists!

We will fight for Eorzea!

2013-11-20 Alliance 14

They burned their scrolls and started discussing strategies about how and when to attack the different Imperialist and Beastmen strongholds.

2013-11-20 Alliance 15

The Sultana approached me as I wa sobviously not able to follow such tactical discussions.

She thanked me for everyting I had done for Eorzea and wished us to stay well. She would call us once the strategy was worked out.

2013-11-20 Alliance 16

We left to the Walking Sands and waited until all unimportant adventurers had finally left.

2013-11-20 Alliance 17

Then, Milfinia presented us a dark crystal. She was convinced, such a crystal was used to manipulate Thancred and we had to break him free from the influence!

2013-11-20 Alliance 18

We also discussed how we could handle this during the missions we would receive from the three bosses.

2013-11-20 Alliance 19

As we couldn’t figure out much yet, we decided to just relax in the rooms of our base.

2013-11-20 Alliance 20

Yda was receiving strict training form her little boyfriend who was convinced, she had slacked on training lately and needed much more power for the upcoming war.

2013-11-20 Alliance 21

I will make sure to watch over all of my friends. I will protect Eorzea in the upcoming war. I will protect everyone and save the world! ò_ó/

Eorzea will be lead into a new Era of friendship and harmony!


But first, I will take a nice break and prepare myself for the upcoming war to protect Eorzea!

Hopefully, you have enjoyed the past days and celebrated with your loved ones. I wish you all the best during the upcoming post-free week


The Escape

Remember how I was actually in the Imperialist stronghold, freed my friends and ending up cornered before the Starlight Celebration stuff?

As we only had the choice between death and death, Rosalinde suddenly went berserk and attacked the Imperialists!!

2013-11-19 Invasion 38

This created enough distraction for us to use the best way out: Jumping down the cliff! Anything was better than falling into the hands of he evil people again.

2013-11-19 Invasion 39

Did you really think, we jumped into death?

No way!

We had Cid coming with his airship and catch us. We jumped in the right moment and could just fly away into safety.

2013-11-19 Invasion 40

I felt so bad for Rosalinde. She saved us by the disctraction she had created but she had to stay behind in the enemy base. ;___;

2013-11-19 Invasion 41

It it only was so simple. The Imperials have lasers and shooting weapons and tried to shoot the Enterprise down! x_x;

2013-11-19 Invasion 42

Their first shot missed, but how many more would there be? – I wondered, why nobody wondered about Thancreds whereabouts either…

Suddenly, everyone was staring back at the base.

2013-11-19 Invasion 43

I took a look and saw an Ascian next to Cid’s dad.

2013-11-19 Invasion 44

He took his hoodie down…

2013-11-19 Invasion 45

Despair and sadness spread through Minfilia’s face as she recognized our dear friend.

2013-11-19 Invasion 46

Thancred was an Ascian?! What. The. Hell?!

2013-11-19 Invasion 47

We didn’t have much time to be shocked about these news, as Ultima Weapon – sitting right next to Thancred and Cid’s dad, was shooting at us again.

2013-11-19 Invasion 48

We hurried to escape asap.

2013-11-19 Invasion 49


Nobody said a word as everyone was still shocked.

How could that have happened?! Thancred had become a dear friend to me. Had he been betraying all of us from the beginning?

2013-11-19 Invasion 50

The Elezen boy broke the silence and explained that Thancred had always worked so hard, put others before himself and didn’t take care of himself at all. He would work to exhaustion. That was probably, when the Ascians had made him one of theirs.

2013-11-19 Invasion 51

Everyone agreed. Great. Now they blamed themselves for what probably happened to Thancred.

2013-11-19 Invasion 52

Only Minfilia was convinced, we could still save him. She asked me to trust her as she would figure out a way to bring hear friend back! How could I ever not trust Minfilia?

2013-11-19 Invasion 53

And thus, we flew back home through the night.

