Saturday Paint Comic Special: Dancing Legs

Trem actually doesn’t like his beautiful, un-hairy legs… :\

Paint-Comic-2014-08-25 Dancing Legs
Please also have a look at Trem’s legs: They are gorgeous, aren’t they? ö.ö I wasn’t making anything up here. ò.ó

2014-08-21 Dancing Legs 01

In the end, lots of people joined our dance. Still, Trem’s legs were the best. ö////ö

2014-08-21 Dancing Legs 02



Moonfire Faire – This calls for a party!

Yes, Mag turned back into a Lalafell, too.

We danced and celebrated together all night.

2014-08-15 Moonfire Faire 13

Then, we decided to look for our friends to spread the word.

Most of them were unfortunately asleep… ;_;

2014-08-15 Moonfire Faire 14

Nevertheless, we surprised Ritzi during her gathering adventures.

She nearly cried when she saw that we had returned to our original bodies.

Of course, she would never admit her tears, but I saw them ò.ó/

2014-08-15 Moonfire Faire 15

Somehow, the awesome HQ (!) Copper rings didn’t lead to the effect we had expected.

“Just a copper ring? What is this trash?”

“Why not a highlevel ring? Not even silver! Is Mag that poor?”

Even Jam made fun of us. ;_; So mean!

Still, I didn’t care cause I totally love the Copper Ring.

2014-08-15 Moonfire Faire 16

Then it was time for the real celebration: The Moonfire Faire Celebration!

I bought all the Yukatas and decorations and fireworks. My limit was my money and the space in my magical bag.

2014-08-15 Moonfire Faire 17

Then, I followed the event. They had prepared awesome fun events for us adventurers.

We were to ride an Elbst and make it spit water at celebrating people!

They squeaked in joy~ Awesome ö.ö

2014-08-15 Moonfire Faire 18

I was also to shoot Mandies, Cactuars and stuff with water cannons!

So much fun ö.ö

Then, a man approached me. he told me about his friend – a very sad story – and how he loved to dance this dance from a faraway land.

The man had decided to teach this dance to all adventurers to keep the memory of his dear friend alive forever.

2014-08-15 Moonfire Faire 19

Dance, dance, dance all day.

Awesome easy but fun bomb dance!

2014-08-15 Moonfire Faire 20

Dance at day, dance at night, never stop to shake that belly~~

2014-08-15 Moonfire Faire 21

Suddenly, I received a message.

Rhaqui had appeared in Eorzea. She was an old friend of mine. We had been played together before the Calamity and I had thought her dead.

Turns out, she was alive after all. ö.ö

You can imagine my joy of her return.

2014-08-15 Moonfire Faire 22

I directly showed her my awesome room.

She seemed to like it. Good taste. /nod /nod

While she is still a rather new adventurer, I need to guide and keep an eye on her.

No bad shall come upon her. My White Mage powers shall protect her and heal all wounds she might receive during any battle.

2014-08-15 Moonfire Faire 23

You know what this calls for?

A party!

2014-08-15 Moonfire Faire 24

Moonfire Faire – The start of a new Life

The Moonfire Faire had just started.

The towns were filled with glowing baloons and lots of pretty decorations. Fireworks were coloring the night sky.

I checked the vendor and found a super pretty White Mage style Yukata!

2014-08-15 Moonfire Faire 01

I took this unique chance to pose in my hot Miqo’body.

Who knew how long I’d keep it and this way, I would create nice memories.

2014-08-15 Moonfire Faire 02

The more time I spent in the Lavender beds, the more I started liking this place.

It had pretty flowers all over the place and was such a relaxing place full of nature and clamness.

It was totally different from the beach holiday resort in the Mist. I mean, the Mist is nice and I love the sea.

I also love the nature.

Can’t there be a beach near the Lavender beds?

2014-08-15 Moonfire Faire 03

And so I danced and enjoyed the scent of the flowers, the warmth of the night, the starlight and the happiness, spread by the celebrations.

One day I shall buy a house right in the Lavender beds. And it will be soooo awesome!

2014-08-15 Moonfire Faire 04


2014-08-15 Moonfire Faire 05

An unexpected visitor came to see me.

It was Mag. He had come all the way from Limsa to just see me.

He looked like something was wrong.

2014-08-15 Moonfire Faire 06

When I asked him, if he had come to enjoy the fireworks, he didn’t really answer.

Was he nervous or something?

2014-08-15 Moonfire Faire 07

That was when he suddenly came at me like “There is something I have been thinking about recently…”!

And I was like: “Oh noes, does he want to live in a different world?!”

But he was like “Well, we have been adventuring for quite some time now and, well…I know how we look now may have changed but my feelings are the same…”

I didn’t know what to reply. He had never said something as lovely before!

He then asked for my hand in marriage.

I was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!

Did I hear that correctly? I mean, I am not a child anymore but I’m not that old either. Am I ready for this?

Somehow, those thoughts were pushed away quickly as my heart jumped around with joy.

