My Profile

First name: Riiko
Last name: Rinkoko
Nicknames: Rii, Koko, Potato, Popoto
Race: Lalafell
Gender: female
Clan: Dunesfolk

Height: very small
Weight: like a feather!
Age: 15
Nameday: 16th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon (Earth: 15.06.)
Guardian: Menphina
City-State: Gridania
Free Company:
One Punch Mog (formerly EuroAsylum)
Grand Company: Immortal Flames
Server: Omega (formerly Excalibur)

Family status: single (divorced)
Former partners: none
Family: I drew pictures of my family member to present them better.

FFXIV - Riikos mutter
My mom is a very wise and clever woman. She has my dad totally under control and she is the best healer in the world! She works at a small house where they take care of wounded animals.

I love her super-duper-wuper much!!!
She has the most beautiful eyes.

FFXIV - Riikos vater
My dad is the strongest and coolest dad you can imagine! Mom says, he was one of the most feared bandits once but she caught and tamed him.
I think my mom just wants to show off.My dad is a super kind guy and I don’t understand why our neighbours seem to be too scared to look him into the eyes.
FFXIV - Riikos schwester
My big sister is a popular and awesome person. She is always surrounded by her friends who take super good care for her. I don’t know why my mom doesn’t like that. I wish she had at least one girl friend though.

She always tells me, looking cute and being nice and helpless makes you find lots of guy friends. This is why she doesn’t want to learn magic or fighting.

FFXIV - Riikos bruder
My big brother rarely says a word but when he does, he says the most awesome things like “Fuck off, you annoy me.” and everyone listens to him!I have the feeling he always understands me.

He is a good archer and he sometimes teaches me a little bit.

FFXIV - Riikos tante My aunt Riiko Rinkoko is my mom’s sister. She is ugly, has a bad attitude, is an addict and totally stupid.

Everyone says she is a hero but she is not! I will prove it!

I hate her.

: not my aunt!
Hobbies: exploring new areas, going on adventures, learning magic, building my minion army, gardening, house designing
Likes: cute things
Dislikes: ugly and toxic things, my aunt
Favorite Food: Ginger Cookies, Hot chocolate, Cookies
Motto:  I am not like my aunt but I am a Paint Master!
Biggest Wish: Becoming a better, stronger, trustworthier and cooler adventurer than my aunt. I also wish to become a White Mage Goddess.

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