FFXI Paint Comic Week: Campaign Battles

In Vana’diel’s early years, the beastmen lead relentless attacks against the three city states. Adventurers from the future were summoned to help and win these battles in order to protect their territories.


It was a lot bigger than Eorzean FATEs but can kinda, a little, just slightly be compared to it.

After all, they have one thing in common: You have to sacrifice yourself in order to keep the NPCs alive that are trying to fight with you. Just that you don’t have reraise…


FFXI Paint Comic Week: Screw, my hero!

Screw is a true hero. And true heroes never die! ò.ó/

Paint-Comic-Housewife-2015-03-23 Screw 01



Part 2:

Paint-Comic-Housewife-2015-03-23 Screw 02



FFXI Paint Comic Week: Dinner with Screw

I’m sure, you all know Screw.

He is indeed the most awesome Eleezen in the history of everything.

He is the strongest, the greatest, the wisest and the best in everything.

Of course he has fans due to his awesomeness.

Yuuzuki is one of his biggest fans and she managed to go on a date with Screw!

Paint-Comic-Housewife-2015-03-23 Dinner with Screw

The date went all nice and flirty and everything. Yuuzuki had a plate of cookies and Screw the finest steak ever. But afterwards, Alair went really depressed. He was like Screw’s boyfriend and he didn’t take it too well that Screw went on a date with Yuuzuki…

So they went to “Two at Yuuzuki”, based on a german TV show where couples or family members go to in order to solve their relationship problems.

Unfortunately, there is no text version. Instead, I would like to share more information of how much of a Screw fan Yuuzuki is:


FFXI Paint Comic Week: Why I’m wearing a Pyjama now

I used to draw myself and most people naked in my comics cause I was too laze to draw clothes.


Paint-Comic-Housewife-2015-03-23 Pyjama

The text-version:


Please note, that Mikae is called Ryko’to in FFXIV!! “o_´´o;;

FFXI Paint Comic Week: WHM and BRD

In FFXI, you could have Subjobs which were only half of your main job level and use their traits, spells and abilities. This way, a WHM was able to wield 2 clubs and melee the hell out of enemies.

Paint-Comic-Housewife-2015-03-23 WHM-NIN

The text-version:


In FFXI, a Bard’s job was to sing: Keep 2 songs active at all times, while healers get 2x ballad to regen MP and Tank+DPS get ATK+ and/or Haste+ songs. While keeping up these songs that would wear off after 1-2 Minutes, the Bard had to pull enemies from their spawning points to the place where the party was fighting.

Yes, it was a very busy job.

Please see below the Pulling strategies:

Paint-Comic-Housewife-2015-03-23 The real Bard



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