2014-08-15 Moonfire Faire 08

And so did I when I said yes! ö////ö

Then, suddenly, he sat down and started crafting.

What. The. Hell.

Not very romantic, we just got engaged, no?

2014-08-15 Moonfire Faire 10

Then, he traded me a ring. A super pretty, self crafted copper ring ö.ö

Obviously, I had prepared one too – just in case something like that would happen one day.

2014-08-15 Moonfire Faire 11

A-and then, we kissed. ö.ö

We kissed before, i know, but this kiss was different.

It was a true love’s kiss!

2014-08-15 Moonfire Faire 09

My body started aching. I felt like thunder stroke my body again and I felt close to fainting.

Suddenly, the pain stopped.

When I looked at my hands, my feet, my belly… waaaaaait!

My belly was back! I could finally see my belly again! ö.ö

I had turned back into a Lalafell!

2014-08-15 Moonfire Faire 12

Final Monk Super Power

As I continued my Monk training, I used self-crafted clothes to obtain a lot of materia.

Unfortunately, those clothes looked so horrible, I even scared the usually not so easy to scare Jam!

I don’t look too bad, don’t I? <.<;

2014-07-24 Bad Monk Fashion 01

Anyway, that Monk dude that had been talking about Chakra and avenging his Ala Migho people challenged me to a battle.

He had slayed down countless Imperials – which is good – but somehow he seemed out of his mind.

His whole body was glowing in a dangerous yellow aura full of jealousy and hatred.

2014-07-26 MNK final 01

I knew, I had to stop him!

2014-07-26 MNK final 02

He came at me with all his Sayajin Powers but I was not afraid.

My powers were greater than his!

I had the powers of a Lalafell hidden in the body of a Miqo’te.

Nobody can beat that.

2014-07-26 MNK final 03

We fought and I kept puching and kicking him so hard, that he finally broke down.

Never underestimate the incredibly strong Lalafell muscles!

2014-07-26 MNK final 04

He couldn’t believe that he had lost against me when he just couldn’t see my aura.

This is because my aura is so strong that it becomes invisible to a normal person’s eyes. Otherwise, they would go blind when they see me. That would be dangerous, no?

To ensure that the Monk dude doesn’t do anything stupid anymore, I decided to absorb his aura. This should teach him!

2014-07-26 MNK final 05

In the end, that aura measuring dude appeared and blabbered something.

Me on the other hand… well… let’s say it was a bad day.

The Monk dude offered me his Monk clothes.

He TOOK HIS SWEATY CLOTHES OFF and gave them to me.

And he acted like it was an HONOR for me to receive them.

They were all worn off and totally stinky!

My sensitive cat-nose told me, I either stop breathing or die.

2014-07-26 MNK final 06

I quickly thanked the dude and ran off. Then burried the monk body. Just in time to breathe again and not suffocate.

Later, I tolf the Adventurers gild to have someone pick up that old uniform and get it cleaned. Maybe it woul dbe for some use in the future.

Having achieved the highest form of a Monk, I put on my pretty black and red clothes which I had stored for just this moment.

For my efforts, I received Trem’s blessing ö.ö Now, my powers shall increase even more!

2014-07-26 MNK final 07

The Daily Life of a Cat

During the time I spent as a catgirl, I realized, my life had not really changed.

I was still going on adventures. I was still doing the same things. I was still with the same people.

I just looked different.

Of course, I adventured a lot with Magatsu. We even joined hunts together. He would tank and I would heal, as always <3

2014-07-28 Catgirl Riiko Mag 01

All alone, Mag faced the most terrible of enemies, like Marberry. Well, Actually, I tend to stay in the background and heal him from a safe distance to the enemy. ò.ó;;

2014-07-28 Catgirl Riiko Mag 06

One could say, he’s the king and I’m his queen. ö.ö

I mean, it fits, right? I look waaaay prettier and he is waaaay stronger.

2014-07-28 Catgirl Riiko Mag 02

The other day, I brought something with me from ST.

A maneating plant.

It just sits on my head all day and chomps on my hair. It’s sooo disgusting!

I’m actually worried that I will be bald soon ;_;

2014-07-28 Catgirl Riiko Mag 03

Thankfully, a flaming arrow suddenly burned the plant away.

I was totally startled. What had happened here?!

And when I saw him, I was even more shocked.

Was that really….?

2014-07-28 Catgirl Riiko Mag 04

It was a bikini indeed.

Scott had saved me from the maneating plant on ym head but he had brought another shock with him:

An Ul’dah bikini!

And he was wearing it @_@;;

2014-07-28 Catgirl Riiko Mag 05

He seemed really proud about his new fashion, so I was too scared to tell him that the bikini looked a bit strange.

If I had told him, he probably would have killed and burried me at the beach x_x;;

And then, after days of talking, tending and fertilizing, more chocobo food was ready to harvest and feed!

2014-07-24 Gardening 01

I really start enjoying the gardening activities. ö.ö

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