The silence had returned and followed us the entire flight.

2013-11-19 Invasion 54

Help Santa, Save Christmas

Do you know why all of you received their Christmas presents? I will tell you.

Something terrible had happened. Santa was out of presents and his elves were clueless what to do. They asked for assistance from our experienced EuroAsylum Linkshell Officer Tremaine and his lovely assistant Ritzin. They organized a scavenger hunt for the Linkshell members so we could support Santa and save Christmas.

So the officers organized a get together.

2013-12-15 EA Scavenger Hunt 01

The usually very busy adventurers gathered to help Santa out. We can’t let Santa have a crisis here, now can we?

2013-12-15 EA Scavenger Hunt 02

To make this most efficient, we had to split in teams of four and search for clues individually.

I was in a team with Alix, Lyssa and Uziel and we called ourseves Team Four-tress! Of course, we had the most awesome team name. The others were called Team “Tremaine Calrun”, Team “Toadally Toadtastic” and Team “Two Late”…. Laaaaaaame! But we all had something in common: The letter T like Tremaine!

We were quite quick in solving the hints we received for providing mistletoes to kiss underneath, monstrous pudding appetizers, basilisk eggs, rare ores like they could be found in Gusgen Mines and much more.

2013-12-15 EA Scavenger Hunt 03

Please see above the awesome Team Four-tress handing in the last item: a shark! (Please ignore that Sir Scott sneaked himself on the screenshot in his black can outfit and his cool relic!)

We then waited on the other teams to finish. I was glad, we had the skilled Fishers Lyssa and Uziel with us who were able to catch sharks like they were sardines. Maybe I should work on becoming a Fisherwoman too?

2013-12-15 EA Scavenger Hunt 04

Finally, everyone had found all the requested items and handed them in to Trem and Ritzin. With these items received, we were able to help Santa and Save Christmas!

2013-12-15 EA Scavenger Hunt 05

Of course we all received little prices for successfully following all hints and helping Santa. As Team Four-tress of course won the first place, we received the most awesome meal one could ever imagine after Chocolate and Cookies: Black Truffle Risotto!

I actually wanted the second price: tasty chocolate. But being No 1 was also okay.

We then went to the Amphitheatre for a group photo.

2013-12-15 EA Scavenger Hunt 06

Close up on the cutest participants, spread through all Teams:

2013-12-15 EA Scavenger Hunt 07

Have a Happy Christmas and thank us that you received your presents.

Let me know if you didn’t get any presents. I will bake a cookie just for you!

Starlight Celebration

The first snow started falling and covered Eorzea in a fine layer of snow. At least in Coertas.

In all other towns where it has snowed non-stop during the last days, the snow just would not stay. Instead, wonderful decoations covered Ul’dah, Limsa Lominsa and Gridania.

2013-12-18 Starlight Celebration 00

I had never seen such colorful, cute and adorable decoration before! It all looked soooo lovely.

2013-12-18 Starlight Celebration 01

In Gridania, I found a mountain of presents. Checking them further, I found a super cute Snowman outfit in one which had my size. Whoaaaa!

2013-12-18 Starlight Celebration 03

I tried to meld in with decoration.

2013-12-18 Starlight Celebration 02

As I saw that only a few people were enjoying the Starlight Celebration, I tried to motivate passing adventurers to join the fun. I bought a cool Rendeer outfit for this but somehow, nobody would even look at me.

2013-12-18 Starlight Celebration 05

Depressed, I hid. Are you able to find me? ._.

2013-12-18 Starlight Celebration 04

To get into a better mood, I asked for one of these ledicious cakes but they wouldn’t hand them out! How greedy!! I observed the Retainer lady and the cakes were just standing there for hours!

2013-12-18 Starlight Celebration 07

So I bought myself some Princess Pudding and devoured them!

I also dressed up as super pretty Christmas Elf to lure in more customers for the costume and food booths, as well as for the celebration.

