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Small Guide to Matoya’s Extreme Mode Quests

Did you have the urge to try out the extreme mode Quests in Matoya’s cave but were too worried you couldn’t do it?

That was me a while ago.

Rest assured that despite the warning that there will be no location help in the quest log indicating what you need to do, they are quite obvious.

If you’re still scared, do not worry, I provide some aid with this post.

The quests point you in the right direction already. One Broom wants you to go find a pool. Follow a stream to the west and you will reach it.

There it is:

An other quests asks you to go find a broken aetherite.

I happened to roughly remember where I saw some scattered aetherites, so I checked the places and found this one quite quick:

In yet another quest you have to find the tiniest wooden bride ever in the west.

The issue with this one is that it doesn’t have sparkling stuff on the location. You cannot identify it until you step on it.

Only then the sparkles appear:

Quick! Return and hand in the quests that were so incredibly tough.

This unlocks the Quest of Saro Roggo. He is one of Matoya’s most loyal servants and wants to fullfill her every wish.

But there is a major problem: Matoya is not cooperative.

After some convincing talks, she finally agrees to give Saro Roggo a task:

THe frog looked like he was about to explode with joy.

He then started to stand there and look at Matoya.

For minutes.

When Matoya questioned him, it turned out that he took his task very serious.

Now, Matoya finally got angry, yet she was smart enough to give him a new task.

It was very effective.

Actually, there is another quest after this one. Please do it yourself and find out more about Matoya and her biggest wish. :)

Housing Adventures Reborn on Omega

After our small victory in Gyr Abania, it was time to relax.

With the move to Omega, everyone got a house. At least those who wanted one, from what I know. It was time to tend to my house and design a bit more. My house is located in a secluded corner of the Lavender beds. Market board, Summoning bell and local merchants are offering their services nearby. I don’t have a beuaiful flower pond anymore, but I got a large mansion so that’s that.

On that day, I picked up Lilly in her house and have her a small present: “Papalymo and Yda” Painting.

Then, I dragged her with me to show her my garden.

She snuck inside the house although I told her it’s not finished yet… Food was standing all over the floor and she ate quite a bit of it… then passed out. x_x

Soon after, we had ranked up our newly founded Free Company to the rank where we could buy our own house!

Quickly, I ran to our (my?) most favorite plot and purchased the medium house for the Free Company.

There it is:

This spot has a marvelous view on the ocean. It comes with a small private beach and a little private park.

Of course, I built the company workshop directly after placing all the furniture from my retainers inside.

We then worked on our first airship.

It looked beautiful.

Here you can see “Chelci’s Miniskirt” on her first voyage. It’s white with red highlights – classy White mage style.

Then, I proceeded to do some work on the outside of the house.

Our next step would be the work on a Carbuncle house.

Spoiler: It looks amazing!

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