Stormblood FATEs

In the new areas, there are countless FATEs. Some of them give achievements and loot. Let’s have a look at a few of them!

A giant Mammoth from ancient times:

Massive connection loss during Ixion FATE…

My favorite FATE: Foxy Lady. She’s a Nine-tailed Fox Demon.

Afterwards, an Au Ra lady remains and is taken care of by her fox friends. >.<;


Stormblood: Landscape and Minions

Let me post some older pictures of when Stormblood was still new.


Cloud mount:

Children playing in Kugane:

Rowena keeps adjusting her outfits to the latest fashion:

Retainer Ventures bring back new super cute minions! ö.ö <3

Isn’t he a sweetie?

Cutsie-wutsie birdie.

A fox!

More foxes!

Khloe Minion is best minion! ö.ö

Too bad, the minion doesn’t accept Wondrous Tails book hand ins. :\

One Punch Mog FC Adventures

For FC events such as Maps, we gather at the FC house. Last year, I took a nice picture of everyone who came to join! Of course, this is not the whole FC, but it’s tough to get everyone be there at the same time.

In our garden, we have an awful stone face statue. One might think, it shouldn’t be there, but it serves one purpose: Sitting on its head when exiting the house!! XD It’s so much fun~

This is our house. Every now and then, we change a bit about it, so feel free to come by.

Our Uniform. Unfortunately, way too few people are wearing it as it is not mandatory. :(

Over half a year ago, I crafted this beautiful Poncho for Ryko! She looks so cute in in it ö.ö

Triple Triad Tournament against Bay!

Cat attack!

Chocobo attack?

When the game tosses bad looking gear at you, the best thing to do is look awful together!

More adventures to be reported soon.

Video: FFXIV – a WALKING adventure

Another video has been released. It took quite a long time to record and put this video together despite being kinda simple. No complex arrangements or actors were needed to perform specific tasks. Except walking.

It was a lot of fun to record this with everyone. Thanks for joining the walking! :D

Please enjoy “a WALKING adventure”!


The beginning of Crafting and Gathering adventures

New Crafting and Gathering adventures awaited me with Stormblood. Suddenly, my guild leaders had new tasks. All at the same time. It was really weird.

My bestie Nanamo-chan wanted some musical instruments crafted from my Goldsmithing master.

Unfortunately, she didn’t realize who she was talking to…

Nanamo was really understanding, so no major issue happened. Thanks to “her dear Riiko”. :)

She also insisted on starting a Goldsmithing school in Rhalgr’s reach but didn’t want to be known as their funding source. Such a noble plan, lil Nanamo! Thanks for supporting those in need.

As Botanist, I helped out the local botanists in Idyllshire to ensure their supplies of fresh food. Unfortunately, a cookie tree has vet to be invented.

The Goblin from Idyllshire and his pupils were building something and needed rare ore to be mined for them. If course it was an easy feat for me to do.

From a Sahagin, I learned a new way of fishing.


And now I’m stuck on the Level 68 quest for ever and ever… :(

All my other crafter teachers had new tasks for me that lead me to Kugane or other new areas. If you are curious what happened.. Why don’t you do them yourself? >:D

I figured, everyone can do these quests as they are leveling these classes. Why bother to specifically write what you already know anyway? :\

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