Moonfire Faire: Yuuzuki’s Summer Beach Photo session

My other character friend, Yuuzuki, really enjoys the beach too. She went there with her little dragon buddy to enjoy the Moonfire Faire!

There, Yuu gave him some flying lessons. After all, once he grows up he’ll become a fearsome dragon despite what everyone else thinks.

The lil raptor has big dreams and will fly through the sky one day!

Sometimes, it’s good to take a break from flying training.

Just enjoying the sunset is relaxing.

Training had to go on so Yuu showed the lil raptor some dance moves.

You might not see it in the picture, but raptor is actually flapping vividly with his wings while Yuu is dancing!

It got late and the nightly fireworks started.

Raptor didn’t get startled by the loud sounds of the fireworks.

He’s a big raptor already and nothing scares him.

Except the deep ocean where he can’t stand.

So he stayed at the beach while Yuu took a relaxing nightly bath.

Finally, they watched the finale of the fireworks together.



“Show your Skin” – Social Hide&Seek and Chocobo Race FC Event

A few weeks ago, I organized the first social event with the FC on Omega.

Everyone was asked to dress in summer beach clothing with the motto “show your skin”.

Everyone did a great job in showing off their skin as much as they felt comfortable. ö.ö

We then started the games! First up: Hide and seek!

I hid anywhere in the Mist but not inside houses. The first person to find and initiate trade with me would receive the announced winning item(s).

Can you find me in this picture?

Hint: Bomb!

One time, I hid in the Chocobo stable of a neighbour. When a bunch of half-naked ladies suddenly gathered in their garden, the neighbour seemed clearly confused. I apologized to them >.<;

Some hideouts seemed really obvious and people found me quickly.

Please take a moment to enjoy Bay’s unique pirate outfit…

Some other hideouts were super obvious and some weren’t.

Sometimes, I got burned and people were surprised to find baked potato instead of me.

Then, we played Chocobo racing. Everyone was to gather on the wooden thing and on 3, 2, 1, GO! then came running at me.

It was really scary having a group of people come running at you. Would this be certain death?

First to trade me got yet again awesome stuff.

After a few runs, we initiated savage mode: I was allowed to jump on my mount and run away from the group!

They chased me through half the area until they managed to catch up and trade to me.

After this funny race, we initiated Hide&Seek Savage. People had to hide the character names or the HUD – whatever was easier for them to set up…. And then find me.

Do you see me in this picture?

Mag managed to find me first! Here I am:

The next time, I hid very well again but made sure, you can still see a part of me.

Here I am again in a bomb! :D

Loxie found me first but pretended to be standing there just randomly.

It tool a while until other people saw it and checked what was going on.

Was a really funny race. Very tough, I must add. Not sure I would have managed to find myself if I had been searching! O_O

Good job everyone, thanks for joining the fun! :D

WHM Job Gauge Improvement Idea (and MNK)

Do you know the issue that you have 3 lilies but all abilities that could use them up are on cooldown? You just had to heal that much!

No? I don’t know this issue either, but in case this ever happens, I have THE idea to improve the WHM Job Gauge. It’s a revolutionary idea, that will make the job with their lily system a lot more efficient.

Here is a sample picture of how it could look like:

Most jobs can show off and gather 69 <whatever> of their job gauge. On the other hand, several jobs are unable to do so. Is this fair?

No! This is completely unfair! WHMs should be able to gather 69 Lilies and take screenshots to brag on twitter of it as well!

Of course I understand, there are other jobs who cannot do this either, like SCH, BRD, MCH, MNK… Do not worry, I also have a brilliant and beautiful idea for Monk:

While it might look like it’s covering your whole screen, don’t worry, you can just place it over your party list or your chatlog. As MNK, you don’t need to know what the rest of the group is doing anyway.

In case it’s not clear, this is a bad advice post. Please don’t be bad.

FC Summer Screenshot Contest: Winning Entries

This year during the Moonfire Faire, I organized several events. One of them was a screenshot contest!

The rules were simple. Your character had to be shown how they enjoy a hot day in summer.

Rhowen made a small photo story where she enjoys her day with Moogles, bathes with Bayani and finally rests in her garden chair. What a fun and amazing idea!

Trem on the other hand enjoys his time in hot summer preferably naked. In a massive bathing tub. With the greatest view on Kugane ever! (Stay tuned for more Kugane Sightseeing Screenshot posts in the future, featuring naked Trem.)

Bereklauw decided to take a bath with the ladies. But what is this? He made it really hard for us to see anything. Is it a challenge for us or a screenshot for ants? Very funny picture, he chose, couldn’t help but burst into laughing when I zoomed into the scene! XD

Chelci relaxed at the crystal blue beach in the Mist near her house. I’m sure she had someone with a palm leaf to fan cold air towards her! What an amazing life <3

I’m sure you are thinking: Why can’t Riiko publish all entries and not just the winning entries? Well, let me tell you, this were actually all entries. Unfortunately, not many people participated.

Instead, a lot of people joined the Hide&Seek and Chocobo Race event the other weekend! :D

I’m sure you’re especially excited about the savage versions of these events: Hide&Seek without HUD/UI and Chocobo race where the goal character you gotta trade to in order to register the winner can run away from you O.O;;

Kugane and their Hot Spring

While I am at Gamescom, please enjoy the lovely scenery of Kugane.

In front of the tea house, I discovered a couple. The guy had a bandage over one eye and the lady was holding a parcel, wrapped in a blood cloth. Clearly this was highly suspicious! The lady stared at me in a scary way so I quickly let them pass…

In the morning hours of Kugane, the place is really empty.

Only few customers relax on the benches with a tea. Or without. Nobody came to offer me some tea at least… :(

I proceeded to the marketplace. It was a lot more lively there.

They were selling beautiful goods and I am still looking for a vendor that sells these wonderful umbrellas!

I’m sure you’ve noticed these ropes with lamps that illuminate the dark alleys.

You can actually run over them – if you’re skilled enough!

They lead to a spot from where you have an overview of the hot spring bath.

It’s really unique and has a great view onto the ocean!

The ladies who were bathing there, nicely invited me to join them.

But I had other plans.

Ah, sorry to disturb you here in your flirty activities!

In the dressing room, I came across these two darlings.

All in all, the hot spring bath is an amazing place to visit and relax – even if only for a few minutes!

I highly recommend to enjoy the sunset.

You’d be surprised how more “Ruby Sea”-like it looks like the Ruby Sea itself!

At night, countless lights illuminate the streets. The town is more lively than ever and you can experience the vivid and busy streets. Adventurers rushing from here to there, locals gossiping, shop keepers trying hard to please all their customers… It does feel a lot like Japan! Not that I have any idea what “Japan” actually is since I’m just a Lalafell from Eorzea ;D


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