Adventuring Adventurer

What is an adventurer without adventures? Nothing!

So I went on adventures.

Once I saw a tasty meal: Apples, oranges and lots of tasty fruits had been prepared and nobody seemed to want them. I decided that I want them.

So I went there.

And took one.

2013-11-30 Adventures 01

But I had not seen the giant turtle whose midnight snack I was eating.

The turtle wanted to make me his midnight snack instead, so I fainted and it lost interest.

I was lying in the water for a hours until the turtle finally went to sleep.

2013-11-30 Adventures 02

It then took me days for my skin to recover and not look wavy from all the water.

As I was trying to not meet anyone I know and see my terrible skin condition, I suddenly bumped into Sir Scott’s leg. He forced me to sit down and relax.

I must have looked really terrible…

So we just sat there and chatted happily. He made me forget my skin problems and convinced me to join him in the big EuroAsylum event.

2013-11-30 Adventures 03

Emper had crafter new fashionable clothes for everyone. It was our task to wear it during fights long enough to be able to transform them into materia. The materia would be sold and the money would go into our housing fund.

This sounded like a good thing to do. So I teamed up with Tremaine and Sit Scott and our noble Chocobos to fight for money!

2013-11-30 Adventures 04

I think, we looked really cool!

The guys were wearing some wild animal leather gear that made them look intimidating!

I was wearing pretty tights that underlined my beautiful legs.

With time, more and mor epeople joined and in the end we became the most popular fashion group in the whole world!

2013-11-30 Adventures 05

We fought all night.

After handing in the materia, I went to my Inn.

I was even too tired to put on my pyjama and when I sat down on my bed, I fell asleep, just to miss the morning sun rising.

2013-12-01 WHM Inn


Born to Mine

Miners are strong. They mine all day, are bathed in sweat. Some say, sweaty, hard working people are very attractive. Hell yes, they are. Unless they are Raeogadyn.

And with those, I had an issue.

We were standing in front of some merchant tribunal with big merchant bosses who have the power over who may have a business open and who has to close. If you don’t show great sales or success, you shall no longer sell your stuff.

2013-12-11 Miner 01

THis Reogadyn had such an issue and it was my Miner Guild Leader who provided the merchants with a proof that the business of that miner guy should continue to sell. She offered them MY DARKSTEEL ORE! WHAT!

2013-12-11 Miner 02

Everyone was surprised by this rare peace of ore. Everyone loves Darksteel ore.

I had mined it the day before as my guild master had asked me to provide her with some… If I only had known it was for a Raeogadyn…

2013-12-11 Miner 03

The merchants questioned the Reaogadyn. Was it really his doing?!

2013-12-11 Miner 04


Turns out, the business was only going so bad because the Reaogadyn was jealous of my guild master… Geez….

When a new guild master was chosen, it was my beautiful miner lady who was selected and not the Reaogalalala guy who made a scene. He was jealous the whole time! The Reaogadyn from the guild who looked like a woman was his brother or something? I didn’t really get all the details.

All I know is that my lady guildmaster did not want to become one but carried on the business as she was expected to. The jealousy of the Raeoalalal man was needless!

2013-12-11 Miner 05

After they finally had talked about their issues, the merchant masters decided, he could keep his business.

2013-12-11 Miner 06

As you can see, talking about issues is more efficient than not talking and living in grief, jealousy, anger or sadness!

(If you don’t like my pretty boobies, keep it for you, though!!!)

2013-12-11 Miner 07

Happy, that I witnessed this crap, I left. It was time for me to make my own Miner clothes.

I just had one problem: The helm.

As I had no experience in Armorcrafting, there was no way I could make a suitable helm. What to do?!

I asked for help in EuroAsylum and Lyssa offered me assistance. In her noble Armorer outfit, she started crafting a strong and handy helm for me.

2013-12-11 Miner 08

I was pretty impressed! It even had a lamp on the front so I could mine in the darkest places and still see something!

When in danger, I can use morse signs and call for help with this lamp by switching it on and off. How handy is this?!

2013-12-11 Miner 09

One day, I want to be an Armorer and Miner like Lyssa. She not only has adorable boobies, she also has the most elegant Pickaxe, that only the most hardworking Miners will receive as reward for their hard work!

2013-12-11 Miner 10

Life in the Snow

One evening, while I was adventuring through the Coertas Highlands, I came across a woodchuck. He urgently needed my help as he was waiting for a delivery of Spruce Logs that should have arrived days ago.

2013-11-24 Botanist 01

Being a friendly adventurer, I put on my Botanist clothes and ran off to chop some wood myself. Screw this late delivery!

2013-11-24 Botanist 02

Suddenly, I came across the delivery guy whose truck was empty.

I questioned him about what he had done with the wood! He shouldn’t use it for his own firewood! Poor Spruce logs!!

2013-11-24 Botanist 03

Somehow he did not have the logs (bandits? he lost them?)…

Because I am such a nice person, I helped this guy out, too, by chopping some trees and providing him with the finest Spruce logs.

2013-11-24 Botanist 04

He thanked me happily. Yeah, I saved his job. At least he was thankful.

2013-11-24 Botanist 05

Suddenly, my Guild Master appeared. She questioned him, why he needed this fine lumber.

