A Magatsu Reborn

It happened in Halatali (Hard).

Our group had been caught by dark ancient magic that rendered us unable to move!

2014-06-05 Mag Black Magic Lala 01

When the magic suddenly disappeared, all party members had become Lalafells!

Well, except me cause I already was one…

Mag was emitting sinister magic as his body had just shrinked to that of a Lalafell. His adorable cat ears were replaced by awesome Lalafell ears and his cat tail was gone.

2014-06-05 Mag Black Magic Lala 02

We quickly slayed all enemies in the dungeon to revoke the spell.

It did not work.

Would Mag stay a Lalafell forever?! @_@;;

Would I never see Mag as a sexy Miqo guy ever again?!!

2014-06-05 Mag Black Magic Lala 03

As the sun rose, we talked about the serious changes and he seemed to quickly getting used to his new body.

Suddenly, I had a realization.

2014-06-05 Mag Black Magic Lala 04-2

I quickly recovered from the shock and started to appreciate a Lalafell companion.

This would surely bring us closer together! ö.ö

I was the only Lalafell he could rely on. Well, and of course Akhen as my Lalafell consultant in any life issues!

2014-06-05 Mag Black Magic Lala 05

Brace yoursef, the Lalafell Heroes are coming!

2014-06-05 Mag Black Magic Lala 06


Saturday Paint Comic Special: Trem’s beard – A true nightmare

Last night…

Paint-Comic-2014-06-05 Trems beard

A bad omen

After my fashionable change, I decided to tie my hair back up. I really feel a lot more comfortable like this.

And when I finished doing my hair this morning, something terrible happened!

Paint-2014-06-10 Riiko broken cup

What was I gonna do now?! The bad omen clearly showed that something truly terrible was about to happen. But what could it be?

I met with Mag but he just laughed at my “clumsiness” as he described it…

2014-06-01 Riiko Mag Photoshoot 02

He was so mean but nevertheless cheered me up again. Such a unique person! ö.ö <3

2014-06-01 Riiko Mag Photoshoot 03

Taking the chance of twosomeness with Mag, I proceeded to arrange a photoshoot with him.

Surprisingly, Ritzi joined us and suddenly undressed!!

This had never ever happened before.

Due to privacy reasons, I do not wish to share any further pictures than this one:

2014-06-01 Riiko Mag Photoshoot 04

Full of horror, Ritzi realized that I was staring at her. She only then remembered, that I took photos of EVERY situation! Quickly, she dressed up and ran away.

She looks so adorable when blushing!

After what felt like hours of photoshooting, I finally took the perfect photo.

I shall call it “Heroes of Eorzea”.

2014-06-01 Riiko Mag Photoshoot 01

Back in the Mist, I gathered my most reliable friends.

Ryko and Scott were already waiting for me and it seemed that Ryko was cuddling with Scott! And I had thought it was over between them! @////@;; I really hope, they find back together. Of course this would reduce my rivals for Mag.

2014-06-01 Riiko Mag Photoshoot 06

In the crisis meeting, we discussed the bad omen and how we could proceed. Seppuku was an option.

Unfortunately, death isn’t final as adventurer. Raise, Ressurection and returning to the Home Point are common options to escape certain death.

2014-06-01 Riiko Mag Photoshoot 05

In the end, we didn’t find out what the bad omen meant.

So I spent the night with Mag in the garden.

2014-06-01 Riiko Mag Photoshoot 07

I mean, we told each other stories of our adventures and such.

2014-06-01 Riiko Mag Photoshoot 08

At that point, I didn’t know that this was the last time, I would ever see him again…!

Traveling the world in a new style

With love and grace I am traveling through Eorzea to promote my hairstyle. I really look adorable, don’t I?

Like a real pretty woman!!

2014-05-31 new hairstyle 01

The delivery Moogle complimented me on my hairstyle too! ö.ö

2014-05-31 new hairstyle 03

From these and those people, I received hesitant feedback. They seemed to be too shy to admit my beauty reborn was truly stunning!

2014-05-31 new hairstyle 04

I even look great when doing work in the garden! This is a first!! ö.ö

The Hairdresser dude is really creating miracles <3<3<3

2014-05-31 new hairstyle 05

To be honest, I think it’s because of my new hairstyle that my Monk power increased so much, not cause I practised…

I mean, anyone can punch things.

2014-05-31 new hairstyle 06

As I received more and more negative feedback from people, I began to think about my style, my fashion sense and how I look from the point of others.

And I wondered why our moogle delivery box was burning.

All serious thoughts, you know. I usually don’t think so deeply, but this time… Damn, so much serious stuff was going on!

Why did the Moogle not leave us already? Who was paying him? What was in the box that he was holding so dearly?

2014-05-31 new hairstyle 07

I came to the conclusion, that I am myself and my hairstyle doesn’t matter cause I look adorable in anything I wear! ò.óV

2014-05-31 new hairstyle 08

And I was approached with the suggestion, I should organize the Bad Fashion Event. O.O;; Whoa!

Fashion is like my 2nd name as I have proven already in the Fashion week posts. /nod /nod

2014-05-31 new hairstyle 09

A new style to charm Mag

While Mag was trying out different styles for his Paladin, I was wondering, what I could change to look even more attractive for him.

I mean, he looks all epic with his GM-armor…

And I’m just a White Mage. Duh. Wow.

2014-05-24 Riiko and GM Magatsu

While thinking about a plan to charm Mag, I suddenly received a letter from him:

2014-05-30 Mag 01

Okay, It was clear to me more than ever.

He wanted me to make a move on him

So I opened my hair and let it go! Let it go!!

Little did I know, Ryko had exactly the same idea…

We ended up showing off our new hairstyles in front of Mag.

2014-05-30 Mag 02

As I (unsucessfully) tried to chase Ryko away with Potato, Ryko and I discussed our chances with Mag.

Clearly, we both do not have the boobie bonus…

2014-05-30 Mag 03

When Ryko realized, I was wearing my underwear to seduce Mag the whole time, he burst out laughing.

Such a meanie! I look totally adorable in it!

He just wouldn’t take me serious: “If you want to see someone sexy, look at me.”

2014-05-30 Mag 04

And so I looked at him.

Gawd, does he look handsome! ö////ö;

2014-05-30 Mag 05

With this, we decided to play fair and square on our path to charm Mag.

Of course, it was clear from the start that Mag would never be able to resist my strong charme ever!

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