Shirogane Housing Sightseeing for Amor

A week after Patch 4.2, more Housing wards were released. Amor was living in the Mist and considered moving, so we checked out the perks of Shirogane and to find the best plots.

For sure the sand beds are unique.

The view is really nice too!

They have hot springs on both ends of the town. The more unknown one is hidden in a cave!

The sunsets are super beautiful. ö.ö

/cute pose

Amazingu sunsetto!

To compare, this is the small Mist house of Amor.

While it’s quite nice to be close to the beach, it’s small and not well-designed.

However he has a guard dog kitsune.

Fiercely protecting the property from intruders, the kitsune will follow her duty.

Sometimes even not letting the owner of the house pass cause she can!!

All intruders will be Akh Morned.

Sometimes, the kitsune is off-duty and enjoys drawing awful pictures into the sand.

I’m sorry ._.

…not!! >:D


Relaxing day at the Goblet Spa

Some might say that the Goblet is not a nice place.

They may be right, but they also clearly have not yet visited the Spa. Especially the bar in the water.

It’s simply amazing to have a drink or a snack at the bar inbetween swimming sessions.

Careful! Don’t drink too much or you need your friends to save you from drowning!

Thankfully, Amor happened to pass by coincidentally when I was about to drown.

Afterwards, he enjoyed a bath while I was watching him carefully.

Quickly, I made up an excuse why the Lavender beds has a nicer Spa area.

Soon after, our FC buddies joined and we had a nice gathering.

Somehow, it got really crowded! O.O;; Funny how we could fit so many massive mounts into that small place.

In the end, as much as I like the Lavender beds, the Spa area in Goblet is still nicer. ö.ö;

Please enjoy the New Years Decoration in the Lavender Beds in the above picture. :)

Hideout in Yanxia: Let’s rebuild it! (4.1)

I am documenting the buildings in Yanxia in order to compare their state through the patches. This is the status of end of 4.1 patch, before 4.2!

This is Doma Castle.

This is where you can travel to the Hideout.

The hideout arrival place.


Some food place.

Kids playing at the tree.

Let’s see what changes over the patches since Rhalgr’s Reach doesn’t seem to change at all!

Shinryu Extreme Wipes

After clearing O4S, it was a great idea to finally challenge Shinryu. Yes, 7/8 of the static member have not yet cleared it.

It was a good idea, they said.

It would be fun, they said.

We would beat him, they said.

He won’t wipe us over and over, they said.

I still haven’t beaten him as we gave up to focus on O5S – O8S with Patch 4.2…

O4S Savage clear on 22.12.2017

My static “Waiting for Midget” cleared O4S before Christmas 2017. This was our goal.

We practiced hard and as often as possible, even postponing some RL appointments to get a clear.

And we did it!


More proof:

We gave the first mount that dropped to Bay. He lead us through the fights, researched a lot, announced mechanics when we learned so we could get further quicker. Thanks Bay!! ö.ö

After the Christmas and New Year break, we continued to get mounts for everyone.

During the farm time, this picture happened. :D

And finally, I got my mount, too!

Au Ra for scale:

LOL! Get the pun? XD

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