Little Rogue on a big ship capturing pirates like a pro

I continued my Rogue training and dealt with some shady businesses.

2015-03-28 Rogue 01

It was very suspicious but I was able to obtain top secret information from some black market dude.

2015-03-28 Rogue 02

With this information, we infiltrated a pirate ship with the whole Rogue guild.

2015-03-28 Rogue 03

I fought side-by-side with the leaders like a pro!!

2015-03-28 Rogue 04

We successfully captured the pirates.

Turns out, they were only small and unimportant members of the pirates!

2015-03-28 Rogue 05

Why would an unimportant gang sail on a huge pirate ship? And why were there only 3 of them? Who was sailing the ship? O_O;;;

2015-03-28 Rogue 06

Back on land, we handed over the criminals to the Yellow Jacket leader.

This adorable Lala was somehow against the Rogues and seemed to really hate them. :\

2015-03-28 Rogue 07

Us Rogues continued hunting for the pirate boss.

We had a lead regadring pirate sightings in Costa Del Sol.

2015-03-28 Rogue 08

It didn’t take long and hordes of burglars and aggressive rowdies came to attack us!

2015-03-28 Rogue 09

With united force, we beat them up and handed them over to the Yellowjacked Lala once again.

2015-03-28 Rogue 10

She was not amused that we had beaten up those people before her Yellowjacket team could infiltrate the area.

But hey, in the end, they are captured so that’s all that matters, right?


Delivery Moogle Adventures: Mastering the Delivery Moogle Business

My last Mooglequest started! I was really excited.

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Final 01

I was to supervise the training of two new Postmoogles in the Shroud.

One was like, super weak and just couldn’t carry all those letters in his bag.

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Final 02

A little bit of cheering and a delicious cooke gave him back his powers and he rushed off to deliver his letter.

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Final 03

In all his excitement and new found strength, he accidentally appeared in front of the bar keeper who was supposed to receive the letter.

Never before had he seen an actual delivery moogle!

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Final 04

We met up with the other apprentice, full of self-confidence and devotion. He wanted to leave the Gridanian areas and venture forth into unvisited lands!

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Final 05

The unvisited lands were actually Limsa Lominsa…

And he wasn’t any better than his Moogle friend from the Shroud.

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Final 06

He never lacks a good explanation for his mistakes though… Makes sense.

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Final 07

In the end, we gathered some medicine and brought them to the Seedseers so they could heal the Postmoogle Deputy.

Why didn’t we do this earlier?

Just wondering.

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Final 08

Together with the apprentice Moogles, I was waiting for the recovery of our boss and for an evaluation of our skills.

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Final 09

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Final 10

The boss was happy about my improvement!!

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Final 11

Wooosh! A promotion!

I directly put on my new Postmoogle clothes.

Now I will be shooting letters to their receivers. Nobody will see me coming!

I will hide in the shadows and deliver letters like no other.

You can call me Delivery Moogle Riikupo!

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Final 12

Suddenly, Mag interrupted my speech…

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Final 13

Oh, let me be a happy Delivery Moogle, kupo!!

Delivery Moogle Adventures: Conspiracy in Ul’dah?!

As my popularity amongst the Moogles grew, I got more important letters to deliver.

Like for example a letter to Lanadnealrlalalaalala, this dude that just wouldn’t give me his Odin card! Ò_ó (still don’t have it)

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Landendel 01

He was in a pinch because something about his old master bothered him. So I took him for a walk so he could talk with some of his buddies.

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Landendel 02

I think, he had a totally different problem. Other adventurers were following him around for no apparent reason.

He must have felt stalked. :\

No wonder he looked so worried.

In the end, he found a random lance in a rock and was happy again.

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Landendel 03

I like people who are satisfied that easily.

On the other hand, there was Wymond. I delivered him a letter that was addressed to some Raymond but the handwriting was so bad, I had not been able to decipher it properly…

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Wymond 01

So Raymond’s daughter was kidnapped o.O;

Wymond and me went to save her – still not knowing who Raymond actually was.

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Wymond 02

They were forcing that little girl to work and run errants for them!

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Wymond 03

So in return, their camp suddenly happened to blow up.

Eh… it wasn’t us ofc. <.<

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Wymond 04

We brought back the girl to this Raymond dude who we found by following the girl.

Her parents were eternally thankful and the mom gave me a letter to give to Wymond to thank him for his heroic act.

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Wymond 05

So I gave him the letter…

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Wymond 06

Turns out, the mom was the flower girl where Wymond used to buy a flower every day he went past her! She had found her happiness and I think Wymond might have had a crush on her.

I wonder if Wymond has a special someone now. Maybe someone from LS is interested? :O He’s quite kind and righteous!

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Wymond 07

My Delivery Moogle level went up!

Now it was time for a very special quest: Supervising the apprenticeship of new Delivery Moogles in training. ö.ö

Relic: The path to Nirvana and beyond

The Relic ques continued.