2013-12-18 Starlight Celebration 06

While I wasn’t too successfull, I decided to gear up Phoenix and spread the joy by delivering presents with my rendeer Phoenix! ò.ó/

2013-12-18 Starlight Celebration 08

It was then, when my LS got suddenly super busy. I’m not talking of EuroAsylum, but my small LS Rising Phoenix. So I decided to call everyone to Gridania.

Ramzah was one of the first to arrive and joined me on the waiting bench. He looked so handsome, strong and adorable! It was ony then when I realized, I had never actually met him in person. But I was too shy to tell him. >.<;

2013-12-18 Starlight Celebration 09

Then, unfortunately, also others joined us. Lonixie, Ryko, Euph, Leo…

2013-12-18 Starlight Celebration 10

As you realize, they wer enot really dressed correctly…

Well, Ramzili didn’t have any christmas outfit yet so I gave him one of mine. Thanks to the dress being magical, my size fit him, too!

It only needed a few orders and they were dressed neatly. How well I trained everyone haha! Only gotta work on Leo and Ryko a bit more….

2013-12-18 Starlight Celebration 11

We then proceeded to check the present! Fooling around with the enchanted presents that we could not open, I hid in one box.

I am da prezzent!!!

2013-12-18 Starlight Celebration 12

We then took a great group photo! Everyone is here! Chaosi and Sir Scott also joined. They were wearing their snowman outfits as you can clearly see. Chaosi stook right next to me and Scott had climbed the present mountain!

2013-12-18 Starlight Celebration 13

While we were all together, suddenly, Lonix undressed. O.O;

2013-12-18 Starlight Celebration 14

After I handed out awesome cookies to everyone, Lonixie decided to give some fanservice and let me take a close-up photo. She’s so kind.

You can enlarge all photos in this entry by clicking on them, btw.

Now my diary will become super popular!

2013-12-18 Starlight Celebration 15

And thus, the Rising Phoenix Christmas party was over. It was short but nice.

2013-12-18 Starlight Celebration 16

Afterwards, we had a servant clothing show-off. Leo seemed to win with her sedusive poses… :(

2013-12-18 Starlight Celebration 17

But I mean… who can resist this lovely maid and this handsome butler?

2013-12-18 Starlight Celebration 18

And so, I wish you a wonderful Starlight Celebration, many presents and before all health, joy, happiness, success, money, love, friendship and may your wishes come true!

Happy Starlight Celebration!

The Glowing Crystals

I missed my friends and was also trying to do something good. In Gridania, I met Euph and his newly obtained pet Dodo. He looked so cute and fluffy, interesting and soft, curious and adorable. I’m talking about the Dodo of course!

2013-11-08 Euph Dodo

Suddenly, Leo appeared and dragged me to a Camp where loads of experienced Adventurers had gathered.

She told me to hand in my vouchers that I had received from my Delivery Moogle…

2013-11-01 Bikini and Crystals 01

And they gave me a super pretty bikini!

Next, we discovered a huge Crystal! People were sitting on it, so we wanted to do the same.

Easier said than done. We tried to jump and climb and jump more and try to warp and crawl and run-jump but it would not work.

2013-11-01 Bikini and Crystals 02

Then, with the help of our loyal friend, we succeeded.

We now belonged to the cool people!

2013-11-01 Bikini and Crystals 03

We had the best overview of the whole campsite and could observe adventurers, standing near the Aetherite, just staring at it for hours. Strange people…

2013-11-01 Bikini and Crystals 04

Before I even realized, it had become nighttime. All the crystals started to glow!

It was such a beautiful view. I had never seen such a beautiful crystalline scenery in my whole life.

2013-11-01 Bikini and Crystals 05

I swore to myself to explore the world with open eyes from now on. What wonderful scenery had I overseen so far while just following tasks, duties, concentrating on gathering points or monster kills?!

I still have so much to learn.

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