Making Moogles work the Moogle way

The Moogles celebrated big time for the free kupo nut present.

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 19

Eventually, they all fell asleep. But it was more like there was something in their drink that put them in a dreamlike state?

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 20

Master Mogzin acted absolutely not creepy after they passed out…

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 21

He manipulated them into believing that working is their life, their destiny, their purpose.

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 22

And so they went back to work.

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 23

Eventually, I had to keep giving them their regular dose of Dravanian tree seeds to keep them motivated and working…

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 24

Not sure, this was going into the right direction, but the progress was great and I even got my own Dravanian Tree mount, so I couldn’t complain.

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 25

Eventually, we made friends with a little Dragon living nearby.

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 26

He introduced us to his big brother who wanted some special offering before agreeing to work with us.

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 27

The Moogles and I crafted a little, beautiful Moogle Horn. With this, Moogles would call upon the Dragon’s aid.

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 28

It was some traditional instrument and the big brother dragon agreed to join our cause and support where he could. This was to move big rocks or defend the Moogles from enemies.

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 29


Moogles just want one thing: Free Kupo Nuts

How to convince a Moogle to work together:

1) Craft fake kupo nuts.

2) Present the moogles with said kupo nuts.

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 01

3) Have them assume they are real.

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 02

4) Have them fall for it.

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 03

5) Have them fight over who is the most boss to try them first.

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 04

6) Have them realize they are fake and acknowledge your crafting skill to work together as crafters.

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 05

7) Have them fantasize about all the possibilities you now have…

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 06

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 07

Now, you can work together to rebuild that ruin place. Even can lure more Moogles with fake kupo nuts to help out!

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 08

A lot of adventurers came to help the Moogles expand and craft and all!

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 09

Also some soldiers were sent to support and secretly supervise so that nothing unexpected happens…

Moogle Miners were hired to work on the soil and rocks.

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 10

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 11

Whenever a Moogle tried to slack off, it’s always helpful to threaten you will squeeze their pom. They really are scared of that. Must be very unpleasant for them…

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 12

Once a basic infrastructure is created, more Moogles needed to be hired and included in the project.

And how would this be done if not with Kupo Nuts?

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 13

Master Mogzin, the Moogle reconstruction leader was really good in convincing that the bribe kupo nut was not a bribe…

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 14

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 15

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 16

Slowly, Moghan would fall for the lure.

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 17

Eventually, he celebrated big time with his buddies about the kupo nut present and all!

2016-06-07 Moogle Daily Quests 18

But then…

The Rising 2016: A play about the battle against Bahamut

It’s been 3 years since I started my adventures after the Calamity. At the same time, a caravan of actors arrived in Ul’dah. They were gathering stories about the Calamity in all Eorzea and were finally preparing to perform their act.

Unfortunately, their Lalafell actor who was to play the role of the Warrior of Light, got injured during practice. I was already worried but they told me they had found the perfect replacement for him, and I shouldn’t worry about it.

2016-08-27 The Rising Blog Post 07

Who would have thought they had casted my long lost aunt?!!!

2016-08-27 The Rising Blog Post 06

After all, i was supposed to be the center of attention, no? Whenever some issue occurs, I’m there to help out! Why would they chose someone else?

I had already seen myself as hero of the day…

2016-08-27 The Rising Blog Post 08

Anyway, they held several performances and of course I documented all of them. You can find them in the menu bar on top of the page and here:

The Rising 2016

Of course, I have arranged them so that you can also quick jump to any ending you would like to see:

2016-08-27 The Rising 2016 50

After the show, my aunt Riiko gained all the praise of the performers.

2016-08-27 The Rising Blog Post 02

Even the viewers loved her performance and she had to go back on stage for them to cheer her on SEVERAL TIMES!

2016-08-27 The Rising Blog Post 03

Who would have gessed I was really salty about the whole thing.

2016-08-27 The Rising Blog Post 10

After a long conversation with the Wandering Minstrel, I calmed down.

I should be happy that my aunt is alive and doing well. After all, I do have so many questions to ask her about where she has been and what she had been doing.

