Guided by love, despair and darkness

It was Avere.

Well, or whatever he turned into.

He was more like a giant, flying head with Ahriman wings and demon arms.

2014-07-08 Tamtam HM 08

The delusional Edda believed, by collecting soulds, she could revive Avere to his former self…

Obviously we couldn’t let that happen.

I could feel the pain and sorrow coming from Avere and asked my fellow adventurers to help me slay him.

2014-07-08 Tamtam HM 09

Edda broke down when we slayed Avere.

She couldn’t believe, we woudl do that to him!

2014-07-08 Tamtam HM 10

She stumbled backwards through the candles.

2014-07-08 Tamtam HM 11

And as her robe caught fire, she fell down into the depths of the dungeon.

A gentle smile on her face.

Finally, she would be reunited with her love.

2014-07-08 Tamtam HM 12

After all this horror, I checked back with Paiyo.

He still seemed in shock and couldn’t believe what just happened.

2014-07-08 Tamtam HM 13

It was then, when he seemed to see someone. Or something.

2014-07-08 Tamtam HM 14

His eyes widenend and I could see the fear in his face.

2014-07-08 Tamtam HM 15

What he saw must have shocked him that much, he just ran away as if he had seen the ghost of Edda and Avere, coming for lil Paiyo.

2014-07-08 Tamtam HM 16

Fact is, there was nothing and nobody when I looked closely…

2014-07-08 Tamtam HM 17

Poor Paiyo. I hope, he finds a way to ease his mind.

May Edda and Avere rest in peace for good.


New dungeon challenges: Pure disappointment comes before pure horror

Word reached my ears, that the Stone Vigil had yet again been invaded my dangerous foes and it was up to me to slay them for good.

2014-07-12 Stone Vigil HM 01

I gathered with a bunch of strong adventurers and slaughthered everything.

2014-07-12 Stone Vigil HM 02

In the end, a spikey turtoise was awaiting us but using the cannons, we quickly destroyed it.

2014-07-12 Stone Vigil HM 03

And that was it.

Very disappointing.

Very boring.

Very nothing new.

That was when I was approached by a little Lalafell boy.

2014-07-08 Tamtam HM 01

Fact is, that Paiyo and Edda had been adventuring buddies with 2 other friends. One was the fiancé Avere of Edda who had been died during a tough fight.

And now, Paiyo had received an invitation to the wedding of Edda and the deceased Avere! That couldn’t be…?

I checked out the tomb. It was broken and destroyed. The body was gone.

2014-07-08 Tamtam HM 02

I ventured out to Tam Tara where Paiyo suspected Edda to be.

2014-07-08 Tamtam HM 03

It was a spooky place. Candles and coffins were placed all through the tunnels and rooms.

I felt really insecure but with mag by my side, I knew that nothing would harm me!

2014-07-08 Tamtam HM 04

Not even monsters with hundreds of faces would scare me anymore!

2014-07-08 Tamtam HM 05

We stumbled over Paiyo! He had been captured by some evil demon who wanted to use his soul…

In general, we came across strange enemies. Most seemed like they had been experimented on…

2014-07-08 Tamtam HM 06

And then, in the middle of a gigantic candle circle, we found her: Edda.

But she wasn’t alone.

2014-07-08 Tamtam HM 07

By her side, a terrible creature was waiting…

Private Chocobo Coach

For a few weeks we now have a chocobo stable in our garden.

It is a magical stable. You can only see 2 chocobos but it can hold a lot more! Mostly, there are around 10 chocobos stabled.

2014-07-08 Chocobo Training 01

This is how I made it my responsibility to train little Phoenix.

He shall become big and strong. ò.ó

2014-07-08 Chocobo Training 02

After each training session, I give him tasty and healthy food so that he grows big and strong like the other Chocobos.

2014-07-08 Chocobo Training 03

During an advanced training session, I made him practise his strength by kicking heavy boxes to reach his tasty food reward.

Yes, I am that witty! Good that he can’t fly. Hrhrhrhrhrr~

2014-07-08 Chocobo Training 05

After feeling confident about my coaching skills, I trained other chocobos.

