Saturday Paint Comic Special: After the Date with Mag

Well, that was unexpected.

Paint-Comic-2014-05-22 After the Date with Mag


Date with Mag: Small success or a terrible disaster?

One fine day, May said he would like to do something with me but he didn’t know what.

So I told him to follow me.

This was THE chance. Akh had recommended that I should fish and cook something nice for someone I care about. So I finally had the chance to follow his tip!

2014-05-10 Date Mag Coertas 01

Not knowing what was going on, I dragged Mag through the snowy Coertas and made him sit down on the wooden char next to the ice hole.

All Fishers know this ice hole. It’s pretty unique.

And it’s the perfect location to fish Northern Pikes for a special someone!

2014-05-10 Date Mag Coertas 02

After catching a few, I prepared with the utmost concentration a wonderful dish for Mag.

It was of the highest quality. All ingredients were gathered by hand, cooked and arranged with lots of… love.

2014-05-10 Date Mag Coertas 03

I handed him the stuffed cabbage.

A delicious scent of grilled fish with vegetables filled the air.

I was so excited what Mag might say to it!

2014-05-10 Date Mag Coertas 04

…But he stayed all cool and thanked me for the dishes… WITHOUT EVEN TRYING THEM! ;o;

How could he be so insensitive and ruin my wonderful date?

And how should he know that I wanted him to eat if I didn’t tell him?

Angry at myself, I just teleported away.

What a disappointment I was.

2014-05-10 Date Mag Coertas 05

Seeking comfort at the ocean with my Sahagin friends, suddenly Mag came running after me!

Surprised by this unexpected guesture from his side, he even asked if something was wrong and why I had left so suddenly.

I became so embarassed, that I just couldn’t tell him the truth!

So I pretended I came here for the Sahagin quests… Oh gawd, I am so stupid!!

2014-05-10 Date Mag Coertas 06

That was when suddenly, he mentioned that he would keep my food to use it to gain strength for especially hard fight.

Awwwww! I couldn’t be happier and prouder of myself and my skills! ö.ö

He was so nice and I was such a crybaby and weakling!

Angrily I rallied his legs. Why would he be so nice to me!

2014-05-10 Date Mag Coertas 07

He most likely didn’t know why  he had to endure the rally-attack…

I just hopes, my food lends him power and strength to defeat the most dangerous foes and become a truer hero than he already is! ö.ö

And the next day, suddenly…

2014-05-19 Date Mag Kiss

Photo Love Story: A young love is blooming

Spring has come to Eorzea and the cherryblossoms are blooming in a bright pink.

Two Miqo’te soldiers are meeting in the garden. While one is tending the plants, the other is closely watching her.

2014-05-07 Ritzin and Lyssa - a photo love story 01

Ritzin, the fierce Warrior cat, is the leading Event officer of our Free Company. She is judging people by her performance in battle. Not rarely, she is making terrible comments about Lalas.

Strangers would find her hostile and evil (Maybe not as evil as Lyssa…).

The truth is, she is one of the kindest spirits I have met!

Pretending to be uncaring and evil, she in fact does care and like people around her. Especially this white haired cat…

2014-05-07 Ritzin and Lyssa - a photo love story 02-2

Cat, the white haired cat and master of many arts, is our Gardening Expert. She is supporting newcomers and Lalafells.

2014-05-07 Ritzin and Lyssa - a photo love story 03-2

Both of them have a big secret!

Whenever they have time, they spend their time together. Inseparatable.

If you see a Jam, you will find a Ritzin nearby. And vice-versa.

2014-05-07 Ritzin and Lyssa - a photo love story 04-2

As I could not allow myself to being caught while taking photos for this photo love story, I pretended, I wasn’t doing anything.

They didn’t really seem to believe me.

me: “Okay, now please look at each other.”

I could use this opportunity to photoshop their faces in a way that would lead to definite hints that they had a romantic relationship.

2014-05-07 Ritzin and Lyssa - a photo love story 05-2

The attempt failed terribly. Bursting out in depair, I had to somehow make this story a big success!

Luckyly, they were quite supportive.

me: “You are expert models. Please behave accordingly.”

And they did pose. Yeah. They looked cool and all. Just that this wasn’t an advertisement for a new deodorant but a love story with lots of passion and desire!

2014-05-07 Ritzin and Lyssa - a photo love story 06

I failed yet again to reveal the pure and eternal love between those two but I will never rest until I have completed my mission!

Gatherventures: How Rocks and Logs became attached to me…

Gathering is my passion.

