My first experiences as a Mentor

The mentor/new adventurer system was finally implemented and I was allowed to become a mentor.

Of course I had to read a long list of rules and paragraphs…

2016-02-23 Mentor 01

I accepted and became a mentor!

Now, I would be able to join what’s called the “Novice Network”. It’s like a linkshell for mentors and new adventurers.

Mentors can invite the new adventurers who are interested and preferably no bots in order to chat with them, give advice and even team up to help them with content.

I#d be super helpful and everything!

2016-02-23 Mentor 02

Or so I thought cause the first thing I experienced for the first weeks looked more like this.

2016-02-23 Mentor 03

It appears when zoning too.



Rubbing it under your nose. “You shall not pass!”

Once you managed to sneak in, there are like 10 mentors for each new adventurer online and questions are answered by at least 3 people.

Please note: There now was a patch to turn off and on the Novice Network manually as Mentor, so maybe it’s becoming better now. <.<;




A Wedding invitation, Uzi’s gody appearance and Loxie’s fashion

One day, out of nowhere, Ley was like “come here, I have somet for you”.

Of course I expected a muffin, some chocolate or any similar item.

But it was something inedible!

Something even more amazing.

2016-01-29 Wedding Ley Cayu 01

An invitation to her bonding ceremony with Cayu!! ö.ö

I congratulated them and was all excited for the amazing event!

2016-01-29 Wedding Ley Cayu 02

That was when I suddenly ran into the greek god Uziel who was blessing me with his unique god outfit.

This could only mean that the engagement wa sblessed by the gods!

2016-01-16 Uziel 01

When Uzi noticed me, he quickly changed into his beastly outfit. His Dragoon lookes less like a dragon and more like an Amalj’aa. o.o; Was was that supposed to tell me?

Even gods can be dangerous.

2016-01-16 Uziel 02

Guess I had to make sure the wedding was well protected. ò.ó I had to arrange a top secret security system that I cannot talk about any more cause it’s top secret.

Next, I met with Loxie for fashion advice.

As usual, Loxie was very skin-showing, yet she looked rather savage in her wild outfit.

2016-02-14 gpose Ishgard Rii Loxie

In her house, we prayed to the gods of awfulness to give us beautiful outfits to fit the wedding.

2016-02-19 Housing Loxie 01

It didn’t work out too well and I am certain, I will not ask Loxie for fashion advice again <__<

2016-02-19 Housing Loxie 02


WHM Relic of Light

After weeks, maybe even months of farming roulettes, beastmen dailies and other horrible stuff, I had finally collected 80 items and bought 16 crafted HQ items.

While you might know that I’m rather greedy, I gathered the ingredients from Diadem for the crafted items, sold them and thus didn’t even lose much money! The rest was sponsored by other sales that I was pushing ò.óV

2016-01-23 WHM Relic 01

Finally, my relic weapon was upgraded by Gerold and the newbie.

2016-01-23 WHM Relic 02

It looked gorgeous.


It finally looked GOOD! ö___ö

2016-01-23 WHM Relic 03

Yes, even the gods would be jealous of my lovely cane!

2016-01-23 WHM Relic 04

*insert the sounds that flashing light makes*

By touching the new relic, I felt an enormous holy power flowing through my body. It felt like my darkest side was washed away like it had never existed.

2016-01-23 WHM Relic 05

I was posing like a cool hero, when suddenly…

2016-01-23 WHM Relic 06

I had a halluscination.

Or was it a godly vision?

I saw a fairy of light!

2016-01-23 WHM Relic 07

It flew around the relic and around Gerolt and the noob but they didn’t see it at all.

How do you not see a flashing lightball that is shining RIGHT INTO YOUR FACE?

2016-01-23 WHM Relic 08

Anyway, it thanked me.

I wasn’t sure for what though.

Was this entity born through my countless battles that I had fought with the weapon? Ir did I capture it from somewhere and Gerolt had locked it into the weapon?

2016-01-23 WHM Relic 09

Either way, I was eager to have long conversations with my newly found invisible to others firend.

2016-01-23 WHM Relic 10

And thus, I had to dye my hair in new colors in order to fit to my new weapon.

2016-01-23 WHM Relic 11

When Mag wanted to congratulate me, he was all like:

“Whaaaaaaat? Something bad happened to you that your hair got all old and grey?”

2016-01-23 WHM Relic 12

I was not amused but I was sure he would soon see the awesomeness of my godlike new look ò.óV

Dark Deeds

As darkness overcame me, the Black Mage in me awoke. I trained day after day and became stronger than ever before.

My nukes one-shotted all the enemies I fought!

Of course I would maily level by doing beastmen quests so, obviously those weak foes would die by just looking at them.

2016-01-10 BLM 01

After I suceeded to become the most amazing Black Mage in the world whose DPS is about the same as that of a Warrior, I decided to reconsider my career choices.

Instead, I gabe Mag some ideas and he designed his entrance area in his house in preparation of our world domination project, codename “Muffin”.

2016-01-10 Housing Mag 01

We had it all prepared, when Mag appeared through the dark portal: Beautiful maidens were aiwaiting him to serve him.

2016-01-10 Housing Mag 02

That done, we decided to help out on T13 clears.

Emper and his amazing black eye stripe told me his deepest secret: The stripe allowed him to see better, prevent blindness and it actually increases his Accuracy!

So that’s why I have such a bad accuracy as Healer <.<; I’m missing the stripe in my face.

2016-01-11 T13 Help run

Later, Mag, Loxie and me successfully duoed different enemies.

We were always very successful.

The Dark side increased our power and death meant nothing to us.

Obviously, as the darkness was the strongest in Mag, he would survive almost anything!

2016-01-16 Ex Primals 01

When the fight got a bit tight against ADS after pulling slightly too early and failing rot management, Mag was the last man standing once more.

Please ignore that he’s the only male adventurer in our team in this context!

These fights resulted in me enjoying to say “I saw a video of a Warrior that soloed this before”.

2016-01-16 Ex Primals 02

Sometimes, Mag gets mad at me for saying it. But I swear, I saw a video of a WAR soloing this fight before! >.<; Especially Titan Ex.

Actually, only Titan Ex, not the other fights… <.<;

Who cares for minor details!!


The Dark Side of Riiko

You surely wonder why in the previous post about the Valentione’s event, I suddenly have white hair when I just changed to Black-Blue.

It was actually the WHM Relic that dragged me out of the darkness and released the Good in me once more.

With the black hair, I became like a little demon. I seduced all the cool Lalas in the world. So, only Mag.

2016-01-11 Rii Hairstyle 01

I became super cool and onle stood next to the most coolest people.

2016-01-11 Rii Hairstyle 02

Mag and me traveled Eorzea and beat down anyone who tried to stop us “o_´´o That’s why there is nearld nobody left in town anymore!

2016-01-11 Rii Hairstyle 04

We also frightened all Beastmen tribes by our menacing dances.

They gave us loads of Materia for free and begged us to leave asap.

2016-01-11 Rii Hairstyle 03

Then, I decided to hand in me BRD Zeta weapon and get a SMN relic book. Obviously only the “noob” version without the 80 hand-ins + 8 crafted items for which I was still farming.

2016-01-10 Relic SMN 01

Mag and me looked more sinister than ever before!

2016-01-10 Relic SMN 02

We were ready to conquer the world and build our Lalafell Empire.

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