My life is the life of a normal Lalafell girl. Did you expect something special because of my name? I thought so…

My parents named me after my aunt. She was a hero from Eorzea and I have heard many tales about her. Most people say, she fought in the most decisive battles to rescue Eorzea and sacrifised herself in the final battle to rescue her friends. Some people say she trained many pupils and fought side to side with them while living in a Tavern together.

The truth is, nobody has seen her in many, many years.

After fighting some battles she was tired and became a victim to the alcohol – at least I read this in her diary. This way, she missed the legendary battle of Eorzea where all the real heroes disappeared. How could someone like that be possibly a Hero? I didn’t ask for her name!

In her diary, I have also found a picture of her. This is the occasion to compare us!

2013-09-05 old Riiko Rinkoko 2013-09-05 new Riiko Rinkoko
Old Riiko Rinkoko, the drunken “Hero” Me, the good adventurer Riiko Rinkoko


My whole life I hated my name. I’m not like this wannabe hero from ages ago! I will walk my own way though Eorzea and help people in need while getting stronger so that I can support the true heroes! I will show the world what a lazy and drunken failure the old Riiko was and that I’m nothing like her!

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