Tataru’s new garb ?! O___O;

Inbetween my journeys to save Eorzea once more, I came to the Tavern to check if Tataru was doing alright.

She was doing okay every time I came to see her.

Except one.

That one time, this happened:

2015-06-28 Heavensward Story 3-0 15

I looked at her welcoming me to the tavern.

I know she had started working there and gathering intel.

But this?!

2015-06-28 Heavensward Story 3-0 14

I was all like:

Paint-2015-08-24 Riiko shocked

Okay, what was I suppoed to say? Quick, I needed a good reply to compliment her!!

me: “Y-your hair is very adorable!”

Tataru: “Well, thank you.”

me: “And your outfit is truly… I can see it was a lot of work to make it and the details are really well made.. umm…”

Tataru looked at me for a moment, then smiled brightly. She appreciated the compliment as a fellow Weaver and seemed to be happy of my approval.

I didn’t approve anything at all!

The next day, Tataru was wearing her usual gown. I assume, Alphi had seen her in the maid outfit and talked some sense into her. Can’t have lil Tataru stared at by awful Tavern men!! “o_´´o


Moonfire Faire: EA Beach Fashion Event 2015

A lot of time has passed without any event. This includes social events!

So I needed to do something against it. The Moonfire Faire was the best opportunity for this:

A beach outfit fashion contest!

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 01

I prepared everything super properly and awaited the fashion models of Euro Asylum in our garden.

Cristea was one of the first to arrive. By the Twelve, did she look gorgeous!

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 02

I wasn’t too sure about the outfits of the other people who gathered… <.<;;

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 03

Finally, everyone put their proper outfits on and we played a bit at the beach! With huge fireworks, the event began!

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 04

We used the pier as catwalk stage.

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 05

God, did everyone look hot! ö.ö

Then, suddenly, Mag started flirting with R’hasa!! WHAT!!

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 06

Nez was presenting the newest Victoria Secrets beach collection. ö/////ö

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 07

R’hasa looked so gorgeous. I couldn’t help but notice how the cold-looking Leon was staring at him the whole time. Did he like Rha or something?

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 08

At first, Leon didn’t wanna act like a model, but when he did – gawd, did I melt away!

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 09

So did Rha! ö/////Ö;;

2015-08-22 EA Beach event-Rha Leo

Even Nez sent her love towards Leon!

I think, Leon didn’t expect so much affection and wasn’t sure how to react… so he pretended like he hadn’t noticed anything.

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 10

Leonie was like, the poser-cat. She knew exactly how to move to impress everyone.

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 11

Stretching revealed her most beautiful side!

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 12

And then, Ley shouted: “THIS IS FOR YOU, LOXIE!” and started her walk.

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 13

Everyone was like… um… hmm… ok. /blush

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 14

Cristea looked like she was gonna destroy the pier at first…

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 15

But then, she started posing. ö____Ö

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 16

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 17

Like a pro!

I couldn’t help but notice how Rha looked at her :O

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 18

Thyla was being awfully shy and wouldn’t walk. Tsk! ;o;

Then, as nobody brought me cookies to bribe me for a great reward, I just judged everyone from their performance and outfit.

Rha received this adorably hot cloth for around his hip… /drool

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 19

When suddenly I was bombed for staring at someone else than Mag @.@;;

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 20

*cough* alright, more prizes to hand out!

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 21

Nez obviously received the prize for the hottest outfit.

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 22

Leo and Cris received prizes for the cutest outfits and hottest posing.

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 23

And that’s us, the Euro Asylum Beach models!

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 24

During the after show party, we witnessed the fierce fight between two minions I hadn’t seen fight before.

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 25

Rha took me on a short ride at the beach!

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 26

We rode through the water during the sunset!

It was sooooo romantic.

If he was only Mag… ;o;

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 27

Later, I hopped on Ley’s Chocobo for a nightly race.

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 28

We all showed off our giant two-person chocobos. They all looked FABULOUS!

2015-08-22 EA Beach event 29

And so, we all rode back home to get some rest and continue our adventures the next morning.

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SPECIAL: Happy 2 Year Anniversary, A Realm Reborn! – Riiko 2 years ago

Can you believe that it’s 2 years ago that the adventure started?

It was after the Calamity and the disappearance of my aunt that I decided to start a life as adventurer.

2013-07-13 Riiko

As I grew up in a small village hidden deep in the Shroud, I traveled to Gridania to enlist at the Adventurers guild.

This was the first time that I walked through the gates of Gridania:

2013-08-16 Riiko arrives in gridania

They happily welcomed me at the Adventurers guild.

Now I was ready for the real adventures ò.óV

2013-08-27 Airship 01

I also met some pretty adorable Moogles in the woods:

2013-08-16 Paint Moogle

I dreamed big and tried to become a strong adventurer like the noble Sir Scott who seemed to be an old war buddy of my awful aunt. But he was okay and we became friends. :D

2013-08-27 Scott Razico Raise

It was a big thing when I used an airship for the first time! Now it’s totally normal, but back then it was a huge exciting journey.

2013-08-27 Airship 03

I was still a total newbie! Look at that!

2013-08-27 all classes unlocked

Fighting evil demons was still super exciting. Nowadays, I look at them and they beg for mercy. ò.ó;;

2013-08-27 Story 2

I spend hours and hours gathering. ö.ö So much fun!

2013-08-30 Gathering 07

Crafting was still new and exciting.

2013-08-30 Crafting 05

Two years ago, there was also a summer event where you had to kill hordes of bombs in order to get wet bomb ash which could be traded in for bikinis!

2013-09-09 Moonfire Faire 05

Looking good! :D

2013-09-09 Moonfire Faire 09

Happy 2 year anniversary, ARR!

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