Bow Mage

I have been practising the arts of Archery in Gridania. My brother told me about the high standards and quality of the gridanian Archery guild member performance and that they accepted me as one of their own! I am on the best way to become the world’s cutest and deadliest Archer.

2013-07 Riiko Archer

I started as a small apprentice. Powerless, missing arrows, forgetting to poison arrows etc.

2013-09-01 Archer 02

As time continued, I worked on my skills and even started learning how to play the harp!

A harp, you wonder? Well, an Archer can only shoot arrows. A Bard shoots arrows while playing awesome tunes that strengthen the whole group!

That’s super cool, man!

2013-09-03 Adventuring with Razico 07

And with this, I practised my hearing skills, my singing skills and my overall performance by meditating and doing super secret exercises:

2014-01-09 Archer 06

Oh, and I oviously challenged big enemies.

2014-01-09 Archer 08

The power I gained is totally different to my power as White Mage. It is the power of destruction and killing.

It is a great respinsibility do decide about life and death about your enemy.

2014-01-09 Archer 12

It’s also about flashy abilities, fancy songs and hot melodies!

2014-04-09 Heroes 03

While looking really cool, I suddenly found myself in the most dangerous T5 next to Master Shooter Jam!

Am I a Bard Expert yet? O_O; Can it be?!

2014-05-19 BRD Bard Archer T5

Of course, I wasn’t just yet, but I was on my way to clear T13!

Some said, I destroyed epic Cutscenes with my awful glamour. But at the time, I looked the BEST in my Postmoogle outfit. Everyone else looked like normal Coil people… but me?! I was like F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!

2015-04-16 T12 13

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to clear T13 but my skills as BRD have improved ever since.

2015-05-21 T13 19

And then, BRD became a Bow Mage…

So I decided to stop being an awful bow mage for now.


Months passed and I started missing my beloved bow. So I decided to follow the path of the Bow Mage in a more casual way, outside of raiding.

First, I obtained the Relic Zeta bow.

2015-12-04 BRD Relic Zeta

During my days as Au Ra, I continued the training and fought alongside new allies against dangerous foes!

2016-03-05 BRD 13

Thanks to Thyla’s crafting support, I finally obtained the full glamour look I was looking for. She was kind enough to craft me the Headpiece that had never ever dropped to me from Coil.

2016-03-05 BRD 18

I mist admit, the outfit looked a little cooler on my Au Ra body, but being a Lalafell is my destiny!

2016-04-16 Riiko Lala 02



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