Housing Adventures: Welcome to my garden and Mansion :D

Welcome to my Housing Tour!

I own a large house in the Lavende beds, ward 6, plot 3 on Omega server.

Currently, like 2 months ago, my house was a Moogle house. I change it up from time to time now that you can freely change the exterior.

On the side of the house, there is a small bridge with a small hideout underneath.

Behind the house, a massive waterfall is splashing down. ö.ö

Come on into my garden. ò.óV

This is how it looks like!

I have a lala-sized bathtub containing melons as snack. Awesome, right?

Walk over the bridge and enter the japanese / hingan part of my garden.

It comes with a relaxing place for picknicks!

In the back of it, there is a hot bath.

It’s so relaxing just sitting there.

At night, I set up a little Namazu figure that I burn to celebrate the namazu way. ö.ö

Feel free to come by any time!


Summoner Glamour: Allagan and Flame Styles

Summoner is an amazing job. With the right glamour, you can make it special, awesome, superdupercool!

First, I’d like to present to you my Allagan Summoner Glamour!

Posessed Riiko?

Evil Riiko?

For sure: Scary Riiko!!

“You ate my cookies, I’m gonna eat you!”

Go Bahamut, incapacitate the evil person!

And second, the Flame Summoner!

“If I look at my feather with a serious face, people will think, it’s important.”

Another Summoning of Bahamut!


Isn’t he beautiful?

This is what I think every time I see him. ö.ö

What’s your favorite Glamour for SMN?

My Squadron: Photoshooting and Introduction of my awesome team!

Let me introduce to you my Squadron!

It is a Lalafell only group, consisting of the coolest Lalafell there are.

Kelmomo, the Warrior Lady

Fierce and strong but at the same time elegant and fashionable. She refused to wear any different clothing even if it meant that she wears a dress instead of protective armor.

Mujen Polajen, the hot Conjurer

“It’s hot in here, isn’t it? Oh wait… that’s me!” His most famous joke is indicating how attractive he is. He doesn’t have many friends within the Squad, except his co-healer Liliba. They are wearing the Friendship Feathers.

Nunulupa Tatalupa, the Ranger

Refusing to sing songs, he decided he is more of a Ranger than a Bard. He loves to use Barrage and spam his attacks to slay foes.

Tewawa, the scary Arcanist of Doom

Where she goes, death follows. Don’t look at her funny or she will curse you.

Totodi of the Gentle fist

The happy and super adorable Pugilist. She doesn’t speak much but is the most reliable person around. She prefers to hit her enemies in a way that they don’t feel much pain while dying.

Mumutano, the Marauder who is unsure if he should hit his enemy with his axe

Always insecure, especially when fighting with his Marauder buddy Kelmomo, he isn’t sure if he really should be in this Squad. However, based on his contract, he has no choice but to remain. Over time, he has become slightly more confident, but this gets crushed by any unfriendly comment tossed at him.

Nanasomi, the Idol

Very popular among Lalafell girls, he is the master of songs. With his angelic voice, he sings and performs to entertain his fans. In harsh contrast to NunuLupa, he doesn’t like to use his bow for fighting and rather uses it to make music. He is wearing a mask so his true identity isn’t revealed.

Liliba, the serious Healer

She never smiles, always looks strict and her eyes pierce you when you make a mistake. Yet, she still heals you and saves your life over and over. Nobody really knows what’s going on in her mind except her friend and co-healer Mujen.

My Arcanist lady tries to teach my insecure Marauder how to be more dominant over my Warrior Lady.

Yes, I totally know all names of my Squadron. I just want to make it easier for you to recognize the Lalafell in the pictures!!

The healer duo. They train hard and heal hard. Yet, I’ve never heard of any romantic tensions between them. Guess, they are really just friends.

At least I think that Liliba is only staring at him because he stopped the workout…

Nanasomi is trying to come up with a plan how to become more popular within Eorzea. My little Pugilist is a huge fan of him, however she would never reveal this to anyone.

Break inbetween training.

At some point, they grew tired of me taking so many pictures…

And here, I managed to take a picture of all of them at once!

For reference:

Please see below an overview of my squadron’s classes and skills.

I team them up in a way that they will most likely succeed in their missions while providing red scrips for crafters and gatherers. This is sometimes extremely efficient!

All in all, I really like my Squad, except when I’m supposed to fight with them in Dungeons. Therefore, most of the time half of them are out on a mission to get me some scrips.

Lilly’s gamorous visit

Lilly sometimes randomly asks me where I am. When I tell her, she brings a surprise with her: Her latest glamour! ö.ö

This time, she had made a new white-black glamour and I assumed it was to match the new Tsukuyomi Primal. However, it was a complete coincidence that she had chosen these colors.

They suit her well, don’t you think?

Of course, I had to take a few gpost pictures.

Suddenly, she sat down and stared at me. I nearly left because I wasn’t sure what she wanted.

But then she told me. And I happily petted her <3

Next, I tested her new outfit for hideoutability.

If it’s acceptable as Lalafell hideout.

Yes, it is very acceptable. You may continue wearing thic outfit.


Glamour Tester Riiko

Doman Enclave: Rebuilding the town with donations

In the Doman Enclave, there is a booth lead by Kozakura. Her name means “small cherry blossom” and she’s a real treasure!

At the booth, she accepts donations in order to rebuild the town!

Finally someone I can toss my gil to! I can make a difference with those millions of coins I have gathered!!

She kindly refused my money.

Instead, she would prefer if I gave her items that I don’t need and she will give me gil for those.

That’s not how donations work, you know… <_<;;

Nevertheless, I agreed and procured some Materia and other items that sell well.

She was so happy and even managed somehow with the materia to rebuild parts of the town.

First of all, the basic pictures before the reconstruction started.

It really doesn’t look nice at all. Who would want to live here in these ruins?

There wasn’t even a place to cook except for a small oven…

The children tried to convince themselves that living off rice only is happiness. So much sadness ;_;

How is this a booth where you can get decent food from?

It’s not. :(

But then, it started with these Au Ri from the Steppe. They had been starving after their food supply had run out during their journey. The “cook” gave them food and they loved it!

Ever since, they live in the Enclave and help procuring meat.

Quickly, with all helping hands and my materia, the kitchen area was improved.

Until finally, they started making it attractive to the eye.

Now, people would even come by to see what they sell!

And I can tell you, the first things they sold were these amazing treats!

They offered uniquely tasty nikuman that I just couldn’t resist. I bought them all. I love nikuman!! ö.ö

Over the weeks, they proceeded in upgrading their kitchen.

They even started offering candy in the shape of the most adorable minions!

Once you can buy treats at a place you know that they are doing well.

Of course, a lot of locals and adventurers were attracted by the delicious meals.

The local chef was really happy about this development and deeply thanked me for my donations.

Now all she has to do is tell me how to make amazing food out of materia…

Unfortunately, they also sell fish which I don’t like but hey, they have a river nearby so that makes sense, right?

They even set up a lovely restaurant. You can dine or have breakfast in a beautiful ambient.

However, there is still a lot of work to be done.

Please look forward to my Materia Donations!

Some suspicious Namazu also made some pots their home… <.<;

Next up they started rebuilding a lumber place where they manufacture furnishings and other goods.

But let’s talk about this another time. I first have to research this magical materia usefulness. o.o;

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