Following my passion, I had to improve my Gathering equipment, make my pickaxe and hatchet stronger so that I could gather the most glittering goods ever seen by Lalakind.

Attaching Materia to all of my stuff made me more powerful than ever before!

Now, I was a powerful Gatherer just as Jam! Together, we went on quests to gather logs, soil, seeds and rocks.

2014-05-04 Gatherventures 01

Feeling powerful and strong, I was looking forward to wonderful days of glory and moneymaking.

2014-05-04 Gatherventures 02

It was only then, on a dark and stormy day, when I realized that the rocks and logs I was gathering, had a big problem.

As soon as I picked them up, they were so attached to my sexy Lala charme that they refused to be sold on the Market Board.

You can imagine my feeling of disappointment…

2014-05-04 Gatherventures 03

That shouldn’t stop my gathering career! I would just mine and chop for my own!

Determined to mine all the rocks, I teamed up with Sit Scott who is next to Jam my other Gathering buddy. ö.ö

2014-05-04 Gatherventures 04

Inspired by Jam’s mining skirt, I decided to get one too.

And wow do the guys come running to me! ö.ö

Leon was overfilled with joy when he put his cute eyes on my adorable Mining outfit.

He really must like strong women doing typical men’s work while sweating in the dirt.

2014-05-04 Gatherventures 05

And so, my Gathering adventures contine.

2014-05-04 Gatherventures 07

Gathering alone is nice but with company, waiting for the rare umbral veins or Fragnant roots to become available is just much more fun!

2014-05-04 Gatherventures 06

Anyone else out there gathering alone? Let’s all team up and wait together! ö.ö

Fishing Mastery: Things you will only enjoy while taking your time

During my Fishing adventures I observed one thing:

I look at my surroundings a lot more.

Of course this is due to having to wait until something finally bites. You have the time to take a look around you. See new things. Observe your surrounding change.

2014-05-04 Fishing 01

Hard to believe, this is the same area this a few yalms away…

2014-05-04 Fishing 02

You experience the most surprising things about yourself also!

Standing up to the chin in dirty marsh water, fishing stuff, and totally not caring about getting wet and dirty. o.O Instead, you feel like a fishing ninja!

2014-05-04 Fishing 03

You become one with your surroundings. The most dangerous enemies come close to you, sniff you, accept you as just being there. You can live peacefully next to each other without meaning any harm.

Very impressive.

2014-05-04 Fishing 04

You also don’t care about half-naked ladies dancing right behind you, day and night. All you want is to fish your fish.

2014-05-04 Fishing 06

There is so much to learn about your fish. When they appear, where they appear, what they like to bite on, whenever they get suspicious about you fishing in their water…

2014-05-04 Fishing 05

There is also the Fishermen guild which is kind of a bit useless. They provide people with fish. They accept fish request for special and rare fish. Wow.

Everything changes though, when the Maelstorm hands out a fishing prohibition as a terrible monster has been sighted.

And I’m not talking about this bog Roga dude!

2014-05-04 Fishing 07

I’m talking about this little baby which I fished up with my little fishing rod.

Impressive, huh?

Never underestimate the power of a little Lalafell!

2014-05-04 Fishing 08

The real story behind this is, that the guildmaster had spread stories of this fish being a terrifying sea monster, scaring her little assistant who had spread the story to the sailors. And when this fish was sighted, panick spread and the Maelstorm banned fishing for security reasons.

Hard to believe that I caught this little badass fish. hrhrhrrhrhr~

And so I kept fishing for big and small fishies.

I even managed to double mooch – catch a fish, use it as bait for another fish, then use that fish again to lure horribly gigantic sea monsters! ö.ö

2014-05-04 Fishing 09

And then, the weather changes and your fish start becoming bite-unfriendly and decide to swim away.

This terrible thing has happened to every Fisher before and it’s one of the worst feelings ever!

2014-05-04 Fishing 10

And so, I continues to increase my skills. I even colored my clothes like a Coral Butterfly ö.ö

2014-05-09 Fishing 01

2014-05-09 Fishing 03

2014-05-09 Fishing 02

I fished so much, even Mag joined me to see what I was up to. Maybe he was just after the Fishies tho… I’m not sure.

2014-05-09 Fishing 04

Soon, I became an experienced fisher. Still having to catch many fish to discover all of the fishies out there, I started by invading Lyssa’s fishing spot and stealing her fish with my awesome baits!

2014-05-09 Fishing 05

She stabbed me in the back several times, which is fairly acceptable.

2014-05-09 Fishing 06

And so, I am fishing for shiny fishies to trade them in for a new, shiny fishing rod to catch even more shinier fishies! ö.ö

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