Lalafell Wedding: Eternal Bond of Moe Moe and Hellen Solo

Moe Moe invited me to her Eternal Bond Wedding ceremony with Hellen Solo.

Not Han solo, please don’t mix it up. Hellen is an adorable Lalafell lady! ò.ó

Unfortunately, it was a really bad time (2am for me) and I was the only guest! T_T

To make up for it only being me, I brought the 5 Primogs with me to entertain and cheer the couple up.

Finally it was time for the sacred ceremony!

As it was only us, we did really enjoy our Lalafell only celebration and “waaaaa”‘ed around.

Finally, it was time to kiss ö.ö;

After the bond had been sealed, I started celebrating big time with my Lala buddies.

I even offered them food, served on my attractive body. I bet any catgirl would be jealous of my food serving skills.

After the feast, we took beautiful pictures together.

When it was time for the honey moon, I took our the celebrative chocobo to play the driver for the freshly wed couple.

And then, they went on their honeymoon.

A few days later during a level roulette, I suddenly came across them again! O.O;

They were clearly on their honeymoon in fancy outfits, totally disguised so that nobody would identify them. But I do recognize my Lala wedding buddies. (I swear it wasn’t thanks to the fact they had their names floating above their heads…)

Even if this post is late, I still wish you two all the best and super awesome times together :D

No Mog Pom Fish in the Aquariums

Once upon a time, aquariums were released!

That was when Mag crafted and traded me a little one ö.ö

Yay, thanks! /hug

I placed it in my house and put a lil fishie inside. The aquarium was just level 1 but it was lala-sized and pretty much perfect.

Then I started comparing sizes.

I needed the biggest one for obvious reasons.

Together with Mag, we were able to bribe a friend of a friend with cookies and ingredients so that they would craft us with their expert skills an aquarium of the biggest size!

It wasn’t as tiny as Ley’s Aquarium that you can see here.

Although Ley’s Aquarium was an attraction for quite a time.

Now, THIS here is a real aquarium. You can even put sharks inside :D

The only downside to the aquariums is the fact that you can only put like 10 different fishies inside. It’s a total letdown.

Before the patch, I bought about 75 different fish and other sea food animals/plants that were cheap and stored them on R’una. Now, I still have them idling around together with some of the fish you can actually put in the aquariums.

Now, I’m waiting for them to allow Mog Poms and other Moogle-styled fish (that I all have on R’una) to be placed within the Aquariums.

Extreme Sophia Makeover

You might have wondered why my hair is suddenly white in the previous Halloween post.

It was not for Halloween.

It was a cosplay, and here I will explain what it was exactly.

It all started with a Sophia learning party.

It started quite well until we started sliding off, getting hit, became charmed and started killing each other…

The floor became our best new friend.

I’m not kidding.

That was when I realized how powerful Sophia was. If I became more like her, the Rise of the Lalafell would get closer!

So I started cosplaying her in order to feel more like the powerful Sophia!

I studied books about beauty, gold and glamour.

I even managed to organize my very own “face” to stand on!

It didn’t take long and Trem decided to become my slave maid idk whatever!!!11

It didn’t last long and I really couldn’t feel Sophia’s power floating through me so I gave up. Just like I gave up winning against Sophia.

Halloween 2016: Adorable Ghosts of the Haunted Manor

Once upon a time, half a year ago to be more exact, there was a Halloween event called “All Saint’s Wake”. And it was fun.

The downside is, I haven’t reported about it and now it’s nicely warm outside. It doesn’t fit into the current season but there is no choice…

Remember the eerie and sinister times of Halloween now ò.ó

These two imps were up to no good as every year, but this year (2016) they had a special something planned.

A haunted manor!

I quickly ran around to gather my friends so that we could go together.

Loxie was like “I’ll join if you can scare me”.

So I disguised myself as a super scary ghost!

It didn’t have the desired effect but I didn’t give up.

Not even my minion scared her! T_T

So I left and just took Mag and Chelci with me instead. PFFFF!

The imps had re-decorated Haukke Manor.

It now looked like a real haunted house.

Pumpkins everywhere.

You could feel the eerieness in every room.

An Imp welcomed us and gave us a random task. After completing 3 tasks successfully, we would get a reward and were allowed to leave again.

We had to find specific pumpkins, find magical portals, find out a lock combination and much more!

At the same time, if a roaming monster saw us, they transformed us into a pumpkin! x_x;;

Here you can see a gathering of some poor souls who were discovered and never made it out.

Everywhere, you could find paw or foot prints.

Only that these here went along a wall like it was normal x_x

Here I am, checking a pumpkin chest but it was just a chest, nothing special…

But what was that on the bed? O.O

A massive, sick ghost! x_x

Finally, we had succeeded with all tasks and were allowed to leave.

But first, we took our reward!

Later, we could exchange the rewards for cool Halloween themed stuff. I totally remember what it was. We got some fireworks for sure.

Not only I had enjoyed the house but also the little kitten from last year (2015).

Her mom was equally excited!

Much to the imps’ surprise because the haunted house was supposed to scare the hell out of them!

I gathered more people and went back in again.

I also explored some of the rooms.

Here you have a ghost who tried to kill a ghost by pushing their chair over…

In another room, there was a ghostly orchestra!

This is Mr. Chairman Ghost of the Ghost Academy – or something like that. At least he has a desk that makes him look important.

“WHO STEPPED ON MY BED?”, this ghost cried and looked at my tiny feet.

“They even stepped all over my favorite pumpkin!”

To guard his beloved pumpkins more, the ghost started piling them up.

To be honest, the haunted house was rather adorable.

I do have one scary screenshot for you though. Look at my outfit!!

I know Trem was super unimpressed at the time, but I find it hilariously terrifying… It’s so bad and awful and just… Wrong.



Alexander: Time Travel Truth

I hope you didn’t believe that the last post was the end of Alex. Cause there’s more.

We might have defeated an Alex but we were still inside the actual Alex.

Roundox used her glowstone to shut down the aethers inside Alex for good.

*wooshing noises*

*system shutdown noises*


And everything was shut down for good. Right?


The Illuminati bas wasn’t dead! He had modified his body because he knew this was coming and had made himself into an android!

And now he tried to command Alex once more.

But it wouldn’t work. An alarm ringed and red flashy lights started blinking.

Alex was refusing the command!

The codex scattered! O.O;

That was when Mide suddenly started acting like she knew what was going on. She knew that her loved one was there, inside Alex and that he was calling for her.

She knew what she had to do.

Roundox ran up to her to stop her.

A last smile…

…and Mide threw herself down into the crystal-engine to die.

The light grew bigger and bigger and even if we heard Mide’s voice reassuring us that we’d be fine, we decided it was time to run like hell to escape from Alex.

Thanks to my amazing skills I saw Mide and her lover in an Aetheric world like the one around the mother crystal.

They had a serious discussion about what had happened.

And I did change their time and stopped the circle.

Thanks to one individual…

Roundox wanted to build her own town just like the one she had seen within Alex. One with a lot of junk that’s actually big treasure. She also wanted to talk to Mide again to thank her and give her the not glowing Glowstone as present.

That was when the lil kitten appeared again!

Roundox gave her the Glowstone and asked her to bring it to Mide.

The kitten left and back at the camp, we had a Goblin read us from the book.

It now contained stories about the future!

Turns out, somehow Mide and her lover had a happy life with Roundox’ Glowstone in their possession!

We talked about this for a long time. I was just happy that Roundox was happy about what had just happened.

This time, we could truly say that the Alex quest is completed.


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