2016-08-27 The Rising Blog Post 09

After the performances were all over, she disappeared again. But now that I’ve found her, there is no way she will escape me again!

Gamescom 2016

Mag and me went to Gamescom 2016. As usual, we had obtained Wednesday tickets as all other days are usually so full, you can only try out 1-3 games.

Our first destination were the Final Fantasy XIV booths. Suprise!

At first we checked out the Battle Challenge. They had Thordan and Sephiroth pictures all over it, so it was one or the other today.

Turns out, it was Thordan.

So we watched the screen and the group was just wiping over and over. So it was really not just Thordan Hard mode, but a more difficult version.

I got scared.

2016-08-17 Gamescom 02

Nevertheless we queued for about 5 minutes until it was our turn. Mag was allowed to play Warrior and I got White Mage. Best choice ever.

We wrecked Thordan. Nobody died. We were pros and carried the group of mostly new people trying out the game for the first time.

Afterwards, we got our well deserved I beat Thordan T-shirts.

Next was the other FFXIV booth with a “Roulette” Challenge and The Feast PvP battle.

2016-08-17 Gamescom 03

There, we first chose the roulette. We happened to be queued with some new and some other pro players. The first roulette board showed “Mystery battle” which was either Gilgamesh or some other Hildibrand fight. The second roulette board stopped at “no party list, no focus target”. Okay, we can do this! The PCs already had prepared that both were hidden. I was White Mage once more and Mag was Tank again, I think. Obviously, we wrecked Gilgamesh. After all, there is a small health bar unter the character names on the screen so you know who to cast on.

Next up was the Feast. It was the first time, I tried the Feast out! And I was nervous as I remember The Wolve’s Den times and also in Frontlines, PvP life is harsh. I was playing as a Summoner, Mag was Ninja. The person next to Mag was our healer. He was like: “I’m new, what do I do?” Mag gave him a few tips.

When the battle started, we actually wrecked the other team. First, Mag and me attacked the enemy AST who, accordig to Mag, did not heal himself much or at all. Next we killed the other DPS who just stood there and didn’t really try to run to hide from my DoT casts. The tank also didn’t try to stop either of us DPSs with stuns or anything. In the end, we won. Our healer was like “YESS!! I don’t know what I was doing but we won!”. He seemed so happy :D Was glad to give that feeling to a potential new player.

Nearby, there was a place where you could buy food and sit down. It was decorated as the Eorzea Grill. Unfortunately, my photo is very blurry but I don’t have any better one, so I’ll post it anyway. They just sell normal food there, no FFXIV themed food :\

2016-08-17 Gamescom 04

Afterwards, we tried out some other games like Titanfall 2 (I had no idea what I was doing), Diablo I, Overwatch (I totally carried as Bastion, camping the enemies strategically perfect), that Blizzard copy of Dota/LoL and Mag tried WoW, but they only let you play the current game that you can play at home, so he was quickly finished.

Afterwards, we checked out the Merchandise area. I bought a Mandragora Queen plush and a cute Lulu (League of Legends) figure.

In the end, there was a place where you could become a game card:

2016-08-17 Gamescom 01

See you next year, Gamescom. :D

Verminion Adventures

Uziel and me played a lot of Verminion in order to obtain the amazing Penguin minion. We’re not there yet, but we’re getting there ò.óV

On our way, we fought with amazing minion armies, such as my little army of books.

2016-06-01 Verminion 01

A bombastic battle emerged eventually when I tried to blow up Uziel’s minions and crystals.

2016-06-01 Verminion 02

But eventually, I tried out other minions and figured out, these here were kinda um… useless…?

After all, they were just cushions. How were they gonna attack his minions or even destroy crystals? <.<;;

2016-06-01 Verminion 03

In the end I had to resort to extreme measures and summon forth my Primal army.

2016-06-01 Verminion 04

Who wouldn’t shiver in fear when you see them all running towards you?!

2016-06-01 Verminion 05

After our battles, Uzi and me were 2nd and 3rd on the tournament ranking board.

Way to go, us! :D

2016-06-01 Verminion 06

Soon you will be ours, Penguin minion.


2016-05-27 SOON

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