The Potato Mage

The path of the Summoner taught me to tame the Primals.

Together with my lil Ifrit, I started running training in order to make up for the countless leg days he skipped.

Never skip Leg Day

Garuda easily charmed other summoners and I made new friends really quick!

Great powers attract each other.

2014-02-18 SMN Garuda-AF-Stuff 14

And thanks to Titan, I became a potato mage!

Paint-2014-03-17 Potato Costume

Erm… I actually meant to include this picture…

2014-02-18 SMN Garuda-AF-Stuff 11

In the end, its all about power.

One needs to know how to use it and how to live with the responsibility.

When to hold back and when to summon the most powerful meteors in the world.

2014-02-18 SMN Garuda-AF-Stuff 16

I would also like to point out how my look is now totally burning hot!

2014-04-06 SMN Ifrit

After a long time of training, Y’mhitra and me tried to summon further primals. Next up was Ramuh, when suddenly…

2015-06-19 SMN HW 03

Alright, if I wasn’t allowed to summon more primals, I would just BECOME A PRIMAL!

2015-08-03 SMN Training 01


2015-08-03 SMN Training 02

This is how I became Bahamut.

000_t13 majestic

Well, at least nearly. I also didn’t become a Primal. I summoned Bahamut’s powers within myself in order to become stronger on a temporary basis and to use his AKH MORN POWARZZZ!

2015-08-03 SMN Training 04


2016-01-10 Relic SMN 01

I keep being epic while climbing up the DPS meter to one day become one of the most powerful potato mages in Eorzea.

My Sophia & daughter cosplay with Titan is absolutely stunning and unique! ò.óV


4th Poncho for Potato hint: The 3rd word is “Punch”
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