Nice to meet you

Hello everyone!

My name is Riiko Rinkoko and I’m a Lalafell Lady without boyfriend so currently looking for an attractive Elezen currently meditating in Gridania.  The goal of my spiritual training is to research and learn the Art of Magic. I am especially interested in healing, protective and supportive magic. Hopefully, the spiritual energy in Gridania is much higher than in my home town.

Today I was just slacking off undertaking a hard spiritual meditation in this beautiful forest.

I was told that a dangerous Guardian Tree is protecting Gridania. Despite the fact that I arrived in Gridania a few years ago, I never saw him. He must be slacking off a lot! Also he can’t be too strong if people know about him. People talking about him means that there are people who were able to escape from his attacks. sigh… How can people be so stupid to actually believe the guardian would be strong… He’s just a lazy Tree! If I was responsible for the forest, none of these super weakish Adventurers would ever leave it again. And of course they wouldn’t reach Gridania either.

Anyway, it’s time to go to sleep for now. Tomorrow I will continue my hard training at sunrise.



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