Swallow’s Compass: The Beautiful Yanxian Landscape Tour

Tataru convinced me to check out a new dungeon and pricure its treasure.

It was called the Swallow’s Compass and was located in Yanxia.

An ancient temple of the elements.

Its main door was sealed by 3 elemental seals and guarded by 2 machines.

With each side-room that we entered, its seal would activate a trap and release enemies. After defeating them all, the seal will be unlocked.

Water: clear.

Earth: clear.

We walked through an interesting corridoor with weird stones.

Wind seal: clear.

A white Tengu was awaiting us to beat us down.

Needless to say, we showed him who is boss.

Spoiler: I am.

Look at these amazingly cool looking teleport devices!!

We were teleported into an underwater passage.

Another portal.

Then, we were up in the hills over the clouds.

The view is just beautiful!

A windy monster awaited us!

After defeating it, we flew on clouds through Yanxia! ö.ö

I really enjoy such beautiful dungeons.


Finally, we arrived at the Shrine where the treasure was located.

Am I committing theft from a sacred place?! O.O;

The shrine guardian, a martial arts monkey, stood in the way.

However, after a few stone tosses, we defeated him.

Time to grab the tresure!

But not before enjoying the scenery once more ö.ö;



24-man raid: “Ridorana Lighthouse” or “Red Chocobo Massacre”

Ramzah and the others from the Troupe airship parked outside of Kugane called me to a meeting.

They had a problem with some of their people and with Moogles!

One Moogle wanted to join the theatre troupe while his buddy tried to stop him. And they just wouldn’t leave.

To prove his skils, the Moogle decided to battle Chocobos.

Little did he know that the chocobos were from the dangerous red breed. They are known to slaughter Eorzeans and Hinganians alike.

After I was able to somehow prevent a massacre, the Moogle realized his mistake and deeply apologized.

Thinking that he learned from it, he decided to nevertheless keep trying to join the troupe!

When suddenly, those creatures infiltrated the airship!

Another massacre?

Nope, they came for our help. For some reason that lil sister from that annoying dude has the same necklace they had obtained from the princess they were to protect but failed to do so. Now they wanted to team up in order to save their boss who was posessed by a magicite.

Meanwhile, I was tasked with an extremely important task: Procure expensive wine.

Yes, I was as surpsised as anyone would be…

Luckily, Gegeruju agreed to give me a wine from his collection.

I gave it to this couple and they happily celebrated their anniversary.

Even in the time of crisis (Red Chocobo Massacre, Moogle Application, Enemy Beast Infiltration), it’s important to do the things that really matter.

Or something like that.

Anyway, it was finally time to explore the Lighthouse where the posessed boss was supposed to be.

Ridorana Lighthouse.

Who actually remembers that name?

We ventured through the ruins in order to find a clue.

The boss appeared!

We tried to stop him but eventually, he fled into the lighthouse.

I grabbed a bunch of adventurers and fought my way through.

It’s actually really big and cool looking!

Very mechanic.

Much maths.

Yes, you have to do basic elementary school maths to beat this boss. It’s not the main mechanic but there are still people failing it.

Are your HP dividable by 2, 3, 4 or 5 – depending what the boss asks for? No? Then stand in those nice bubbles that add a few HP to yours so that your HP can be dividable.

Does the boss want you to be individable? Then your HP have to be a prime number.

If you struggle with this, there are guides for it in the internet (reddit). You could also look up a basic elementary school book.

Finally, we defeated all foes who stood in our way and arrived at the boss.

However, the magicite activated…

…and transformed him into Arcerus, the most powerful Pokemon.

This scary enemy is really mean and can easily one-shot you and your buddies if you stand in its way.

When we defeated it, it dissolved. Only the magicite was left behind.

Ramzah and the Moogle are standing there as if they had contributed in any way.

They did not.

But you knew that already, didn’t you?

Back in the airship, when Ramzah touched the Magicite, it was as if someone else had posessed his body. he had suddenly become super nice and charming.

Not that I really care. I’m more worried about if they will accept the Moogle into their troupe!

Warrior Photoshooting with Tom, the Raging Warrior

Tom wasn’t too happy with the picture of his healer outfit, so I told him to come to the FC.

After helping him with a cool glamour outfit containing the pieces he liked, I made a Warrior photo session with him.

Close up happy Lala tank.

“Who did you call a tiny Lalafell?!”

After these cool and evil pictures of Tom, I took a few pictures myself.

Thanks for the fun photoshooting! :D


Wait… Doesn’t it look like we’re reaching for something?

What could it be?

Of course, a Muffin! ö.ö


Jobventures: Mushroom Mage, Epic Arrowmage, Sword Assassin, Wannabe-Lalamud and Dragon in a box

Eureka turned my White Mage into a Mushroom Mage. All the standing around made my outfit match a random Mushroom O.O;

Bard Limit break is so epic. Have you actually ever looked at it close by?

Disclaimer: The following pictures were totally not made mid-fight after I used the LB3 on the adds of the boss. Totally didn’t happen. And I totally didn’t die afterwards.

First, Aim.

Then shoot!

A rain of arrows raining down from the sky, piercing the enemy.

Bow in front of your audience and thank them for watching your amazing performance.

And then, just play some notes on your flute and win.


Samurai is a serious job. To master it, you have to defeat your master. At least that’s how it’s done in past history.

My samurai skills are not as cool as other’s…

When visiting Merlin’s home, I one day took this amazing picture of my Black Mage having mini Bahamut wings! ö.ö

Don’t I look like lil Lalamud?

What do you mean, it’s not purple enough? <.<;

The Dragoon quests lead me to the Inn in Kugane. They had received a mysterious box. And the box talked!!

Turns out, my little Dragon friend had himself delivered to Kugane in a Box! O.O;; He then made the Inn his home.

Turns out, the owner is happily surprised.

After all, Dragons are a sign of good luck in Kugane. Good for you, little Dragon friend whose name I totally remember but intentionally leave out in this post to avoid spoilers… or somet…

Housing & Glamour adventures with friends

Crad is placing bribes: Tasty cake to lure me into his house. He moved from a small Shirogane cottage to a medium Gridanian house. Now, he is designing his library on several floors and is totally into it. I feel smarter every time I come by.

But now, I can also feel rounder with every visit! :D

And then I found out why he placed the cake in his house.

His T-Rex is hungry…

After barely escaping the T-Rex, I fled to a faraway land. There, I met Razuzu. Of course, he was wearing the bunny outfit from Gold Saucer that now everyone can wear. It suits him so well ö.ö

Later, at Gold Saucer, I met Sora, the famous key blade wielder! I got all excited! ö.ö

Upon closer examination, I noticed that it was just Scott. Still, I was impressed and directly checked if the cool outfit would fit me. Unfortunately, ladies are unable to look as cool as Scott or Sora :(

Accidentally, I came across Master Tom’s home. He was standing outside in his new healer glamour. Very… flowery… @.@;;

Quickly, I ran to someone with less awful fashion sense: Ley.

His house is an Oasis house in the dry Goblet. Upstairs, he has a conference room which is so bright and so stylish!

It’s made with a lot of the same furnishings but still is amazingly cool! And you can be sure that the rest of his house is even cooler! Why don’t you check it out? 1st ward in Golbet, owned by J’nairoh Tulir. (too lazy to look up the house number) <.<;

Did you know that his house is so popular that a couple came here for an PR adventure? They were really kind and asked beforehand if they could use it. While Ley doesn’t RP himself, he didn’t mind since they were so kind. He was however worried that his home might become an erp hotspot XD I don’t think that’ll happen.

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