Doman Enclave: A Town Rebuilt through trashy donations

The Doman Enclave is rebuilt over time and I have put my efforts into donating some useless items every week.

No idea why they didn’t accept my offer to directly donating 1 mil Gil but okay.

So they basically turn some ugly grey-brown-barelygreen unised area…

…into something nice and useful. Like a school.

Or a beaitufzl garden.

Where they will hold a celebration to honor me, their one and only donor!

That’s probably what they tell everyone so they can light up lanterns every day with an other adventurer.

It really does look beautiful.

Yeah, and that’s that done.

Let’s hope the rebuilding of some area in Shadowbringers will be more beautiful.


Stormblood 4.5 Story – Summary

All the big bosses and me gathered to meet our enemy in peace treaty discussions.

I wasn’t sure what would happen when my two boyfriends meet but it was quite peaceful. They just stared at each other.

Unfortunately, the meeting with our enemy was unsuccessfull and we prepared for battle.

It’s great to see all fractions combining their forces.

Off to battle!

When suddenly…

Everybody fought as fierce as they could.

Even me.

When suddenly…. Whaaat?

Who is this?

Okay, who am I fooling? Everyone knows who this is.

If you don’t jsut do the Crystal Tower Raids.

I woke up with Aymeric watching over me. He looked high concerned.

When I felt better, I approached Tataru.


I am powerless against this. Make it stop! Don’t cry ;_;

I’m not crying! You’re crying!

6 Scions have fainted so far. Only I am left. Tataru obviously doesn’t want to be left alone. However, she has more friends to support her, so we’ll never give up!

She actually made me an outfit that makes me question if she has any sinister tendencies.

See you in Shadowbringers!

Stormblood 4.4 Story – Summary

So basically, everyone is doing the Main Story anyway, right? I’ll just point out some highlights.

Basically, less and less Aether roaming in the world… Nobody knows where it’s disappearing to. We go to the Burn to look for lil Alphi and the Scions start fainting one by one.

The burn is a white sand desert.


There he is!

Just kidding, he wa slong gone when we arrived.

Then we went to the Steppe to investigate why the aether is disappearing.

Suddenly, this happened.


There were some boring conferences.

Also, some Scions fainted and didn’t wake up.

We will investigate this next time.

Omega Alphascape Savage: Never give up! (O9S – O12S)

This is our raid static. We’re 50% Lalafell and 62,5% hot chicks, so what could go wrong.

We defeated O9S and O10S rather fast and worked a while on O11S but who’s actually interested in reading that?

Much more interesting is O12S with a really new boss:

You know when shit is happening when the arena changes.

We struggled a lot and I decided to upgrade my WHM. Cerv decided the same with her AST.

Here are our upgraded outfits.

This might give you a bit of insight in what our healer personalities might be.

As Namazu, I decided to boost morale andthe will to never give up by creepily staring at ppl.


And it worked!

How we actually won:

Razu directly danced a really cool victory dance for me.

I also perfectly mastered to be a Namazu.

And then, Omega dropped this machine to listen to my every command! It’s quite ugly tbh.

We beat him up a few times for more of these machines, just cause we could.

/happy face

Actually this was the first time of our win. Tirns out, we did it only to get Second Chance points for Wondrous Tails.

A second before 1st win!

And this is us, Waiting for Midget! ò.ó/

And then I looked closer at the fancy weapon that dropped to me O_O

In Shadowbringers, I will not join savage raiding and enjoy my time as a casual player. I hope that my static friends will enjoy the raiding or enjoy whatever they will be doing. \(^__^)/

Omega Alphascape Savage: Never give up! (O9 – O12)

First up some funny pictures from our raid static:

Me, trying to look as scary as Cerv’s Tonberry.

Cosplaying Rare who isn’t expecting a thing.

Okay, so Alphascape begins and we accompany lil Alpha on an adventure.


Big Boom.

Next area, spiky rocks.

Nice weather effects. Perfect for a picture.

Midgardsormr rushes through the arena, burning everyone.

This lil Omega machine is killing ppl as a hobby.

His favorite food is chicken tenders.

Next, we accompany Alpha to the last stage.

We got you, lil fella!

We’re gonna kill this Bishi.

He’s got a girlfriend who he’ll protect. Good boy.

In the end, they give up, defeated.

Alpha decides to become an adventurer like me and see the world.

Wait, did you think that was actual Raid Content? Hahaha, sorry that was just normal Omega.

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