I had been farming loads of dungeons to obtain special drops from those. It took quite a while but after gathering all the loot, some people would give me special items that Gerolt and his friend had requested.

2015-03-23 Relic Nirvana 01

The People of the Land gladly gave me the needed items to help me with my relic! ö.ö So supportive.

2015-03-23 Relic Nirvana 02

When I was done, I gathered them all. As if they had smelled it, the two master crafters approached me.

2015-03-23 Relic Nirvana 03

I handed over the exquisite quality items as requested.

2015-03-23 Relic Nirvana 04

They finally offered me to transform my relic Thyrus into my Nirvana.

2015-03-23 Relic Nirvana 05

Everyone involved in my quests was really excited.

2015-03-23 Relic Nirvana 06

When suddenly…

2015-03-23 Relic Nirvana 07

I was like: Meh. Whatever.

And it was successful!

I looked at my newly obtained weapon. And it looked… alright… I was quite disappointed. It looked like a decorated Christmas tree.

2015-03-23 Relic Nirvana 08

They asked me to get some book from Rowena.

So I used Mag as teleport (he’s really handy at times!) and Rowena gave me tha book in question.

2015-03-23 Relic Nirvana 09

I handed over the book.

2015-03-23 Relic Nirvana 10

They were like: Heyyyy, here is some moew stuff for you to do so that we can make your Relic more shiny again! LOLOLOL

And I was like: Well thank you, sirs!

Hint: I didn’t reply that. At all.

2015-03-23 Relic Nirvana 11

The final chapter began.

Mag and me took a picture together in order to remember this special moment forever.

Why did his relic look so epic and mine…….? <.<

2015-03-23 Relic Nirvana 12

2015-03-23 Relic Nirvana 15

Thus, the final light hunt had begun. We had to make all these glyphic font things to glow… Okay.

2015-03-23 Relic Nirvana 13

In the end, my Nirvana would surely look as epic as Jam’s weapon!

2015-03-23 Relic Nirvana 14

Or so I hoped…

What do they say? Hope dies last. But it dies eventually.

Easter Event 2015 – Invasion of the Spriggans

A few weeks ago, the Easter event took place. It was a joyous event where everyone was turned into adorable Spriggans and carried around eggs.

2015-04-02 Easter 01

There were countless nests full of eggs that were waiting to be picked up ö.ö

2015-04-02 Easter 02

It was a paradise for Spriggans who love to carry their favorite object in their hands.

One of them, little Spriggy, had brought his jester egg – a unique egg that he got from somewhere. He wouldn’t say where it was from but I’ve never seen it a second time.

2015-04-02 Easter 03

Soon, the egg hunt became a big competition as towns were flooded by Spriggans.

Spriggy wasn’t too happy that all the other Spriggans took his eggs!

2015-04-02 Easter 04

I on the other hand relaxed in one of the empty baskets and enjoyed the sun.

2015-04-02 Easter 05

I also found a basket with an empty egg. O.o

I wonder what hatched from this one :O

A chicken? A lizard? A raptor? A Spriggan?!

2015-04-02 Easter 06

Some of the Spriggans transformed back into people of the land when I talked to them. They were behaving really suspiciously…

2015-04-02 Easter 08

Then, I discovered the heaven for all Spriggans: The Egg pyramid!

I had to call my Spriggan family so we could harvest all those treasures!

2015-04-02 Easter 13

They even had GIANT EGGS FLOATING around like it was totally normal O___O;;

2015-04-02 Easter 15

When I wanted to call my Spriggan Family, I suddenly ran into a bunch of eggheads.


They were wearing eggs on their heads.

Somehow, they were celebrating the nameday of one of them and blocked my path.

2015-04-02 Easter 18

I finally could escape.

Next, I summoned my family by using special Spriggan Magic!

2015-04-02 Easter 09

My family appeared.

Oh wait, it was Spriggy!

He laughed at me big time and enjoyed how he had tricked me into appearing instead of my family <_<;

Well played…

2015-04-02 Easter 10

So I went outside and gathered my little one by foot.

2015-04-02 Easter 14

My whole family was already waiting for me! Woosh o.O;

2015-04-02 Easter 12

Together, we prayed to the Holy Egg.

It was the only reason, everyone had come together.

2015-04-02 Easter 11

With my closest family, I went back into town.

Leggxie, my eldest, was a bit of a rebel and likes to hide her black ears under a hat.

2015-04-03 2nd EuroAsylum TTT 06

The little twins are not so rebellious yet, thought, I’m sure that phase will come for them soon.

Hopefully, Leggxie doesn’t spend too much time with them. Mag is already enough bad trolling influence for them ò.ó;

2015-04-02 Easter 16

Leo, closest friend to the family, came by and treated us all with some delicious sweets! ö.ö

We kinda have a weak spot for those.

2015-04-02 Easter 17

The Easter celebrations were spent in a happy atmosphere, full of family celebrations and egg hunts.

Looking forward to next year!

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