They listened ot all my commands and I could feel how they enjoyed the time with me!

2014-07-08 Chocobo Training 04

Unfortunately, I ran out of food so quick, that I couldn’t keep up with the supply. ;_;

Nevertheless, I won’t rest until I am sure, I raised a proper Chocobo Army!

2014-07-08 Chocobo Training 06

Also, I have to practise special moves with the chocobos!

While Rosalinde already learned special moves, my chocobo is still a noob.

2014-07-08 Mount abilities 01

Rosalinde can now blow things up! So cool! ö.ö

2014-07-08 Mount abilities 02

Even my little Gobbue… uhh… I think I called him Laurel or Lorbeere or Lorbue or something?… can snort people not only in da face but also on their whole body!

So disgusting but so funny. hahaha~

2014-07-08 Mount abilities 03

Soon, my chocobo shall master top secret moves that are so secret that I can’t show them anyone!

2014-07-08 Chocobo Training 08

Grow, little Phoenix, grow! ò.ó

Roomventures – Designing my own 4 walls

After putting my things into my room, I ventured out to unknown borders.

Scott’s room looked like an ul’dahnian office. Very serious with a big desk for lots of paperwork.

2014-07-08 Private room 18

He also had a bathtub to relax from all the work.

Can you imagine, he had no plants in his room? @.@;; Luckily I had just brought all needed ingredients to make him really pretty and fitting plants around to bathing area.

Now, the relax-corner is perfect! ö.ö

2014-07-08 Private room 17

Together, we traveled to one of our neighbours. Lil button had a large house with a small room for himself. It was lovely and comfortably designed. He even offered us drinks! ö.ö

It’s always nice to have great neighbours. Btw, he’s searching people for his Free Company Abyss (at least that’s the short name).

2014-07-08 Private room 19

After my roomventures at others, I returned to my own room to prepare some food for Scott and me as we had become rather hungry.

2014-07-08 Private room 09

Later, I sat down at my desk to write some blog entries about my roomventures.

2014-07-08 Private room 10

Afterwards, I tried to sort my books but as they wouldn’t fit into the bookshelf anymore, I just left them on the ground.

2014-07-08 Private room 11

Even more later, I worked out by jumping on my sofa.

Scott suprvised the whole process. I don’t think he found my training very efficient…

2014-07-08 Private room 12

Anyway, that was when I retired for a nap.

Due to privacy reasons, I prepared separators so nobody would spy on me while sleeping!

2014-07-08 Private room 14

When I woke up, Scott was gone and as I felt lonely, I called my little Carbuncle to my side.

Together, we appreciated the lovely Carbuncle furniture, mostly crafted by the lovely Jam. And Lyssa made also something but I’m not sure anymore what, so thanks to both!!

2014-07-08 Private room 15

If you’re in the area, feel free to stop by!

Everyone is welcome in my adorable room!

Except evil people or naked Loxies. Please dress normally, okay? ò.ó

2014-07-08 Private room 13

And then, Jam crafted something for me…

Something, that would change my life forever.

2014-07-08 Private room 20

She then traded to me the most adorable, stunning and cutest rug I have ever seen!

My heart made a jump when I saw her trade offer.

I had been providing her with feathers for her new bed and soil for her garden plants, but I had expected that I needed to grow the plants by myself. @_@;;

Thank you Jam!

2014-07-08 Private room 21

I put the rug into my room and ran around in complete excitement.

I got so tired, that I passed out in Jam’s room after checking her new bed.

Jam has this adorable desk with which you can starte at the bed perfectly.

That’s not creepy at all, right…?

2014-07-08 Private room 23

It’s not… creepy…

Saturday Paint Comic Special: A backstabbing Solution

So it has come to this!

Lyssa, the fearless wildcat enters the stage. Will her rusty dagger power be enough to defeat the beard?!

Paint-Comic-2014-07-22 A backstabbing salvation

And so, the beard continues to menace world peace.

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