2013-11-24 Botanist 06

He stated, houses and othe rbuildings needed restauration. Especially in hard times of war and beastmen attacks, repairs with wood are of utmost importance – especially in an area of eternal snow.

2013-11-24 Botanist 07

My Master was really happy that Botanists could be of any help. Lately, she had been worried that they might not be needed anymore and her guild would be closed.

2013-11-24 Botanist 08

But even in the coldest and unfriendliest places, life can be born and grow.

2013-11-24 Botanist 09

The efforts of Botanists will never be in vain. They plant new plants, they care for them and watch them grow. And these plants will at some point help others to survive.

2013-11-24 Botanist 10

I actually had never ever planted or cared for plants. I always had harvested or logged trees, herbs, plants, flowers and more. I also have never seen anyone plant new plants.

While wondering what she was talking about, she keept chatting to me for what felt like hours.

2013-11-24 Botanist 11

She thanked me for the great support I was to the guild, to her and to nature.

2013-11-24 Botanist 12

Back in Gridania, she handed me a super special Hatchet for treechopping.

Of course I dad to pose for you all!

2013-11-24 Botanist 13

I also showed off my new outfit to Leo and Mr. Chaosi. They were not impressed and told me, I looked like a Gartenzwerg or a Heinzelmännchen. :(

2013-11-24 Botanist 14

I still like my outfit. ;_;

A Bath with Mag

Mag and me met for our date. When I arrived at the Camp, he was wearing his swimsuit… um… what?

I was a bit worried about his looks but I had brought my Cactuar minion with me – for safety reasons and cause he had been really bored lately.

2013-11-30 Magatsu Date 01

Luckily, Mag changed into his normal clothes and the adventure could begin!

2013-11-30 Magatsu Date 02

We took a ride and finally arrived at a secluded place. A small hut next to a hot spring with a waterfall! How lovely. I remember coming here before. This was where I had found a Cactuar from the Zombie. At that time I didn’t have the chance to try out the hot spring really…

2013-11-30 Magatsu Date 03

As I didn’t want Mag to watch me, I entered the house – it was empty – and changed there.

2013-11-30 Magatsu Date 04

When I entered the water in my super sexy bikini, Mag was already sitting unter the waterfall. I eas really shocked – so was the Cactuar.

Was he peeing into the water?!!!

2013-11-30 Magatsu Date 05

He promised, he wasn’t and thus, we sat next to him. The cactuar seemed quite happy now as he finally got to bathe after a long time. I enjoyed sitting there with Mag. We chatted a bit and enjoyed the hot water.

2013-11-30 Magatsu Date 06

After a while, it got reaaaaally hot and I decided to change back. I didn’t really want to leave, but I would faint. And who knew what Mag would do to an attractive Lala like me then!!

2013-11-30 Magatsu Date 07

Back in town, he thanked me for the wonderful day. And so did I.

I really had enjoyed this. Mag is pretty cool and strong. Hopefully, we’ll go out again!

2013-11-14 Magatsu 01


A New Era

And after we celebrated, the big bosses held a fabulous speech! Everyone listened with great joy – still giggly from the party.

2013-11-30 New Era 06

The bosses declared, that they will always be united and if anything threatens the safety of Eorzea, they will fight it together.

2013-11-30 New Era 07

And thanks to me, peace had returned – the Ultima Weapon was destroyed and the Imperials defeated!

2013-11-30 New Era 08

An era has ended and a new shall begin.

This is the beginning of the Sixth Astral Era!

2013-11-30 New Era 09

We all celebrated this event in joy! We were the ones who had lead Eorzea in a new Era. An Era of peace and lovey-dovey-ness.

Maybe I will now find a boyfriend?!

2013-11-30 New Era 10

We then had some chit chats but somehow, I felt that something was wrong.

2013-11-30 New Era 12

Suddenly, everyone started to slowly fade away!!

2013-11-30 New Era 13

Then, I was all alone. All. Alone.

Shocked, I stared up to the sky. It became dark. Black. Pitch black.

2013-11-30 New Era 14

Then, the Mothercrystal appeared. What had happened? It had become all dark and sinister. It felt evil. This was no Mothercrystal!! But what was it?

2013-11-30 New Era 15

I opened my eyes and realized, it was just a vision…

2013-11-30 New Era 16

But then, a terrible noise hurt our ears.

2013-11-30 New Era 17

Nobody knew what it was but everyone heard it…

2013-11-30 New Era 18

It had come from somehwere further away… What the hell?!

2013-11-30 New Era 19

Then, I remembered. In my vision, I also saw Ascians. Lots of them, praying to something. Were they praying to the dark Mothercrystal?

2013-11-30 New Era 20

Did they want to let Eorzea fall into eternal darkness?

Some font appeared in my head…

2013-11-30 New Era 21

Before I realized, I found myself back in the Walking Sands, our Headquarter. Everyone was cheering me up and congratulating me for the great success and leading everyone into a new era. I felt soooo important!

2013-11-30 New Era 22

We all decided to take better care of Thancred and investigate that noise while staying in close contact in case something bad happened again.

2013-11-30 New Era 23

Outside, Mag was waiting for me. As he had helped me so much, we celebrated out victory together.

2013-11-30 New Era 24

And then, something unexpected happened…

Paint 2013-12-17 The Date with Mag

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