Discovering the Truth

I discovered the truth.

I found her diary.

My aunt’s diary.

It was exactly as I expected.


But let me start at the beginning.

My name is Riiko. Riiko Rinkoko. I have been named after my aunt who is a famous pugilist hero. At least she was, until she left my sister and my grandparents and disappeared! Everyone was very worried and after several years passed, they thought she died. As a hero in battle. My mom named me after her sister, to honor her.

I have heard stories about my aunt Riiko. Stories about her bad drinking habits. Was she really a hero?!

One day, I heard rumors about a drunken Lalafell who would just not leave the gridanian Tavern. It was a ridiculous story but the description fit to the photos I had seen of my aunt Riiko. Due to my curious nature I wanted to find out the truth. I trained hard to become stronger but I soon realized, if I want to find out the truth I have to travel to Gridania.

And here I am, breaking my mother’s heart, using all my pocket money and leaving home.

2013-07-13 Riiko


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