Heavensward, I’m coming!

Today, it is time to leave treason and disappointment behind me and travel forward into hope and a fight against Dragons.

Today, my trip to Heavensward is about to start.

But first, I need to work and earn some more money to finance the journey. My travel will only start in the late afternoon or evening.

That is if the servers allow it…

Paint-2015-06-15 Riiko traveling to Heavensward

See you in Heavensward! :D


Sightseeing log: Climbventures

Next up were some Climbing Vistas.

I tell you, some of them are so hard, it’s really frustrating.

Firt up, It took me several attempts to get on this thingy:

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 21

Like a pro, I jumped on a fence that was 5 times as high as myself! ö.ö

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 24

While this doesn’t look spectacular, it’s a hell of work to get up there.

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 44

I discovered an awesome treehouse. It’s owned by some wils Miqo Ladies who would not share with me. They were kind enough to let me up there though. It was a nice adventure.

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 40

/point like you mean it!

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 25

Dancing on the vines.

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 32

I pretended to be a member of those cultists in Northern Thanalan.

It worked.

Not sure if it’s good or not…

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 33

Some gate climbing. It was not really spectacular like the other vistas before…

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 46

Climbing on that stone pillar wasn’t as easy as expected. My Chocobo has to jump super far!

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 35

Climb those Aetherites!

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 39

Super Challenge: climb on the fence of a bridge.

Hint: It’s not challenging at all.

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 41

More Climbing:

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 38

And even more pole climbing!

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 47

I’ve never seen the Kobolt stronghold like this.

It was a great experience and I was really impressed.

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 45

Last but not least, the most amazing view!

I felt like I was looking down on an old magical land, never touched by anyone.

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 30

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 30-2

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 30-3

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 30-4

Impressed by the beauty, I decided, this would be a good time to have a break from the sightseeing and instead prepare for my trip to Heavensward.

Tomorrow, the journey will begin and I’m excited!

Many things will happen tomorrow and the next weeks. Hopefully, I will be able to report in time next week. With so much going on, I’m not sure if I can handle the flood of new things to discover and writing about it at the same time x_x;

See you in Heavensward! (If the servers allow it…)

Sightseeing log: It’s done…? LOLNOPE!

Only 4 to go!

I visited the old Gobbue who had died but now, plants were sprouting all over him. He’s returned to nature.

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 17

Supervising the Yellowjackets is the most boring thing imaginable.

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 20

Near the Windmills, I was training a bit with my Chocobo who had kinda gained weight again…

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 18

On the 20th Vista I visited, another lala was Vista-hunting. With the Power of Spriggans, I completed the Sightseeing Log!

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 19

Aaaaand done!

Or so I thought.

When I returned to the girl who had given me the Sightseeing Log, she praised me. And she gave me the advanced log. Only 60 new entries. A total of 80!

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 20-2

I nearly kicked her ankle but I reconsidered. Maybe it wasn’t all that bad after all.

So I followed the log and discovered a dragon skeleton covered in Snow in Whitebrim o.O

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 22

My favorite spot in the City of Nym was alos a Vista, which is nice. I hope more people come here!

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 23

Some lonely desert.

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 26

Mysterious place in the woods.

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 27

Yes, this is a vista. Yes, you have to pray to the fence. Yes, it doesn’t make sense.

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 28

Waterfalls surrounded by Water Elementals.  So much water!

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 42

One of these stones of the Twelve is in this big rock hanging in the secret cave. It was one of the locations I had to visit for the wedding ceremony.

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 29

Who would have thought that such a beautiful place existed in the South West of Fallgourt?

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 31

Carby practise in the crystal forest.

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 34

Some spot in Quarrymill.

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 36

Memories! Down at that tree, I had my White mage trials when I started my carreer as healer. ö.ö

Now I’m an experienced White Mage wich fancy gear and all.

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 43

And then, I had a nap at Costa del Sol with the adorable dancers.

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 37

Sightseeing log: The next steps

The adventure continues.

Discovering new spots and new views is actually a lot of fun!

Limsa’s harbor:

2014-06-05 Sightseeing 02

Nice sport from where you can oversee the ruins near Drybone.

In this location, the movie “Power Ranger Beastmen Alliance” was filmed.

2014-06-05 Sightseeing 11

This brings up nice memories: The Sanctum of the Twelve.

2014-06-05 Sightseeing 12

Some dude was staring at the ocean around Lima. The view is nice, but standing ther 24/7 is a bit lonely, isn’t it?

2014-06-05 Sightseeing 13

In Central Shroud, a half-naked cat lady was blocking my spot. She just wouldn’t move! >.>;; Awful.

2014-06-05 Sightseeing 14

Bringing some coolness into the hot summer in Ul’dah while hanging out with Nanamo-chan.

2014-06-05 Sightseeing 15

The feeling when you arrive at a vista and it’s not yet time to /lookout… it’s awful.

Or so I thought.

2014-06-05 Sightseeing 16 - waiting for the weather 01

The sky become red and drenched the surrounding in a warm color.

2014-06-05 Sightseeing 16 - waiting for the weather 02

Then, night fell upon us.

2014-06-05 Sightseeing 16 - waiting for the weather 03

When the sky became a little brighter, announcing the sun would wake up soon, it was nearly time.

2014-06-05 Sightseeing 16 - waiting for the weather 04

The sky became purple and I looked out.

2014-06-05 Sightseeing 16

I really like those. All 20 vistas are nearly done!

Sightseeing log: The first steps

The sightseeing log was always just sitting there, pretty much untouched.

The descriptions told me like nothing. It was like the person who wrote them was speaking a different language.

So I traveled to this location I thought was correct and did /lookout

2014-06-05 Sightseeing 04

Nothing happened.

I became impatient and checked with what other adventurers had found out.

Turns out, you need to be at the exact correct spot in the correct weather at the correct time of day.

Yeah, right.

I climbed up to this point in the Leatherworker’s guild. Yes, I followed a bulk of adventurers who were trying to get up there for no obvious reason and ta-daaa! A vista for the Sightseeing log.

Who would come up with this?

2014-06-05 Sightseeing 03

I had enough of this crap and took a break for a year.

After a year, I followed an “interactive guide” in order to find visit the location at the right time with the right emote.

It feels like cheating but I also get to see really nice views and new hideout spots, so it’s still an adventure!

The Apkallu falls from above:

2014-06-05 Sightseeing 05

Overview of the Sylph camps in East Shroud.

2014-06-05 Sightseeing 06

Such a great view near Oshon’s Thingy!

2014-06-05 Sightseeing 07

I’m so light, even cloth can carry me!

2014-06-05 Sightseeing 08

Praying to some giant statue:

2014-06-05 Sightseeing 09

At the Chamber of Rule, some lala was staring at me really strangely.

I must have looked kinda suspicious here >.>;

2014-06-05 Sightseeing 10


This should better be continued another day…

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